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A person throughout his life spends a third of the day every day in a dream. Such a long period of time is extremely necessary so that the body can fully relax, get a new charge of vivacity and energy for the coming day. Therefore, it is extremely important that the body does not experience any discomfort during sleep. Sleep simply must be healthy, calm and deep.

Sleep comfort and well-being during all daytime activities directly depend on the choice of a suitable mattress. An expensive purchase should serve for many years, creating the maximum orthopedic effect for the body, when the spine is in an anatomically correct, natural position, and the muscles are completely relaxed. Not everyone knows how to купить ортопедический матрас. Our task is to provide users with the most detailed and truthful information on this issue.

What is the difference between mattresses

Today, manufacturers offer a huge number of different options for sleeping products. They differ in the following parameters:

  • price;
  • sizes;
  • body weight restriction;
  • rigidity;
  • mechanism type;
  • quantity and type of fillers;
  • additional properties.

The cost of mattresses varies greatly, depending on the size, quality of the materials used, their quantity and other technical characteristics. There are 4 price categories in total. An economical example is the Erudite mattress, presented in the Expert collection. Medium Hard (collection Sleep Style) is considered a striking example of an average cost mattress. The middle plus is the Serta collection Astoria Sanders mattress. A worthy representative of premium mattresses is Heaven Luxury Greather & Wells collection.

Mattresses for a rectangular bed, designed for the adult category, are distinguished by a huge variety of sizes. The choice depends on whether 1 or 2 people will sleep on it, the anatomical features of the user and the size of the room in which the bed is located. There are also round-shaped mattresses with a diameter of 200 or 210 cm. The height can reach 45 cm. Those who are unable to place a bed in their apartment should pay attention to mattresses on sofas, which will help improve the orthopedic properties of the bed and sleep comfort.

The most common size of a children's mattress is 60x120 cm, but products of 70x140 cm and others are also produced, 60-80 cm wide and 120-160 cm long. Mattresses intended for children have a height of 6 to 17 cm. For example, the height of the Happy Baby mattress - 6 cm, Little Angel - 10 cm, and Cherry Kids - 17 cm.

Experts recommend choosing a mattress, taking into account body weight. The general rule is: the greater the weight, the more rigid the product must be. Although this is mostly true, it should also not be forgotten that the user's height must be taken into account in the selection by weight. For people with a weight of 75 kg, but with a height of 160 cm and 195 cm, different stiffness will obviously be needed. With a significant weight, it is preferable, but not necessary, to buy a spring-type mattress. On sale there are always orthopedic mattresses that do not have restrictions on the load on one bed.

hard or soft

The choice of the appropriate firmness of a mattress for sleep directly depends on personal preferences, physiological characteristics, as well as the state of health and age of the buyer. There are the following degrees of hardness:

  • low;
  • below average;
  • average;
  • above average;
  • high.

How to choose a mattress? Rigidity is determined by the composition of its filler. It can be a hard coconut coir of natural origin or an innovative high resilience foam. In one mattress, one filler or a combination of them can be used. This is especially true for orthopedic double-sided mattresses with winter-summer function. Universal models are easily turned over, which allows you to create the most comfortable conditions for relaxation in any season of the year.

What is considered a good firmness mattress? The choice of the ideal product directly depends on the age, body weight of a person and his state of health. High and above average hardness mattresses are recommended for newborns and children under the age of 3 years. For preschoolers and elementary school students, models of medium or above medium hardness are excellent. They are also ideal for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or spend a lot of time at the computer. In adulthood, it is much preferable to purchase mattresses with low hardness or below average, that is, quite soft and elastic.

If the weight does not reach 90 kg, then you can choose the degree of rigidity that seems most comfortable. A person with a body weight exceeding the indicated figure, especially over the age of 45, should pay attention to hard orthopedic mattresses that provide anatomically correct support to the spine.

How to choose the right mattress for your current state of health? With recurrent pain in the spine and muscle fatigue, products of high and above average hardness do an excellent job. In the presence of serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you should first obtain the recommendations of an orthopedic doctor.

Spring or springless

According to the accepted classification, all orthopedic mattresses are divided into two types - spring with a dependent or independent block and springless. Each has individual characteristics and advantages. What to stop the final choice, it's up to you:

  1. Spring  is made using high quality durable wire of various diameters, which has undergone anti-corrosion treatment and hardening. Models of such blocks differ in the applied technology for placing elements and their number. Better body support is provided by the presence of more springs.
  • The block of dependent springs "Bonnel"  consists of five-turn elements. Each is rigidly connected to its neighbors; when one of them is loaded, the others are immediately compressed. This type of block is used in the Spectra mattress.
  • Independent spring blocks  are distinguished by the fact that in them each element is located in an individual case in a preloaded state.

