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Not even the most pessimistic Cheap Mason Cole Jersey of fans could have predicted this start. After four weeks, the Redbirds are the only team in the league without a win. We’re 0-3 at home, where we’ve protected the nest in recent years, and we’ve scored a piddling 37 points total—that’s right, less than 10 points per game.Shameful. Inexcusable. Indefensible.It’s hard to fathom how we wound up here, especially considering that we had the ball on 1st and 10 at the Seattle 31 with 2:59 to play and the Seahawks down to one timeout. All we had to do was get a single first down and we could grind down the clock and kick a chip shot FG to win the game.Instead, we鈥?did not do that.Like last week, some poor play on the field was compounded by some seriously boneheaded coaching decisions, and the crowd at State Farm Field was let down once again. Let’s run through the most impactful factors/moments that led to the loss, figure out who’s to blame, and see if there’s any hope moving forward.Offensive Run DefenseSunday had a chance to be a get-right game for the Redbirds run defense. Seattle’s O-line woes are well documented, their starting RB Chris Carson was a late scratch, and their 1st-round rookie Rashaad Penny (brother of Elijhaa) hasn’t done much. Enter third-stringer Mike Davis, who proceeded to run for 101 yards and 2 TDs on 21 carries. Adding in contributions from Penny and Russell Wilson, the Seahawks put up 171 yards on 34 carries (5.0 YPC). The Cardinals are now 31st in the league in rushing defense—after finishing 6th last season.Assigning the Blame: The Cardinals have talent in the front seven—Cory Peters has been a rock, and the team has spent recent 1st-round picks on the likes of Robert Nkemdiche, Deone Bucannon, and Haason Reddick. Talent isn’t the problem—it’s scheme. These are 3-4 players trying to adjust to the Carolina 4-3 (when we’re not in nickel, that is) of Steve Wilks and Al Holcomb. The scheme obviously isn’t working with the personnel we have, so it’s on the coaches to adapt. And they simply haven’t thus far.Where to Go from Here: Wilks and Holcomb need to adjust their scheme to the talent of the players of the roster. Consider moving Bucannon back to a hybrid safety role, let Reddick rush the passer more (he had a sack on Sunday), and maybe stop playing so much nickel on obvious rushing downs.A Bad Case of the DropsIt wasn’t all bad news for the Redbirds on Sunday, as rookie QB Josh Rosen passed the eye test and earned strong reviews for his debut start. His numbers were somewhat pedestrian—15/27, 180 yards, and 1 TD—but they could have been much better if it weren’t for all the drops. Stalwart Cardinals writer Darren Urban estimated that Rosen’s numbers would have been about 20/27, 261 yards, and 2 TDs if Larry Fitzgerald(!) , Christian Kirk, J.J. Nelson, and Ricky Seals-Jones had held onto several catchable balls. (Plus there was the near-TD by Chad Williams where he was just unable to get a second foot down on the sideline.) The Redbirds WR room has been a known weak spot, and they let the team down big-time on Sunday, costing us precious yardage and, potentially, points.Assigning the Blame: It’s easy to blame the players on the field—yes, even Fitz—but GM Steve Keim deserves a ton of blame for not doing more to augment the position during the offseason—or even during the season. (Rishard Matthews is available, after all.) Plus, it’s worth pointing out that on a day where J.J. Nelson was doing this for the Cardinals, John Brown was doing this for the Ravens.Where to Go from Here: J.J. Nelson probably needs to be cut at this point. Keim needs to do what many of us who play fantasy football do on Sunday mornings—scour the free agent list for a WR and hope they can produce.Kicker WoesIt seems like points are always at a premium in Cardinals/Seahawks games, and Sunday was no exception. You can’t have your kicker miss two FGs in these kinds of games and expect to win. Granted, neither of them were gimmes (45 and 50 yards), but didn’t we stick with Dawson because he’s a steady veteran? He didn’t play like one on Sunday.Assigning the Blame: Obviously, Dawson should be expected to hit the potential game-winning 45-yarder, but it shouldn’t have been that long of a kick, which is firmly the coaching staff’s fault (more on that below). But you can also argue that Dawson shouldn’t have been kicking in the first place. It doubly hurts knowing that preseason star Matt McCrane hit a game-winner for the Raiders later Sunday afternoon. Yet another Steve Keim decision that didn’t work out.Where to Go from Here: Dawson probably needs to go too. He just doesn’t have the leg strength/accuracy required of an NFL kicker anymore. This was obvious even in the preseason. Keim needs to find a stopgap replacement for the rest of the season and then address the position in the offseason.Another Questionable 3rd-Down RunSimply put, the coaching staff completely bungled the endgame on Sunday. As I said above, we just needed to gain one first down on our final possession. That would have accomplished two things: 1) it would’ve made the would-be game-winning FG much easier, and 2) it would’ve let us drain most of the clock down to prevent Russell Wilson from doing exactly what he did—march down the field for the win if we missed the kick.It started with that 1st and 10 with 2:59 left. We got a Mike McCoy special: unimaginative run into the pile. Then on 2nd and 8? You guessed it—another unimaginative run into the pile. But the worst playcall came after the two-minute warning—just like it did last week. With all that time to call the perfect play—remembering again that we had to have a first down—we got鈥?yep, another unimaginative run into the pile. At least it was David Johnson getting stuffed this time. Small consolation.Keep in mind that Rosen was 4/5 for 39 yards on the drive up until that point. If you can trust your rookie QB enough to put him into a tight game in the 4th quarter last week, you can trust him enough to put the ball in his hands in a tight game in the 4th quarter this week, right? One completion and you can drain the clock down and kick a 35-39 yard FG (instead of 