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BUDAPEST , May 21 (Xinhua) -- The 33rd Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships ended on Sunday in Hungary's capital Budapest, with Russia taking the gold in the apparatus titles as well as in the team contest.

With the absence of the two dominating forces of the last Olympic cycle, Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun, the door opened for a new generation of rhythmic gymnasts to be crowned. The Russian gymnasts topped the qualification rounds and retained the titles in the discipline they have dominated at the Olympic Games since 2000.

Twins Dina and Arina Averina performed excellent routines, dividing the four available European titles neatly between them: Dina won hoop and ribbon while Arina was the best with ball and clubs.

At the hoop, Dina Averina (RUS) won the gold with 18.200 points kids air max 270 outlet , followed by Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS) with 18.150 points, and the bronze went to Linoy Ashram (ISR) with 17.975 points. The 4th to 8th places went respectively for Katrin Taseva (BUL), Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR), Marina Durunda (AZE), Alina Harnasko (BLR) and Neviana Vladinova (BUL).

The twin sister of Dina Averina, Arina Averina (RUS) claimed the gold medal at the Ball with 18.850 points mens air max 270 outlet , with Aleksandra Soldatova getting the silver with 18.125 points. The third place went to Alina Harnasko (BLR) with 17.550 points. The last five places were given respectively to Neviana Vladinova (BUL), Linoy Ashram (ISR), Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR), Viktoria Mazur (UKR) and Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA).

A real duel of sisters took place at the clubs, with Arina Averina taking the gold with 19.075 points over her sister by a hair, Dina Averina womens air max 270 outlet , with 19.000 points. The third place went to Linoy Ashram (ISR) with 17.750 points. The following competitors earned the 4th to 8th places: Alina Harnasko (BLR), Neviana Vladinova (BUL), Kseniya Moustafaeva (FRA), Viktoria Mazur (UKR) and Eleni Kelaiditi (GRE).

For the ribbon, it was another astonishing victory for Dina Averina with 17.625 points. She was followed closely by Katrin Taseva (BUL) with 17.150 points for the second place and by Neviana Vladinova (BUL) with 16.975 points for the bronze. The contestants hereunder disputed the remaining five places: Aleksandra Soldatova, Alina Harnasko (BLR) air max 270 outlet online , Linoy Ashram (ISR), Milena Baldassarri (ITA) and Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR).

Besides individual golds, Russia also won the first place at the junior team results, before Italy, and Israel. All junior groups performed routines of 8.0 difficulty, making their execution the defining score.

Top qualifier Russia set the standard early on. Last up air max 270 outlet sale , Italy came close to the Russians, but their great performance wasn't enough to overtake them.

Russia came first with 16.950 points, followed by enthousiastic Italy with 16.700 points and Israel withs 16.600 points in third place. Belarus came fourth, before Bulgaria. The 6th and 7th places went for Baltic states Lithuania and Estonia. Ukraine came at the 8th place.

The next championships will be held in the Spanish town of Valladolid in June, 2018.

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    the game more enjoyable. Ru
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    BUDAPEST , May 21 (Xinhua) -- The 33rd Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships ended on Sunday in...
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