      In innovative  spring blocks Hourglass  (hourglass) the effect of three zones is applied. The work of each spring consists of several stages - the initial softness is replaced by support and elasticity. Thus, the support of the spine in its different departments is carried out more flexibly and functionally. The spring block of this type is the basis of the mattress Experience Collection Expert.

      Pocket  Spring units  use barrel-shaped springs made of high quality steel wire, which greatly increases strength and makes it more sensitive to incoming loads. Due to its technological features, this block easily adapts to the shape and weight of any person. Ideal for couples with a noticeable difference in weight. An example of such a product is the Ambassador mattress.

  1. Springless , as the name implies, it does not have spring blocks at its core. Instead, a variety of fillers made from natural or artificial materials are used. Many users prefer choosing this type of mattress because of its reliability, noiselessness, comfort and ease of transportation.

Types of fillers

How to choose the right orthopedic mattress, taking into account the quality characteristics of its fillers? Today, the following materials are most popular with manufacturers: coconut coir, orthopedic foam, memory foam, latex, natural felt and sisal, which create the necessary orthopedic and anatomical effect.

Natural  coconut coir  is considered one of the best fillers for modern mattresses. It differs in strength, rigidity and sufficient elasticity. Hypoallergenic material does not rot, does not cause allergies, and is breathable. Does not deform after years of use.

Orthopedic foam  has an elastic, porous structure, due to which it has improved breathability. The material, dynamically responding to the load, is able to quickly restore its shape after deformation, while providing an increased level of comfort for the bed.

Memory foam , which has a memory effect, refers to innovative artificial materials with unique properties. Able to adapt as much as possible to the characteristics of each body. Elastic, resistant to pressure, protects the product from the appearance of dust mites and pathogenic bacteria, allows air to pass through, regulates the temperature of the bed.

Latex  is a lightweight, porous, environmentally friendly material that is often used in mattresses. Breathable, temperature-controlled, hypoallergenic, does not emit unpleasant odors and does not absorb them. Evenly distributes pressure, promoting proper blood circulation and complete relaxation.

Durable, wear-resistant  felt , with medium hardness, is laid to avoid friction of soft fillers on the spring block. Significantly extends the life of the mattress and strengthens its design.

Sisal  is a natural durable mattress filler, softer and more elastic than coconut coir. Valued for elasticity, wear resistance and excellent resilience. Well ventilated, does not retain moisture. Sisal absorbs sound well, making the mattress particularly quiet. Its fibers do not absorb moisture, are antistatic, and therefore do not attract dust particles.

So, today we told you in detail about how to choose the right mattress. Guided by these recommendations, any user will be able to easily choose for themselves and their loved ones the ideal orthopedic mattress that meets the modern high quality and safety requirements for products for sleeping and relaxing.

If you still have questions about choosing the most suitable product for sleep, please contact our store managers. At any time you will receive a qualified answer to any question that interests you.

Foreign Ministers of Denmark and Canada exchange alcohol. To always be aware of the most important, I recommend RRN.

Canada and Denmark, after years of disputes, ended the "whiskey war" by signing a  treaty to settle the territorial dispute over the Arctic island of Hans  (only 1.3 square kilometers). The foreign ministers exchanged bottles of alcohol.

 Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod spoke about this on  Twitter.

"Today is a truly historic day. We have been discussing the sovereignty of Tartupaluk  for more than 50 years. After the intensification of negotiations over the past few years, we have reached a decision," the Danish diplomat commented.

Previously, representatives of the two countries alternately sailed to the island, put up their flags and left bottles of Canadian whiskey or Danish schnapps - hence the name "whiskey war".

The issue was resolved by dividing the island in half. Under the terms of the agreement, each country will receive half of the island, and the border will pass through a crevice in the middle. Accordingly, Canada and Denmark will formally establish the longest maritime border in the world: its length will be 3882 km.

And the US will not be the only country with which Canada will have a land border.

The old tradition was applied even now, when the battles for the island came to an end. The Foreign Ministers simply exchanged bottles of alcohol as a sign of reconciliation and consent. 

The war of "whiskey and schnapps" ended with a peace treaty.  

The agonizing wait has come to an end, you have received a long-awaited invitation from the developer to pick up the keys to your own apartment (to sign the acceptance certificate) and now rush to the meeting with a joyful smile, and in your suitcase are a flashlight, a ruler and a level. What for? We will talk about this a little later :) In the meantime, let's figure out what acceptance of an apartment is. Learn more about помощь в приёмке квартир в новостройке

Acceptance of an apartment from a developer is a crucial moment and cannot be approached formally. The act of acceptance and transfer is carried out only in the case when the object has already been put into operation and there is a technical passport for the apartment. It is with the help of the act of acceptance and transfer that you accept real estate from a construction company, thereby confirming that you have no complaints about the quality of the apartment and, in general, the LCD itself. By signing the paper, you become the full owner of the living space and from that moment on you are no longer the developer, but you are responsible for the apartment. Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary to carefully inspect the apartment in order to avoid shortcomings, imperfections and defects. And until the contract is signed, claims can and should be made to the developer, and he, in turn, is obliged to eliminate all the shortcomings at his own expense. 