45) to win.Instead鈥?unimaginative run into the pile, Russell Wilson gets two minutes to gain 30 yards, and Sea Bass kicks the game-winner. Ugh.Assigning the Blame: Mike McCoy makes the offensive playcalls, but Steve Wilks says he can “veto or confirm” any playcall. However the decision to run it up the middle on 3rd and 6 at the Seattle 27 was made, it was a lousy decision and the buck stops with the man in charge—Steve Wilks. Whether he confirmed McCoy’s call of the run or just declined to veto it doesn’t matter. It was the wrong call and it cost us the game. At this point , I wish he’d just veto Mike McCoy entirely, to be honest.Where to Go from Here: Fire. Mike. McCoy. I’m gonna keep saying it until it happens.Final ThoughtsSunday’s loss was the result of several of our players being put in a position to fail by our GM/coaching staff, and the one player who could have saved the game—Josh Rosen—not being given the chance to do so. It’s that simple.It’s not just the 0-4 start, but the way it has happened—these last two weeks especially—that has many Cardinals fans wondering if we have the right leadership on the sidelines and in the front office. But Steve Keim just signed an extension, and Steve Wilks and his staff are in their first year on the job, so we may be stuck with them for a while.They, like our players, need to respond in the right way to this adversity. Before the Bears game, I wrote about how the Cardinals have been plagued by passivity lately. That proved true against the Seahawks with the way known weaknesses (WR, LB, K) came back to bite us and the way the coaching staff screwed up the endgame with overly conservative decisions.We’ll learn a lot about our leadership by the way they respond. If McCoy, Nelson, and Dawson continue to have jobs, if we don’t try to bring in reinforcements, if we continue to struggle to score points and stop the run, if we continue to be passive鈥?we’ll have learned that these are not the men to lead our franchise.But if we do something to try to change our fortunes—even if it just amounts to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic—I think most Cardinals fans would feel a little bit better about the direction of our team. Cold comfort to be sure, but better than the hot air these guys have been blowing so far. So far if you’ve owned any Arizona Cardinals players in fantasy, your season is....probably not going well.Can their offense get it back on track with Bradford (and possibly Rosen) at the helm?Guess we’ll find out.Start of the Week: Chicago Bears, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 forced fumble, 44 return yardsThe Bears bring one of the top performing NFL defenses against the Arizona Cardinals who have been the poorest performing offense.If Sam Bradford plays the entire game, these numbers might be even bigger as Arizona has struggled to score and has only 1 touchdown on the year as well as so few snaps and first downs it’s a pain to mention them.Start the Bears defense and it wouldn’t shock me given Bradford’s arm and the desire to push the ball down the field more if he throws a pick-6.Outside of Josh Rosen coming in with some second half heroics, I’d expect that the Bears have a dominant defensive performance on Sunday.Cardinals Start: Ricky Seals-Jones , 4 catches, 1 TD, 60 yards receivingWhile Arizona has struggled on offense Cheap D.J. Humphries Jersey , one player who’s received a lot of targets as a result is one Ricky Seals-Jones.Basically, in doing the math....Khalil Mack = Good at footballKhalil Mack + AZ’s offensive line + Scared Bradford = PressurePressure on Sam Bradford = Ricky Seals-Jones targetsExpect Seals-Jones to get looks in this game, and I even think that if Arizona either sees some success on offense or puts Josh Rosen in the game, he might even grab a score against Chicago’s safeties.Bears Start: Trey Burton, TE, 1 TD, 85 yards receivingThe Cardinals have a linebacker problem.Budda Baker will be covering a wide receiver likely on 3rd down.The Rams hit a few tight ends last week and Alex Smith hit Jordan Reed for a touchdown in Week One.Expect the Bears to come out and Trubisky to hit a scoring play to his favorite receiver so far this year.Cardinals Sit: Larry Fitzgerald, WR, 3 catches for 33 yardsCall me crazy, but I think there will be two things the Cardinals will come out and do this week.One: They’ll focus on getting the ball to David Johnson in the passing game.Two: They’ll work on running the football more (with David Johnson)Three: They’ll design ways to get the ball out of Bradford’s hand quickly to the tight ends or backs.That won’t be getting it to Larry Fitzgerald who’ll be in the slot down the field, and I do believe the Bears will try to take him out of the game and force AZ’s young outside corners to be the ones to beat them.That means that Fitzgerald might not be much of a factor if Bradford plays the whole time.Now if Josh Rosen takes over at some point (possible) then he will hold onto the ball longer, look deeper and Fitzgerald’s routes will probably mean he gets some throws his way. But until Rosen is in the game, it’s foolish to assume that’ll be the case.Bears Sit: Jordan Howard, RB 16 rushes for 55 yards, 0 TD’sSeems crazy to sit Howard a week after Todd Gurley scored three touchdowns, right?But looking at the rest of the stats, Gurley only gained 42 yards on the ground as Wilks’ defense clamped down on the run game.It was through the air they got burned.I’d guess that this is the week Tarik Cohen gets involved given how badly Chris Thompson abused the Cardinals in Week 1 and guess that AZ will sell out to stop the runSleeper: Jermaine Gresham, TEIf Gresham plays, it’s unknown what his impact could be, but he’s a more reliable pass-catcher than Seals-Jones and might take over the TE1 role.Perhaps it’s him who Bradford starts looking to, and unlike Seals-Jones, Gresham was the 3rd overall in receiving yards for Arizona in 2016 and 2017 (behind David Johnson and Jaron Brown).He’s a solid, if unspectacular receiving threat and if he looks back to form, perhaps Sam Bradford looks his way just like he did back at Oklahoma all those years ago.You can follow @blakemurphy7 or ask fantasy questions on Twitter!

