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To better understand  what kind of wines you like , you need to learn how to taste them correctly.

Taste qualities of wine

There are 5 main characteristics in the taste of wine:

  • Sweetness
  • Acidity
  • Tannin
  • fruitiness
  • Density

Most people love sweets. It is the sweetness that is first felt when tasting wine. Sweet lovers can be recommended to choose wines with residual sugar -  semi-dry  and  semi-sweet wines , muscats, as well as wines from dried grapes. Wines with residual sugar have a very delicate, mild taste and delicate aroma with hints of fruit. 

Sometimes the sweet taste in wine is perceived due to the high alcohol content. In this case, when tasting in the middle of the tongue, there is a feeling of light warmth and oiliness. Visually stronger wine is distinguished by “legs” flowing down the walls of the glass.


If you prefer savory acidity, then choose wines from cooler areas or vintages from cold years. Such wines are usually lighter, they give a feeling of freshness and moisture.


Tannins give the wine structure, complexity and long-term aging, they are astringent and dry in the mouth. Pure tannin is tart and bitter.

The tannins in wine come from the seeds and skins of the grapes or are transferred from the wood when aged in oak barrels.

The astringency of wine softens during storage. Young wines are always more tart than aged ones. There are practically no tannins in light white wines, but a lot in reds made from southern grape varieties.


The concept of fruitiness refers to the aroma of wine. The light acidic wines of the northern regions are dominated by aromas of red berries - raspberries and wild strawberries. In dense southern ones - blackberries, blueberries, black currants, plums. White northern wines have subtle notes of lemon in the aroma, southern - peach or apple.

If you prefer to smell flowers and herbs in wine, choose young white wines.


The density or body of the wine emphasizes the overall impression of the wine. Density is made up of many factors - grape variety, terroir, vintage, winemaking technology.

The densest wines are made from warm region grapes ripened in a hot year. They are also sweet and strong wines aged in a barrel.

The grape variety plays an important role. The darker and denser the skin of the berries, the more full-bodied the wine is. Wines become less dense with age. The density is determined by the duration of the aftertaste. A full-bodied wine becomes lighter at the end of the tasting.

How to try?

First of all, when tasting wine, its color and transparency are evaluated, then aroma and taste are determined. To correctly assess the bouquet, you should shake the glass slightly, and then inhale the aroma.

Wine should be tasted slowly, allowing it to reach all taste buds. Assessing the shades of taste, it is easy to find out whether the wine is suitable for certain dishes.

Having learned to feel all aspects of the taste and aroma of wines, you can easily  choose the perfect wine  for a gourmet dinner or for a casual meeting with friends.

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