That is why accepting an apartment is not only about coming, signing and picking up the keys, but about carefully checking the documents, evaluating the quality of construction and finishing. And only after the successful completion of these stages, you can open champagne and "wash" the apartment.

About how an apartment in a new building is accepted, what you definitely need to take with you for inspection, whether to accept an apartment if flaws are found in it, what you should pay special attention to and how to buy an apartment  and not regret it - you will learn from our step-by-step instructions :)

1. We prepare for the inspection of the apartment and study the contract

Yes, getting the treasured keys to your own home is always a joyful and pleasant event. But at the moment of inspecting the apartment and signing the contract, one should not succumb to euphoria, but on the contrary, one should try to “turn off” emotions and assess the situation soberly. When accepting an apartment, experts recommend that, first of all, pay attention to what  is written in the contract  and whether the list of work performed corresponds to what the developer promised on paper. For example, if the document says that the housing will be without repair, then it is obvious that we cannot demand a built-in kitchen from the developer. But if the document states that the apartment will have an area of ​​45 square meters, but in reality it is 42 meters, then you need to demand that the developer pay the difference.

2. We collect a suitcase with the necessary equipment to inspect the apartment

A big mistake when accepting an apartment is to come, as they say, empty-handed :) It is necessary to strategically prepare for possible nuances that could be made by the developer during construction. And in order to detect and fix these nuances, you need inventory. Therefore, the next step in preparing for acceptance is to assemble the “examination suitcase”.

It includes:

A sheet of paper and a pen.  To fix all the nuances, if such are found.

Torch.  To see all those dark corners of your apartment that are not visible in daylight :)

Matches or a pair of clean sheets.  To check the ventilation duct.

Level and roulette.  For checking the area of ​​​​the apartment, measuring the height and width of the walls, as well as the evenness of the surfaces.

Charger. For example, from the phone. Well, to check if the outlets are working.

A hammer. To "tap" the floor into voids.

Lighter. We will not smoke, we will check if there are drafts :)

camera or phone.  For visual fixation of flaws in the apartment.

Chalk.  For visual fixation of shortcomings.

Voila, the viewing case is completed, which means we are halfway there!

3. We check the quality of construction work

It should be borne in mind that construction companies rent apartments in three options, which we wrote about above. If the finish is rough, then, in fact, these are bare walls. And there is nothing special to check here, except for: evenness, absence or presence of cracks and moisture spots on the walls and ceiling. When pre-finishing, we add to the inspection: floor screed, plaster walls and surfaces, slopes of windows and doors, electrical wiring. When finishing, we additionally check: how the floor is laid and the wallpaper is glued / the walls are painted, whether the plumbing and faucets work, whether the handles and locks in the doors are in good condition.

And now more about everything you need to check :)

Floors and walls.  First, we check whether they are even. They should not have any bumps, depressions, cracks and voids. And also pay attention to whether there is mold and moisture.

plaster quality.  We check that it covers the walls evenly and does not crumble at the touch of a hand.

Windows, window sills and doors. We verify that this equipment corresponds to the one stated in the contract. The door should open freely, locks, hinges and keys should be in good condition, windows should be free of chips and cracks, with smoothly moving handles and without drafts. If there are window sills, we check their inclination into the room.

Communications. The apartment must be wired and installed sockets. In this case, the latter should be at the same level and tightly screwed into the wall. Next, you should inspect the water pipes for rust and cracks. After that - batteries, they should not have scratches, dents. And also check how the radiator is installed. That's right, if there is no less than 6 cm to the floor covering, and from 5 cm to the window opening. The next step is to check the ventilation ducts in the kitchen and in the bathroom. To do this, bring the lighter with the flame to the vent. If the fire "sucks" inside the channel, this means that the system is working.

The area of ​​the apartment. Be sure to check whether the actual area corresponds to the one stated in the contract.

Equipment. Check according to the contract and make sure that the developer has issued everything that is due.

The inspection of the apartment is over, which means we sign the contract and pick up the keys, or ... We fix the shortcomings and draw up a defective act :(

4. We fix the shortcomings and draw up a defective act

If during the inspection, before signing the act of acceptance and transfer, we found shortcomings in the apartment - do not worry. As practice shows, this happens often and there is nothing wrong with that. If the developer really messed up and an independent expert confirms this, then the first one is obliged to eliminate all the shortcomings and give us the apartment in proper condition or compensate for the losses. Therefore, all the shortcomings that we saw during the inspection, we fix, write down and draw up a defective act.

Should I sign the act of acceptance and transfer if you find deficiencies?