couldn't care less about style points.After being on the losing end of some lopsided decisions Oakland Raiders Hats , an offensively challenged, field-goal-dominated 13-12 win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday is all that mattered."Two-and-three is a lot better than 1-4," Poyer said, referring to the Bills record. "It's never ugly when you win."Stephen Hauschka overcame a botched field-goal attempt in the final minutes of the first half by hitting a 46-yard attempt as time expired. Running back LeSean McCoy broke from a September slump with 85 yards rushing — matching the combined total from his first three games.And Poyer helped anchor an injury-depleted secondary on a defense that forced three turnovers, held the Titans to 221 yards and limited them to scoring four field goals.Buffalo bounced back from a 22-0 loss at Green Bay last weekend. Its defense showed improvement after surrendering 75 points over six quarters, starting with a 47-3 season-opening loss at Baltimore, followed by the first half of a 31-20 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers."I think there was a glimpse of it," defensive tackle Kyle Williams said in suggesting the young, patchwork Bills are finding a hint of their identity.The Titans (3-2) took a step backward in having a three-game win streak snapped, and squandered a chance for their best start since winning their first 10 games in 2008.Quarterback Marcus Mariota failed to show the flair he displayed last week in rallying the Titans to a 26-23 overtime win over the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Mariota finished 14 of 26 for 129 yards passing and an interception against Buffalo.The Titans crossed midfield four times, with each drive ending with Ryan Succop hitting field goals."Not very good. Yeah, I mean we left one out there today," Mariota said. "If you're not ready to play, it doesn't matter who you're playing."The Titans' best chance of finding the end zone slipped through their fingers early in the fourth quarter.Facing third-and-4 at Buffalo's 23 Oakland Raiders Womens Hoodie , Mariota avoided the pass rush and scrambled to his left, where he lobbed to receiver Nick Williams, who was wide open in the end zone. Williams had the pass drop through his hands while attempting to make an over-the-shoulder catch.Tennessee settled for Succop hitting a 39-yard field goal to cut Buffalo's lead to 10-9.Bills quarterback Josh Allen was hardly better. The rookie first-round pick finished 10 of 19 for 82 yards and an interception, but did open the scoring on a 14-yard touchdown scamper.Allen's interception nearly cost the Bills midway through the fourth quarter. Late in finding Andre Holmes to his right, Allen's pass was tipped and intercepted by Adoree' Jackson at the Tennessee 46.The Titans settled for Succop hitting a go-ahead 50-yard field goal after Mariota fumbled and was fortunate to have the ball bounce off his foot and roll out of bounds.The Bills responded with an 11-play, run-dominated drive that covered the final 4:43. McCoy and Ivory combined for 43 yards."That's how it's supposed to be," McCoy said, referring to a run-oriented game plan in which he had a season-best 24 carries. "We stuck to it."BOTCHED CHANCE IThe Bills botched a 30-yard field-goal attempt in the second quarter when rookie holder/punter Corey Bojorquez caught the snap and inexplicably stood up before suddenly kneeling in a bid to place the ball. Bojorquez then threw an incompletion.Bojorquez hurt his right shoulder but returned for the second half.Bojorquez said he misunderstood what he heard from the coaches.Hauschka, meantime, had an inkling he might get a chance to win the game."The pace of the game, I was going to be ready for it, and I wanted that opportunity," he said. "I'm glad I got a shot at it."BOTCHED CHANCE IIThe Titans followed Buffalo's missed opportunity by settling for Succop matching a career high by hitting a 54-yard field goal as time expired. They had three timeouts left when penalized for delay of game while facing a third-and-4 at Buffalo's 26. They were backed up again on the next snap when Trent Murphy sacked Mariota for a 5-yard loss.TURNOVERSBills rookie linebacker Tremaine Edmunds and defensive end Shaq Lawson had forced fumbles, while rookie cornerback Taron Johnson had an interception. Buffalo has eight takeaways (five forced fumbles and three interceptions) in its past three games.Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott acknowledged he and GM Brandon Beane have considered signing 12-year veteran quarterback Derek Anderson Womens Customized Oakland Raiders Jerseys , but stressed "nothing is final at this point." McDermott and Beane were formerly with Carolina, where they both became familiar with Anderson, who spent the previous seven seasons with the Panthers. Buffalo is down to Allen and second-year player Nathan Peterman at quarterback after trading A.J. McCarron to Oakland on Sept. 1.INJURIESTitans: Two-time Pro Bowl LT Taylor Lewan did not return after hurting his foot in the second quarter. Titans were missing two starters with S Kenny Vaccaro (right elbow) and LB Wesley Woodyard (shoulder) inactive.Bills: Had just three healthy safeties in their lineup with starter Micah Hyde (groin) and backup Rafael Bush (shoulder) inactive.UP NEXTTitans: Host Baltimore on Oct. 14.Bills: At Houston on Oct. 14 for fourth road game in six weeks. Greetings, Raider Nation! There’s one more game in Week 10, and it actually means something to the Raiders as far as draft position goes. The Giants and 49ers will play tonight, and both are in line for top-five draft picks. The outcome of this game will have a huge bearing on where the Raiders pick in next year’s draft. The Giants are 1-7 and the 49ers are 2-7.The 49ers will still be starting Nick Mullens, last seen shredding the Raiders, at quarterback. Their defensive line will be facing a pretty shoddy unit in the Giants’ offensive line. The Giants and 49ers both had high hopes coming into this season, with the 49ers starting new franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, as did the Giants with shiny new running back Saquon Barkley, but none of that has worked out so far. Barkley has been stellar for the Giants, but everyone else has been a stark disappointment and the Giants are looking ahead to next season with the promise of a second straight Top-2 draft pick on the horizon.You can watch tonight’s game on ESPN at 5:20 PM Pacific, or stream on WatchESPN.

 linebacker Cheap Derek Carrier Jersey , Derrick Johnson after only six games.In a corresponding move they promoted undrafted free agent linebacker, Jason Cabinda.Cabinda, played four years as a Penn State Nittany Lion, starting in 36 of 43 games.As a senior he received second team all Big 10 honors.Cabinda made a name for himself in Happy Valley with his toughness and leadership qualities.Some of the strengths of Cabinda’s game are his ability to take on and shed blocks and his aggressive play. Cabinda earned himself first team reps with Raiders during the preseason.He was eventually cut and then signed to their practice squad.Because of his impressive play throughout the summer, the Raiders feared he could be signed to another teams active roster.“Cabinda had generated a lot of interest from other teams. We didn’t want to lose him. It was a tough decision and we got to try and improve our run defense. We are going to give Cabinda a shot,” said Gruden.Cabinda will join a group of linebackers who have been underwhelming to say the least.The Raiders run defense ranks 29th in the league, and as Gruden said Cabinda was signed to improve in this area.In the week four preseason game against Seattle, Cabinda played the entire game and finished with a team high 10 tackles.He showed up well in both the run and pass game.In college, Cabinda was known as a “thumper,” he demonstrates why on this play from the preseason.On this play he display’s his ability to diagnosis a screen pass and quickly get to the ball.He finishes the play with another big hit.The final clip, again shows his aggressive nature quickly getting to the ball carrier.It’s hard to get overly excited about film from a week four preseason game, but if there is anything to take away from the small sample size we have on Jason Cabinda it’s that he is an aggressive, reliable tackler.For years, the Raiders have struggled to find a guy they can count on in the middle of the defense.Hopefully, Cabinda can take advantage of his opportunity and help turn the defense around.Raiderdamus’ Friday Foretelling: Raiders vs. Dolphins We are required to inform you that these Foretellings are works of satire and are not for the faint of heart. Due to their content they should not be read by anyone. Please enjoy at your own risk. -The EditorGreetings, Raider Nation! It is I, the man of the hour, the tower of power too sweet to be sour, with the highest brainpower sending my haters to the showers Cheap Gareon Conley Jersey , Raiderdamus the Great and Powerful.The Raiders took a tough loss in a difficult place to play last week at Denver, but they’ll get another shot to get in the win column this weekend at Miami. As is my custom, I’ve summoned the Great Beyond, who even after all these years has nothing better to do, to tell us the outcome of the Raiders-Dolphins game. Here is what the Great Old One had to say. Behold his wisdom, mortals, with fear and trepidation:“You’re back again! Quite the meltdown by the Raiders last week. Jon Gruden spent so much time in the second half of games in the last ten years trying to figure out which player being a Gruden Grinder would be the most kitsch, that he forgot there were four quarters in a game. Let’s hope he remembers soon.Who you got this week? Miami? It’s supposed to be warm there, but it’s probably good the Raiders are wearing their black jerseys in this game. Miami is now one of the coldest places in the world, having been in New England’s shadow since 2001.The last time Miami was relevant was for this:Much like the Raiders, the Dolphins are a once-great franchise which has fallen on hard times. Since the last time they won a Super Bowl, every single Star Wars movie was released. There are more Super Bowl rings in Russia than on the hands of Dolphins players. The Marlins won two World Series while the Heat won three NBA Championships. The last time they won a playoff game, Bill Clinton was president and CDs were a new technology. The top album was Nirvana’s Nevermind, and Ryan Tannehill was four years old, wetting his bed on the regular. At that time, only his mom saw him do that, but now he does it every week in front of 40,000 people.Miami drafted a wide receiver from Texas A&M to be their quarterback, and to this day they keep expecting him to ‘break out’ and become a top passer. The only thing Ryan Tannehill is going to break is his leg Youth Donald Penn Jersey , and the only time he has ever or will ever break out is in seventh grade before he got his shipment of Proactiv.Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty ImagesThe Dolphins have a history of great players, none better than Dan Marino, who might be the most naturally talented quarterback who ever lived. Marino gave his heart, soul, and Achilles tendon to the Dolphins organization, and the very last game of his career ended with a 62-7 playoff loss to the Jaguars. Dan Marino has spent his later years hocking Isotoner gloves and weight-loss programs, and has missed the embarrassment of having his home stadium named for a company owned by this man:Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Escape To MargaritavilleIf there are two things that scream “I don’t give a fuck” they are Jimmy Buffett and Dolphins football. Jimmy sings songs about dropping everything and having a beer, while the Dolphins make all their fans want to leave at halftime and drown themselves in the ocean. It’s five o’clock everywhere when you’re dead.Of course, the Dolphins haven’t had an easy time of it, stuck in a division with the Patriots. The only people more efficient than the Patriots at killing dolphins are Japanese fishermen. But the Dolphins have really tried to keep up, and a few years ago drafted this man to be their left tackle of the future:I’m not trying to say that the Dolphins leaked the video of Laremy Tunsil hotboxing himself with weed on purpose so they could draft him, but nobody has benefited that much from a gasmask since World War 1. Wake up, sheeple!Drafting is all well and good, but to be a quality team you have to hold on to quality players. In the last few years, the following people have left Miami:Jay AjayiJarvis LandryOlivier VernonNdamukong SuhBrent Grimes’ wifeSuh might be the biggest loss here. When you have an elite pass rusher, you have to do whatever you can to hold onto them. Good pass rushers are hard to find!With the loss of Ajayi, the Dolphins’ running game consists of Kenyan Drake and the reanimated husk of Frank Gore, who predates the Flood and keeps himself alive by absorbing the essences of 4,500 Cuban asylum-seekers every month. On the ninth day Womens Reggie Nelson Jersey , God created Frank Gore, and saw that he was good. Frank Gore does not just have a lunch pail mentality, he literally invented the lunch pail. Before Frank, we just used bags or dried-out cow stomachs or whatever.It’s hard to picture Frank Gore as a Dolphin, because it really isn’t a ‘gritty intangibles fullback manball’ type of place ever since Larry Csonka ascended to Heaven on a chariot made of Moustache Afficionado magazines. Now it’s more of a ‘let’s do cocaine on camera and run our boat into those rocks over there’ type of place. A “say hello to my little friend” type of place.The Dolphins, being an East Coast team, are often shipped over to the UK for games. The last time the Raiders played the Dolphins in England, they got beaten so badly they fired Dennis Allen, and they should have given him the full William Wallace treatment. But the Dolphins are so boring that the Brits would rather start another war over heroin in China than go see another Dolphins game.The Dolphins are boring, yes, but they’re also ruthlessly efficient, and are almost always better than they seem against bad competition. Ryan Tannehill kinda sucks, but he’s never bad in the way Nathan Peterman is, he’s bad in the Andy Dalton way where he tries to do too much and isn’t quite as good as his brain and the quality of his wife tells him he is.Even though the Dolphins don’t have a ton of weapons on offense, they do have a pretty good line and a fierce defense with quality edge rushers and linebackers. They should be able to hold serve at home, if just barely.Dolphins win, 23-21.”