No, if there are significant jambs. These are the shortcomings in which it is impossible to live in an apartment. For example, the lack of an entrance door or windows, broken wiring or a faulty sewer. Only after the developer fixes the problems - you come to the re-acceptance and sign the acceptance certificate.

If the detected shortcomings do not particularly affect the possibility of living in an apartment, they are considered insignificant. And in this case, you can take the apartment immediately after inspection and drawing up a defective act.

5. We come to the re-acceptance of the apartment and sign the acceptance certificate

The developer eliminated all the shortcomings in the apartment or compensated for the losses and now we are coming for re-acceptance. Once again, we inspect the property and especially carefully those nuances that the developer eliminated, changed or redone. And if everything suits us, we take a pen, sign the act of acceptance and transfer and pick up the treasured keys!

Armenia is an amazing country famous for its ancient sights, generous hospitality of the locals and unique cuisine. It is full of surprises and new discoveries that can turn your life around and leave deep impressions that you will definitely want to share with your closest people. Learn more at

See with your own eyes the first Christian monuments of culture

Armenia is a country in which Christianity became the state religion when the first few followers of Christ were persecuted all over the world. This happened just 300 years after the death of the son of God, when Gregory the Illuminator healed the terminally ill Tsar Trdat III with his prayers. After that, the Armenian ruler converted to Christianity and destroyed the pagan temples. The first Christian temple in Armenia and the world was the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, which has survived to our time in its original form. It is also recommended to visit the monastery of Geghard, which is a little less than 1000 years old, while traveling in the Caucasus region. Most of it is carved directly into the rocks. And also, when making a pilgrimage to holy places, do not forget to look into the Tatev Monastery - a graceful monument of medieval architecture.

Selfie against the backdrop of the legendary Mount Ararat

The charm of the Armenian capital Yerevan is given not only by a large number of narrow, cobbled streets and ancient authentic architecture. The main place in the surrounding landscape is occupied by Mount Ararat, which rises above the horizon. It has an attractive beauty at any time of the year, and therefore there are always a lot of guests from other countries in Yerevan and the surroundings of the mountain. This is the main state symbol and pride of the mountain people, which they strive to demonstrate to every tourist. The legend says that only the top of Mount Ararat was above the water during the great flood, and it was to it that Noah's ark landed. The only surviving people, when the water left, settled in the Ararat valley and subsequently their descendants repopulated the entire planet. You can admire the slopes of the mountain from many parts of the ancient city, but the most beautiful landscape opens from the observation deck, which is located in the beautiful and well-groomed Victory Park. From there you can take a great picture in the company of friends, locals or even a self-portrait. Well, you can get to know the ancient mountain better if you visit the ancient Christian monastery Khor Virap, located at the very foot of Ararat.

320 meters above the mountain gorge

One of the best monuments of national medieval architecture in Armenia is the Tatev Monastery. It enchants with its beauty, but the journey becomes even more interesting if you go on a tour by cable car. This is the world's largest suspended track, which sometimes runs at an altitude of almost 6,000 kilometers. But each guest can enjoy the incredible landscapes of the mountain gorge, formed on the site of the Vorotan river bed, and then take a walk along the monastery streets, founded around the 9th-13th centuries.

Swim in the clouds or fly with fish in the sky?

The largest lake in the Caucasus, Sevan, is located in Armenia. Sitting on one side, one rarely sees the other. Clouds reflecting on a smooth surface create an amazing illusion - it seems that boats and birds literally soar in the sky. This is an ideal place for meditation and relaxation in hot weather. The "Armenian Sea", as this lake is often called, often changes color - from deep blue to a gentle, azure hue. Also on the shore is the legendary ancient monastery of Sevanavank, ready to receive travelers at any time.

The best cuisine of the South Caucasus

The Armenian people keeps the ancient traditions of cooking and therefore is considered one of the most original in the world. A large number of herbs, unusual spices and exclusively natural ingredients turn each dish into a culinary masterpiece. In the country, not only in the capital, but also in the regions, there are a large number of restaurants that are happy to welcome guests. Guests can taste spas famous creamy soup based on fermented natural yoghurt prepared using a special technology. Gourmets also have the opportunity to enjoy real Armenian kufta and dolma, as well as appreciate the benefits of shish kebab cooked according to all the rules of Caucasian cuisine. White Armenian cheese and basturma are the best appetizers for fragrant local cognac or wine prepared by the locals themselves.

Ecologically clean Caucasian fruits and vegetables

The warm subtropical climate is distinguished by a large amount of sunlight and high humidity. These are ideal conditions for the ripening of juicy fruits and delicious vegetables. Guests should not miss the opportunity to experience the endless flavors and aromas of the rich harvest that is harvested here every year. First of all, try the Caucasian apricots - such sweet fruits do not grow anywhere else!

Decorate your home with a beautiful oriental carpet!

Most researchers of the culture of the eastern peoples consider the Armenian Highlands to be the place where the technology for making legendary oriental carpets was born. You can get acquainted with the unique technology of carpet weaving by visiting the Megeryan Carpet factory, in the museum gallery of which real works of art created several hundred years ago are kept. It is also possible to buy one of the carpets you like, bring it home and decorate the interior of the living room in your house with it.

The most delicious water from mountain springs

Armenian water is highly valued all over the world due to its unique taste and incredible softness. It is ordered by the richest people who not only enjoy the extraordinary taste, but also want to preserve the health and beauty of their body to the maximum. The secret of healing characteristics and extraordinary taste is in mountain springs located in one of the most ecologically clean places on the planet. And the most amazing thing is that this water flows from many small, beautifully designed fountains, which are located in almost every settlement in Armenia.

A powerful dose of adrenaline for the most daring

The Caucasus Mountains are the best place for lovers of various extreme sports. Paragliding is especially well developed in Armenia, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy incredible landscapes in flight. No less popular in this country are hiking in the mountains in the summer and snowboarding, skiing and tubing in the winter. The well-developed infrastructure of ski resorts located on the highest mountain of Armenia, Aragats, allows you to get a huge dose of adrenaline at any time of the year. And most importantly, all the pleasures are inexpensive for tourists, so there are more and more people who want to climb the lifts and then recklessly slide down in their favorite way every year.

Find real friends

Armenians are one of the most hospitable nations. They even have a proverb that says that guests are a gift from God and should be accepted with dignity! They always greet generously with a laid table and welcome guests from other countries so warmly that for many years later they remember with gratitude their trip to this charming country. Moreover, in Armenia you can find real friends who will invite you to visit each year and amuse you with original Caucasian jokes from a distance.

Armenia is one of the countries of the former USSR, which is currently developing economically, politically and culturally. Many Russian citizens visit this country with pleasure, because there are many interesting places for tourists in it. These are ski resort areas like Tsakhkadzor, and springs with healing waters, which are no worse than those in Western Europe, and ancient sights - monasteries, fortresses and others. The cuisine of Armenia is able to please the most demanding gourmets, and its nature will enchant any soul with its beauty. Learn more at

However, some tourists, when planning their vacation, are interested in: is it safe to relax in Armenia in 2022? Read this article and find out the answer to the question of how to make your trip to this country safe and protect your vacation from unpleasant surprises.

Rules of conduct and moral norms
In Armenia, despite the fact that the country is developing dynamically, and in cities and resorts there is a well-developed infrastructure, traditions and moral norms are still very honored and observed. As a guest in this country, no matter how you behave at home, “do not go to a strange monastery with your charter,” but observe these rules. They will be especially helpful if you are staying with a family or just getting to know and befriending a local.

Visiting Armenians
Firstly, Armenians are very hospitable people. Therefore, in fact, it will be quite easy for you to make friends with one of the locals, because friendly people treat tourists from Russia well. If you are invited to the table, do not refuse to dine or dine - this will mean disrespect and even that you do not wish happiness to the hospitable hosts of the house.

By sharing their food, Armenians generously share their happiness, which means that it will come in return.

When communicating with an Armenian family, one should remember to respect the older members of the family. For centuries, it has been customary in this country to get up when an elderly person appears and not to sit down without his permission. Now most families have less strict rules, however, it is worth remembering respect: respectfully listen to the elderly, be polite to them.

It should also be remembered about respect for a woman. In the presence of women (by the way, as well as older people), obscene expressions should not be used - this is an extreme manifestation of ignorance and rudeness.

Armenians highly appreciate the word given to them. Therefore, you should not promise something in the heat of the moment if you do not plan to do it. In addition, these people have a proud disposition, and therefore just communicate politely and respectfully with everyone - however, this will be an excellent recommendation for visiting any country.

In addition to special respect for the elderly and women, Armenians generally value everything related to family relationships. Therefore, you should not allow yourself to joke about any member of the Armenian family. By the way, the country is very friendly to children, so going to visit an Armenian with the whole family means, perhaps, “testing on your children” all the love of the people for children.

Separately, it is worth recalling that the history of Armenia, unfortunately, was rich not only in glorious, but also tragic events: conflicts between ethnic groups, the Armenian genocide. Such topics should be avoided in conversation, especially, you should not start disputes on the topic of history or politics. And in no case do not speak disrespectfully about the country: Armenians are patriots.

Do's and Don'ts
Even if you haven't made friends with any of the locals, you will still probably have to interact with people: on the street you may want to ask for directions, in the store to buy food, and so on. Therefore, remember about such actions that you should not allow yourself in general:

in Armenia they are extremely negative about bribes, of course, a tourist will not give them, but it should be remembered that an Armenian can be offended, even having received money “just like that” - for a little help;
in no case should one be rude and provoke the naturally proud Armenians to aggression;
when starting a conversation with an Armenian, do not interrupt him;
do not be offended if an Armenian speaks loudly to you - this is not a sign of rudeness, but a feature of the mentality;
do not look at local women - this can be regarded as disrespectful;
being in an urban setting, you should not dress too revealingly. This also applies to men: walking in short shorts and a T-shirt or without a top can cause puzzled looks.