 the Oakland Raiders received  Youth Reggie Nelson Jersey unfortunate news about running back Marshawn Lynch when NFL insider Ian Rapoport tweeted that Lynch would be missing at leastDallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones comments on report that Cowboys are researching, considering trade for Raiders WR Amari Cooper | SportsDayHelp may be on the way for the Cowboys' receiving corps. According to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Cowboys have researched him...Analyzing Jon Gruden's 2018 Raiders rookie class | NBCS Bay AreaRaider Nation is looking for a glimmer of hope in a 1-5 season. So Scott Bair examined the initial group of rookies, and there are real signs of optimism.REPORT: Raiders open to trading CB Gareon ConleyREPORT: Raiders open to trading CB Gareon ConleyMarshawn Lynch's actual groin is big kick to Raiders' metaphoric oneMarshawn Lynch was the piece of Mark Davis' plan to look good in front of Raiders fans in Oakland before abandoning them for Sin City.AFC WestChiefs News: Chiefs earn perfect grade for win Sunday night - Arrowhead PrideChiefs headlines for Monday, October 22.Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City Chiefs sets mark with 22 touchdown passes in first 8 career gamesChiefs QB Patrick Mahomes threw four TD passes Sunday night, giving him 22 in eight career games and eclipsing Kurt Warner's mark of 21.Chargers expect injured RB Gordon to return after bye week - The Washington PostChargers expect injured RB Melvin Gordon to return after bye weekLos Angeles Chargers star Joey Bosa likely to make season debut Nov. 4 against Seattle SeahawksChargers defensive end Joey Bosa, who has missed the first seven games this season with a bone bruise in his left foot, is likely to make his season debut Nov. 4 against the Seattle Seahawks, league sources told ESPN.Denver Broncos listening to trade offers for star WR Demaryius ThomasThe Denver Broncos have been listening to offers for star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas , league sources told ESPN.Broncos have a few decisions to make - Mile High ReportIt’s time for Denver to decide what the rest of the 2018 season is going to be.NFL NewsSorting the Sunday Pile: Conservative Garrett sinks Cowboys again, Cam is clutch and more Week 7 - CBSSports.comThe Cowboys coach fails in a big spot, the Jaguars are imploding and more from Week 7 in the NFLNFL Week 7: Bus Rides, Plane Trips and Just Plain Crazy | SI.comDeshaun Watson rode the bus to Jacksonville, but everyone’s on board for the surging Texans. Plus, what was behind Cam Newton’s comeback effort in Philly, how the Chiefs are working to avoid a letdown, why the Chargers are flying high and more off a wild NFL SundayRae Carruth: Ex-NFL WR out after 19 years in prison for murder plotEx-Panthers WR was convicted in 2001 in plot that led to death of Cherica Adams.Time to overreact to NFL 2018 Week 7 -- Do Jacksonville Jaguars need to go QB shopping?After losing for the fourth time in the past five games, should Jacksonville make some moves? We take on Week 7's biggest questions. Chances are if Jon Gruden has said something good about you Seth Roberts Jersey , you could be traded.In his introductory press conference Gruden said “one of the reasons I came back to coach is Khalil Mack.”He also said, “Amari Cooper will be the centerpiece of this offense.”A few months after making those comments both of the former top five picks were sent packing.Since Jon Gruden arrived he has completely turned the Raiders roster upside down.It was clear from the moment Gruden took control over this organization that he was not satisfied with Reggie McKenzie’s draft classes.In fact, only three of McKenzie’s 12 first and second round picks remain on the current active roster (Derek Carr, Karl Joseph, Gareon Conley).Gruden was heavily criticized for the Khalil Mack trade but has received some praise for getting a first round pick in return for Amari Cooper.The Cooper deal makes sense for the Raiders.For whatever reason, the AC/DC connection has not been the same as it was in 2015 and 2016.Because the Raiders picked up his fifth year option, the Cowboys will inherit his 2019 salary of $13.9 million.Cooper’s agent, Joel Segal will demand big time money when the contract expires.The Raiders were not going to enter another stand off with a Segal client.The question now is who’s next?According to a report by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport he believes the Raiders are not done making moves.In the past two weeks, the names linked to possible trades have included Karl Joseph Authentic Donald Penn Jersey , Jared Cook, and Gareon Conley.Cook could be an attractive target for a tight end needy team in the hunt to make the playoffs.Conley seemed like a trade candidate after he was benched last week against the Seahawks (zero defensive snaps).But the player who is most likely to be next has to be another former first round pick — Karl Joseph.Joseph has struggled to find a role since joining the Raiders.He also has been sidelined since week three with a hamstring injury, after the game in London, Gruden said he expects to have Joseph back after the bye week, which would mean he could pass a physical for a trade.Even before the injury Joseph was not a part of the defensive game plans, playing in only 11 snaps on defense.Already loaded with three first round pick’s in the 2019 draft, a trade of Karl Joseph could add to the Raiders already impressive stock of picks in next year’s draft.Raiders fans have no choice at this point but to embrace the tank and look forward to the 2019 draft.

and they want blood. The most surprising team in the NBA, equipped with a modernized offense, new head coach, the rarest of unicorns in Giannis Antetokounmpo, and a fresh look on the game of basketball just slew the dragon in its own keep. It’s time to believe in theAuthentic Calvin Ridley Jersey Milwaukee Bucks.The Bucks entered Golden State’s Oracle Arena on Thursday night with the league’s second-best offense and defense, and proved how real that was in a 23-point road win over the Warriors. Sure, Draymond Green didn’t play with a sprained toe, but he wouldn’t have made that large a difference. Milwaukee didn’t just out-offense the reigning champions, it held them in check. This game was over in three quarters.It’s early in the season, but this team might be the one to beat in the East — and could pose a challenge to the West. Here’s why. When Eric Bledsoe is on, he’s one of the best two-way guards in the leagueWhen Bledsoe “didn’t wanna be here,” Milwaukee made a home for him among a sea of other misfits with unreal wingspans. For the past few years, the Bucks have stockpiled length (Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Thon Maker) to achieve a dream of forming top-tier defense. Jason Kidd couldn’t bring that to fruition, but finally it’s all fitting together under Budenholzer, and Bledsoe is the anchor.Matched up with Steph Curry, Bledsoe held the NBA’s leading scorer to just 10 points on 14 shots Authentic Devonta Freeman Jersey , forcing the ball out of his hands as much as possible. Bledsoe’s ability to hound Curry, yet not lose him off the bounce, put him in a category of few who’ve been able to contain the 31-points-per-night scorer. He chased Curry off screens and shadowed him as he ran circles around the baseline. This was full-on effort and smarts from the Bucks’ guard.And Bledsoe balanced that act on the other end, too, scoring 26 points on 10-of-12 shooting while sinking 2-of-3 threes. His scoring might not be there every night, but his defense can be. Few teams have a player with his defensive abilities playing the point.Antetokounmpo can be the best player on the floor at any momentIt’s no longer in spurts or rare occasions. Antetokounmpo is a top-five player in the league — just ask Malcolm Brogdon. In the win over the Warriors, he was better than Curry, and entirely out-dueled Kevin Durant on both ends. (He scored 24 points on 16 shots to KD’s 17 on 15.)Antetokounmpo is taking games over routinely on both ends at 23 years old, which should terrify the league. He’s learned how to use his length to finish above the rim, to get into passing lanes, and to get to the bucket on long strides. He’s arguably the most unique physical marvel in a league full of them.And if a Bledsoe-Antetokounmpo tandem can shut down Curry and Durant, who else stands a chance?The Bucks aren’t just winning. They’re destroying. There’s some merit to a team’s ability to pull out close games, but way more in absolutely dominating in blowout fashion. The latter is how the Milwaukee Bucks are winning, more times than not. The 23-point road win against the best team in the world was the Bucks’ eighth by double-digits out of nine victories. That’s wild. The cause of death for most opponents has been the three-point shot. The Bucks shoot the second-most shots from distance per game (40.3), converting at the sixth-best rate (37 percent).Milwaukee has shown that it isn’t just slightly better than its top opponents, it’s a full head above. Maybe that won’t be the case in May or June, but right now it’s pretty tough to deny they’re the best team in the NBA. They have as good a chance as bringing home a title as any team outside of Oracle — and proved they even have a chance at doing the unthinkable. Raise your hand if you thought the Monday night game between the Giants and the 49ers would be the most entertaining game of the week. After a slew of blowouts and double-digit margins of victory in Week 10, two of the worst teams gave us a barn burner to end the weekend. Here are a few numbers that help paint the picture of the Giants’ 27-23 road win on Monday night.2: The Giants ran the same play two times in the red zone against the 49ers. The first time, Eli Manning overthrew a pass to Odell Beckham Jr. in the end zone. On the second throw Authentic Julio Jones Jersey , Manning hit Odell perfectly in stride for a touchdown that cut San Francisco’s lead to 20-17.4: Odell Beckham Jr. scored two touchdowns in the game, matching his total on the season. That’s four touchdowns on the season for you folks counting at home. Before this game, he hadn’t scored a touchdown since Oct. 22 against the Atlanta Falcons — also on Monday Night Football. 1: Former Browns, Bills, and Patriots receiver Corey Coleman caught one pass for the Giants (I didn’t even know he was on the Giants). Coleman was also a big weapon in the return game. He returned three kicks for 92 yards, including a 51-yarder that helped set up atouchdown drive.110.7: That was Eli Manning’s passer rating for the game, the third time Eli Manning has eclipsed a passer rating of 100 this year. The other two times he did it were in loss against the Atlanta Falcons and a win over the Houston Texans. If they do that seven more times, they’ll reach Odell Beckham Jr.’s goal of a 9-7 season.36: Monday night’s game featured Eli Manning’s 36th game-winning drive. According to ESPN Stats & Info, only Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger have had more since 2004. Manning led a nine-play, 75-yard drive and found Sterling Shepard for the game-winning score with 53 seconds left:97: The 49ers outgained the Giants by 97 yards. San Francisco had 374 yards to New York’s 277. They also averaged 5.5 yards per play to the Giants’ 5.0 yards per play. 5.5: The difference between Nick Mullens’ yards per attempt from last week against the Raiders to today. Mullens threw for 11.9 yards per attempt against the Oakland Raiders and 6.4 yards per attempt against the Giants. Even though he threw two interceptions, he still gave the team a chance to win at the end of the game. 42: Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning connected for their 42nd career touchdown. That’s the most in Giants history for a quarterback-wide receiver duo. 2nd and 3rd: If the NFL Draft were held today, the 49ers would hold the second pick in the draft and the Giants would hold the third (the Raiders would get the first). If Monday’s game is any indication, secondary help might be on the way for San Francisco. 27: In both of the games that the Giants have won this season, they scored 27 points. They beat the Houston Texans in Week 3, 27-22.5.9: Second-year undrafted running back Matt Breida had a better night on the ground thansecond overall pick Saquon Barkley. Barkley averaged 3.3 yards per carry to Breida’s 5.9. Not that it was a bad night for Barkley, though:69: On the Giants’ game-winning drive, Eli Manning completed 6 of his 9 passes for 69 yards and the go-ahead score. Double nice.