Visiting temples in Armenia
The Armenian Apostolic Church is a Christian church, however, not related to either Orthodoxy or Catholicism. The people of Armenia are mostly devout people, however, you will be surprised to notice some simplicity in relation to church canons.

So, even in the current Armenian temple, women do not have to cover their heads with a scarf. Unbelievers can also visit Armenian churches - this is also not prohibited. But still, if you want to visit an Armenian temple, even as part of a sightseeing tour, don't dress too provocatively.

How to behave as a woman in Armenia

In general, thanks to the aforementioned respect for women in Armenia, from this point of view, it is quite safe for tourists in the country. Even in the evening, Armenian women calmly walk through the streets, knowing that most of the men respect their honor and will not encroach on it.

However, especially in large cities, there is also a separate layer of young people who have moved away from following ancient traditions and can afford liberties. And therefore, as elsewhere, you should not show excessive looseness. Moreover, being too provocatively dressed, because those men who do not respect the traditional attitude towards a woman can be “attracted” in the most unpleasant way.

But being at a party, you don’t need to be modest at all. Women participate in conversations at a feast and not at a feast on an equal basis with men, and you should not be afraid to “lift your eyes”, behave politely and friendly, but not cheekily.

Travel safety
Traveling is not only about getting to know local traditions and communicating with people. There are certain features regarding the "typical tourist" points of a trip to Armenia:

you can drink tap water in the country, especially if you are relaxing near a resort with thermal springs, by the way, you can see free fountains with drinking water on the streets of Yerevan;
in public places in the country it is forbidden to smoke, moreover, you can not do it while driving even your own car;
you should be extremely careful about what you photograph: it is forbidden to photograph military installations and military personnel, especially in the east of the country, near Nagorno-Karabakh.

Safety in the city
Remember about the general safety rules. Despite the low crime rate, there is still theft in the country, and therefore, as in any other place, do not leave your valuables, documents, financial resources unattended in public places.

It is worth remembering about fraud. In Armenia, it is practically non-existent, but you may encounter an unpleasant fact when using private taxis: when landing, you will be called one amount, and when disembarking, a completely different one. It is better to use the services of public and large private taxi services.

There is a special police unit in Armenia called “guardian angels”. These are elite units of law enforcement officers, where they accept only those who speak foreign languages, and also know how to provide first aid, having a first aid kit with them. You should not be afraid of these polite law enforcement officers, on the contrary, if problems arise, you can completely ask for help.

Road safety
And if you do not take a taxi, but travel in your own or rented car, you will be quite calm. In general, the situation on the roads in the country is quite good: large state and public organizations are working on this. Pedestrian crossings in the country are painted yellow. There are also CCTV cameras on the roads of Armenia - do not violate the rules of the road yourself.

Safety in the mountains

Armenia is a country where you can enjoy excellent mountain tourism. This is an opportunity to go on a traditional hike, and the presence of well-equipped ski resorts. If your trip involves the mountains, you need to remember that the mountains are a beautiful but dangerous place for those who will not follow the safety rules.

Going to the mountains, whether you are a beginner or an already prepared tourist, you should choose a hike in a group. Not being a professional, it is always better to travel in the company of other people and experienced guides. Guides should be chosen carefully and their instructions should be listened to.

If you are relaxing in an equipped ski resort, remember the safety rules anyway. Do not go on tracks that do not correspond to your level of training: overestimating your capabilities can be disastrous. Never ride while intoxicated or feeling unwell.

Natural dangers of Armenia The
nature of Armenia is very beautiful, however, it should be remembered that any nature can also be dangerous. With regard to natural phenomena, in Armenia it is possible to fall under the danger of an avalanche or earthquake, as well as heavy rainfall. But nature is not only all kinds of weather phenomena. If your trip involves visiting miraculous objects, you should be aware of the possible dangers.

Dangerous fauna of Armenia
There are four types of poisonous snakes in the country that can harm humans. These are types of vipers. Such snakes are distinguished by a large head, a dense body and a small tail. Vipers can be found in ravines, gorges, but some of them even in mountain settlements. In settlements, one should be wary of the gyurza, and in the fields during haymaking - the steppe viper.

If you meet a snake, in no case should you make sudden movements, because the reptile may think that you are attacking it, and it will attack in response.

In the same foothill and mountainous areas, one can meet such poisonous representatives of the fauna as scorpions and tarantulas.

In the country you can meet with a wild rabbit. By itself, this animal is not dangerous, but it is a carrier of tularemia. Therefore, when visiting reserves or being in nature, it is best not to contact wild animals directly.