The fourth and final preseason game is nearly here. The Atlanta Falcons take on the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Youth Takkarist McKinley Jersey , and after that there’s less than a week to go until Week 1 against Philadelphia. It’s just about time to get excited for the regular season, but before that we’ve got another four quarters of watching reserves fight for roster and practice squad spots.The Falcons will be resting their starters against Miami, but there are still quite a few interesting position battles to watch. Here are the most intriguing players to watch when the Falcons take on the Dolphins on Thursday.Ricky Ortiz vs. Jalston FowlerAccording to Dan Quinn, we should see the FBs play “20-25 snaps” during the Dolphins game. Obviously, they won’t be out there with the first string, but it’s still the best opportunity for Jalston Fowler to make his mark in the competition against Ricky Ortiz. Ortiz has looked good through three preseason games and is still clearly in the lead after getting all the snaps with the starters against Jacksonville.It’s going to be difficult for Fowler to overtake Ortiz at this point, despite Fowler’s physical talent and experience. I know there is a very vocal section of the fanbase that believe Fowler’s short-yardage abilities are quite valuable, and think he should be the choice over Ortiz. We’ll see if the Falcons share those thoughts, but with Ortiz working with the starters all through training camp, it’ll take some impressive play from Fowler to seize the job.Kurt BenkertThe fact that Benkert has been pretty disappointing following his exciting debut against the Jets might actually be a good thing for the Falcons. Atlanta generally only carries two QBs on the roster, and if Benkert continued to play like he did against New York, he might’ve forced the team’s hand. Based on his performance over the last two games, it looks like he’ll be safe to stash on the practice squad.That could all change with an electrifying performance on Thursday Youth Calvin Ridley Jersey , however. While the QB situation in the league is improving, a young, cheap developmental player with upside—like Kurt Benkert—could be a tantalizing add, especially for a team with roster space that isn’t a contender. If he plays poorly in the last preseason game, he’ll probably be relatively safe on the practice squad. A strong performance may make things more risky, however.Reggie Davis, Devin Gray, Dontez ByrdWith Marvin Hall in firm control of a roster spot and Russell Gage showing promise on both special teams and offense (plus, he’s a draft pick), the competition at WR has shifted from a roster spot to a practice squad spot. It’s strange to have such a fierce competition for the practice squad, but the Falcons have amassed an impressive amount of talent at the WR position.Reggie Davis appears to have the leg up due to some strong special teams play, but Devin Gray and Dontez Byrd have both been making plays on offense too. It’s likely going to come down to the wire against the Dolphins, but one of these three is likely to end up with that practice squad spot—and with it Womens Robert Alford Jersey , a serious advantage in the race for a roster spot in 2019.Justin Zimmer vs. Jon CunninghamThis battle could very well end in a 53-man roster spot, although right now I’m giving the edge to Jonathan Celestin due to special teams. We didn’t see Jon Cunningham at all against the Jaguars—an interesting development since there was no announced injury and Cunningham had played well during the first two preseason games. That could mean that the team has seen enough and they simply want to sneak him onto the practice squad, or it could mean something else.At any rate, Justin Zimmer has been flashing his crazy athletic potential over the past two games. He’s got the upside of an NFL starter if he can put it all together, although he’s still very raw with his technique. I think it’s a lock that one of these two DTs makes the practice squad, but I could definitely see the Falcons keeping both if they are legitimately interested. Terrell McClain is essentially a 1-year rental, and getting a cheap replacement would help the team’s salary cap and depth.J.T. Jones vs. Anthony WinbushAnother battle that is likely to come down to the wire is the EDGE competition between second-year player J.T. Jones and UDFA rookie Anthony Winbush. Jones impressed during 2017’s training camp, but has had a quiet preseason in 2018. Winbush has shown flashes, but ultimately hasn’t put much on the stat sheet either. Both are talented and bring some versatility to the table with their ability to play SAM LB.Based on the Jaguars game, the Falcons seem to prefer Jones—who got the lion’s share of snaps with the second-string defense. Winbush also got snaps with the second-string, but had to split them with hybrid DE/DT Jacob Tuioti-Mariner. I still think the competition is very close, so a strong performance from either one could earn them one of the final spots on the 53-man roster. The loser, however Womens Ryan Schraeder Jersey , is also likely to stick around on the practice squad.Who are some of the players you’ll be watching closely during Thursday’s game? Any other position battles that you’re following? Who are some players that might surprise against the Dolphins?An ode to Keanu Neal and the season that should have been Keanu Neal hits you like you owe him money. He sees you, he zeroes in, and you’re on your back before you can figure out why or what day it is. The prodigious punishment he inflicts upon opposing players is a beautiful thing to behold, and unfortunately it’s going to be at least a year before we’re privileged enough to bear witness to it again. Neal is the sledgehammer of the defense, permanent resident in Willie Snead’s nightmares, and unquestionably one of the best additions to the Falcons in a long, long time. His twice-buckling knee on Thursday night was a tragic reminder that demi-gods are still part human, and the Falcons are now forced into the daunting position of replacing the irreplaceable. To say things have changed is an understatement, but such is the way of football and the Atlanta Falcons will endure the next fifteen games without their star strong safety. Endure, and hope to overcome. Atlanta’s Pro Bowl defender will be on the shelf for some time, presumably going into surgery for his torn ACL this week. It will be a long, at times frustrating recovery, so we of course wish him the absolute best as he treads the path many have before him and none of whom have ever wished for. It’s a brutal game at times. Entering just his third year in the NFL , Keanu Neal possesses the poise and swagger of a well-worn veteran. “Taking the next step” this season doesn’t seemingly apply to a young player who has already made an indelible mark on Atlanta’s defensive rebuild, but he appeared positioned to enter 2018 and continue to burnish his reputation as one of the best strong safeties in the league. And then his knee buckled. And then it buckled again. Dan Quinn was cautiously optimistic after the Eagles game, conveying that Neal’s injury didn’t appear very serious. Keanu would have an MRI on Friday morning just to medically confirm the sigh of relief that the team expected, and he’d be good to go for Week 2. Instead they got the unexpected. And so did we. So the Falcons secondary has a massive question mark moving forward, and no matter how they choose to address it there’s simply no substitute for Keanu Neal. They’ll make due as best they can, and we’ll hope whoever is tabbed to fill those massive shoes can turn off the outside noise and simply play. Because he’s going to be compared to Keanu Neal, the Falcons’ defensive enforcer and the man who puts wide receivers on notice. The man who makes you regret dialing up a crossing route; the man who finally put the oomph back in Atlanta. So raise a glass to Keanu Neal tonight. We’ll see you on the sidelines sooner than later, and we can’t wait to see you back on the field next season.