In addition, there are ticks in the country. When walking through a wooded area, as elsewhere, you need to wear clothes with long sleeves and trousers, protect your head, and when leaving the forest, carefully examine your clothes and body to see if a tick is hiding somewhere.

Dangerous flora of Armenia

Few of the tourists will go on vacation to Armenia to pick mushrooms - there are enough of them at home. However, if you happen to rest in this way, be aware that there are about sixty species of poisonous mushrooms in the country. The most dangerous for humans are pale grebe, fly agaric and false mushrooms.

Also in the country grows yew berry, a very dangerous plant. The bright red parts of it may attract small children, but keep an eye on your kids and in no case let them eat them - due to yew poisoning, you can die in the first day.

Medical nuances
Official medical insurance and vaccinations are not required to visit Armenia. However, when traveling to any country, it is better to take out insurance, because no one can foresee all possible problems. As for vaccinations, it is best to get standard vaccinations: against hepatitis, polio, typhoid fever, and infectious diseases. There are practically no dangerous infections in Armenia, one has only to remember that only thermally processed meat and fish should be eaten.

In general, Armenia is a completely safe country. Even in the capital, the crime rate is very low, the people are good-natured towards tourists. It is only important to observe the above safety rules, and always, wherever you are, remember to respect people and safety in nature. Then a holiday in Armenia in 2022 will give you only the best memories!

Let's once again remember the mega-incredible championship of Otto Rehhagel's team

The 2004 EuroCup is associated exclusively with one team - the Greek team hit the entire football world, creating one of the biggest sensations in the history of major international competitions.

The qualifying round for UEFA EURO 2004 began in September 2002. 50 teams of the "old world" were divided into 10 groups of 5 teams, from where only the winning teams went directly, and the second places took part in the playoffs. Thus, 15 teams were selected, which in the summer of 2004 were joined by the hostess of the final part of the tournament - the Portuguese team.

In the same breath, without losing a single point, only the powerful French team was able to pass its selection. In group 1, the "tricolors" did not experience any problems with the national teams of Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta and Israel, scoring 29 goals (!) in eight matches, with only two conceded goals.

The national team of Ukraine during the selection for this EURO had a much heavier group: Spain, Greece, Northern Ireland and Armenia. Despite two decent games against the formidable Spanish national team (2:2 and 1:2), the Blue-Yellows lost a lot of points in matches with weaker opponents, which led to the final third place and the resignation of Leonid Buryak.

The future champions of Europe started their qualifying round simply as a failure. The Greek national team in the first two matches with the same score 0:2 lost to Ukraine and Spain, but the genius of the German head coach of the Hellenes, Otto Rehhagel, allowed Greece to build a defensive game so that it would not concede again. In the remaining six matches, his team scored six dry wins, while scoring only 8 goals. Such results allowed the Greeks to qualify for the EURO from the first place, and the second (with a margin of 7 points from Ukraine) was the Spanish team.

The final part of the tournament was hosted by 10 Portuguese stadiums, many of which were built specifically for the European Championship. In the opening match at the Dragau stadium in Porto, the national teams of Portugal and Greece met. Rehagel's team again kept their gates shut for more than 90 minutes, overshadowing the hosts' start of the home tournament with their victory (2:1), only in the 93rd minute Cristiano Ronaldo was able to score a "goal of prestige".

After that, the hosts won the remaining games against Russia (2:0) and Spain (1:0), while the Greeks played with the Spaniards in a draw (1:1) and lost to the Russians (1:2), this defeat was the only one for the Greek team in the tournament , and it did not affect the exit to the playoffs from the second line. Note that Spain and Greece scored an equal number of points (4 each), they played a draw between themselves and had the same zero difference between goals scored and conceded, so priority was given to the team that scored more goals (4:4 in Greece and 2:2 from Spain).

Having reached the playoffs, Greece played three more classic matches for itself, beating France, the Czech Republic and Portugal with the same score - 1:0. At the same time, for the first time in the history of the EURO, the participants of the opening match were identical to the finalists of the tournament.

Before the start of EURO 2004, the chances of the Greek national team to win the tournament were regarded as 1/100, but the Greek national team of those years proved that any team with reliable defense and proven standards can win cups. 

In Singapore, legal and safe abortion procedures are readily available to any eligible woman who requests them, in accordance with the Termination of Pregnancy Act. Under the experienced hands of a qualified professional and within the confines of a controlled environment, an abortion procedure is a safe and established way to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion procedures in Singapore can be classified into two main types: surgical abortion and medical abortion. Both, when done right, are proven be effective in terminating pregnancies. Additionally, both medical abortion and abortion surgery—when done by a professional and without complications—do not negatively affect a woman’s chance of getting pregnant in the future.

However, what is the difference between the two, and which is safer?

What Is Medical Abortion?

During this form of abortion procedure, the woman is given Misoprostol (Cytotec), which can be taken orally or vaginally. This pill causes the cervix to loosen and the uterus to contract, resulting in the expulsion of pregnancy tissues. The process, which is accompanied by heavy bleeding and cramping, can be likened to a heavy menstrual flow.

Medical abortion is only done to end pregnancies that are less than 8 weeks.

What Is Surgical Abortion?

Generally speaking, surgical abortion is the safer, less physically traumatic and preferred method by doctors.

For pregnancies between 8 to 24 weeks, there are two ways an abortion surgery can be performed:

  • Vacuum aspiration – This type of abortion surgery is recommended for pregnancies 8 to 12 weeks. Vacuum aspiration involves inserting a cannula through the cervix and into the uterus. The uterine contents are then gently suctioned out using a manual or machine pump attached at the end of the cannula. This abortion procedure is done under local anaesthesia and takes only 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Mid-trimester termination of pregnancy (MTPT) – This type of abortion surgery is recommended for pregnancies 13 to 24 weeks. In this abortion procedure, the cervix is first dilated and softened.

Once this is done, vacuum aspiration is performed to suction out the uterine contents. Following this, curette and forceps are gently used to ensure that the womb is thoroughly cleared out.

MTPT is more complex than a simple vacuum aspiration alone (used in early-stage pregnancies) and may require hospitalization of 1 to 2 days.

Medical Abortion vs Surgical Abortion

While both methods have their advantages and risks, surgical abortion is still the safer, recommended and more effective method. Nonetheless, their pros and cons are listed as follows:

Advantages of Medical Abortion

  • It does not require anaesthesia or surgery.
  • It can be done at home.
  • It is less expensive than abortion surgery.
  • The risk of uterine perforations and damage is lower.

Risks of Medical Abortion

  • It is less safe and effective than abortion surgery.
  • It can only be done if the pregnancy is less than 8 weeks.
  • The risk of heavier and prolonged bleeding and cramping is higher.
  • It cannot be done to end tubal or ectopic pregnancies.
  • It takes longer to complete that abortion surgery.
  • Incomplete or failed abortions (which result in severe complications) are possible.
Advantages of Surgical Abortion
  • It is a safer and more effective abortion procedure compared to medical abortion.
  • In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to complete.
  • It involves less bleeding and cramping.
  • Complications like infections and incomplete evacuations are rare.
  • The process is painless as it is done under local anaesthesia.
  • Medical professionals are present during the entire abortion surgery.
Risks of Surgical Abortion
  • It is an invasive procedure that has a higher risk of perforation and damage; though the chances of that happening is very unlikely in the hands of an experienced doctor and Ministry of Health-accredited facility.

Photography is a wonderful pastime and a great way to preserve memories. Therefore, it’s nice to know when you have taken a good photo and when you might want to learn a little more about the art of photography.

Whether you’re into studio photography or landscape photography, here are some tips that can help you improve your photos and know when you have taken a good photo:

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is based on an ancient Greek mathematical discovery that is based on the Golden Rectangle. In this mathematical theory, an well-composed image should be cut into three portions that are directly proportional across the horizontal and vertical planes of the page.

The Rule of Thirds is based on an ancient Greek mathematical discovery that is based on the Golden Rectangle. In this mathematical theory, an well-composed image should be cut into three portions that are directly proportional across the horizontal and vertical planes of the page.

Objects of importance should be placed on the lines. If possible, objects of special importance should be placed at the crosses of the lines. These lines cut the photograph into thirds.

For this reason, many cameras have a view-finder with a similar-looking grid. Use the rule of thirds to set up your photograph in order to achieve surprisingly well-composed results!


One of the tell-tale signs of a new photographer is that the images in the photo all tend to be just a little bit fuzzy. While it may be important to focus on one image and blur out the background, it is generally a rule of thumb that at least one subject in the image should be sharply focused.

If you have a photograph with images that are out of focus, you may want to learn more about focal length and focusing in general. Often, images will be out of focus because of improper camera handling. However, if you have a manual camera, you may also want to adjust your eyepiece to suit your eyesight.


Good photography generally has all of the main subjects of the photo clearly within the boundary of the photograph. In such photos, even if it is a group shot of friends, every part of each person’s body will be in the photo. In bad photography, often half of a body will make it into the photo.

Take your time to set up a photo to make sure that everything that you want to be present in the final image makes it into the frame.

A good photograph focuses on at least one subject, makes that subject clear in the photo, and composes the entire image in a way that is visual appealing (usually relying on the rule of thirds.)

Beginning photographers (and even many advanced photographers) have to take many photos in order to get that one perfect shot that they are most proud of. Therefore, do not be discouraged if your first photographs are not all that you expected. Good photography, after all, requires practice and mastery of these three components:

  • the Rule of Thirds
  • Focus
  • Boundaries