  ET, CBSOPENING Atlanta Falcons Hats LINE — Bengals by 5RECORD VS. SPREAD — Miami 3-1, Cincinnati 3-1SERIES RECORD — Dolphins lead 16-6LAST MEETING — Bengals beat Dolphins 22-7, Sept. 2, 2016LAST WEEK — Dolphins lost to Patriots 38-7; Bengals beat Falcons 37-36AP PRO32 RANKING — Dolphins No. 15, Bengals No. 6DOLPHINS OFFENSE — OVERALL (30), RUSH (25t), PASS (28).DOLPHINS DEFENSE — OVERALL (26), RUSH (20), PASS (26).BENGALS OFFENSE — OVERALL (16), RUSH (22), PASS (12).BENGALS DEFENSE — OVERALL (29) Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie , RUSH (21t), PASS (28).STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES — Dolphins have second-best winning percentage vs. Bengals; only San Francisco is better at 11-4. ... Dolphins try for first 4-1 start since 2003 but have been outgained by 435 yards, third worst in NFL, and outscored 90-82. ... Miami defense ranks 26th but leads league with nine interceptions. ... Dolphins tied for third with 10 takeaways, and tied for third in turnover differential at plus-4. ... QB Ryan Tannehill has completed at least 70 percent of passes in seven of past nine games. ... Dolphins have lost by 40, 32, 31 and 24 points on road under coach Adam Gase. ... Bengals off to best start since 2015. ... Defense ranks 29th in yards allowed, and has given up 10th-most points. Ranks last in league on third down, allowing opponents to convert 57 percent. ... QB Andy Dalton had perfect passer rating of 158.3 in first half vs. Falcons, completing all but two throws. Dalton led 16-play drive to winning TD pass to A.J. Green with 7 seconds left. His 22nd career winning drive tied Boomer Esiason for club record and ranks ninth among active QBs. ... Offense has scored in last 34 trips inside 20-yard line, longest active streak in NFL. New England is second at 29. Bengals have TDs on 11 of 13 trips inside 20 Womens Customized Atlanta Falcons Jerseys , best in league. ... In three games against Miami, Green has 30 catches for 366 yards and two scores. ... Fantasy tip: With teams giving Green attention, WR Tyler Boyd has emerged as Dalton's top target. He had career-high 11 catches for 100 yards in Atlanta. Boyd leads Bengals with 26 catches for 349 yards and two TDs. As new CFP No. 3 Notre Dame prepares to host Florida State, starting quarterback Ian Book will miss the game due to midsection injuries.Book took over for incumbent starter Brandon Wimbush after Week 3, sparking some significant overall improvement by the Irish. Going by S&P+’s offensive percentile performance rating, the Irish had two poor showings in their first three games of the year, but only one (Pitt) in the six Book has started.The Irish would go back to Wimbush against the Seminoles, against whom they’re favored by 18 and have been picked to cover. Wimbush isn’t a bad player and made some great plays in 2017, but this is obviously a blow for the Irish.As Bill Connelly writes:There are some significant differences in comparing Book to Wimbush. For one, accuracy. While completion percentage is not a perfect barometer of accuracy, Book literally leads the nation in completion percentage against FBS teams at 74.5 percent. Wimbush, on the other hand , is at 55.3 percent, which ranks 93rd nationally according to Book’s Marginal efficiency is 13.3 percent, while Wimbush’s is just 3.0. And despite being a little less athletic than Wimbush, Book is sacked about half as often (3.8 percent to 7.3). As a runner, the two QBs have been roughly even. Book has a higher yards/carry number at 4.8 to 4.1, but Wimbush has a slightly better marginal efficiency rate at -3.5 to -3.7. Still, it’s just FSU, a team unlikely to make a bowl and unlikely to score many points on Notre Dame. The Irish are still favored by 16 points.

 Ugh. What else can I say? It’s games like this that take your spirit and break it in unimaginable ways. I kid you not Detroit Lions Hoodie , this may have been the worst Lions game I have ever seen. It’s definitely the worst I’ve ever covered. Many will point to the Chiefs or Cardinals games from 2015, but we expected those games to be bad. And it just kept getting worse and worse. The Lions went on to lose 48-17.As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts. You should be mad. It’s more than okay to be really, really mad right nowThe Lions squandered the offseason. When the Bears, Packers and Vikings went out and spent their money and brought in big time, game-changing players, the Lions chose to do very little.When the Lions had chances at good defensive players in free agency and the draft, they chose to do nothing. The Lions made every single poor choice they could possibly make in the offseason and it showed on the field Monday night. You can’t help but come away from this game wondering why we have to put up with this and how much longer before this team does what’s right and gets help. This is not a great team the Lions just lost to. This is a losing team with a rookie quarterback playing his first game ever. I’ve never been the guy to say that someone needs to get fired or traded, but somebody needs to get fired or traded after this game. Just an utter embarrassment. The worst game of Matthew Stafford’s careerDisagree all you want. Matthew Stafford has never played a game worse than this one. Not even the Arizona game from 2015. He threw four interceptions, got hurt twice, and just generally looked unlike himself all night. Seriously, I don’t think that was Matthew Stafford. I imagine a scene like this went down after the game when Matt Patricia confronted Stafford in the locker room. Let’s be real here. This is not something to expect from Stafford every week and we know that. Guys have bad games. Ben Roethlisberger threw four interceptions this week too. Matt Ryan had a horrible Thursday night game as well. I’m not too worried about Stafford as early as tomorrow. I’m personally going to need a big bounce back for my fantasy team next week. The offensive line is back on its bullThis offensive line is just so damn odd. So much talent is on this line and they truly have the capability to be great. Yet they aren’t and they have a hard time trying to figure out how to just be average. Seeing your franchise quarterback laying on the turf in pain twice in the first game of the year is not at all good. Things need to change. At this point Customized Detroit Lions Jerseys , I’m begging for things to change. We all are. The run game is still not goodIf you were expecting a major turnaround on Monday night, you did not get that at all. Kerryon Johnson did nothing, LeGarrette Blount left the game with an injury, Ameer Abdullah was inactive and Theo Riddick still can’t run the ball no matter how badly [insert offensive coordinator here] wants him to. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Seriously. I’m just going to stop this segment right here. Kenny Golladay played his butt offSomebody had to have done something right on Monday right? Yes. Kenny Golladay had a pretty dang good game. He grabbed seven receptions for 114 yards. He’s going to be a problem for defenses all year... especially when (if?) the Lions figure out how to play offense. Golladay also had a big defensive play, too. He forced a fumble after Stafford’s second interception—a play that set up a Lions field goal. Golladay is by far and away the only good thing about this game. Now everyone get emotional with me!Film Room: How the Detroit Lions secondary shut down Tom Brady One of the major stories out of the Detroit Lions Week 3 victory over the New England Patriots was Tom Brady’s quiet day. The future hall of fame quarterback only threw for 133 yards and a touchdown on 26 pass attempts. He also threw a rare interception to corner back Darius Slay late in the game. The Lions did a great job taking advantage of the poor receivers on the Patriots offense. Detroit was willing to give up the shorter areas of the field to New England’s receivers if it meant giving themselves large cushions to avoid getting beat deep. Detroit’s defense clearly had a goal to let nothing get behind him. They left a deep safety on almost every play and made sure they bracketed every receiver downfield. On this play, the Lions had two different coverage strategies on each side of the field. On the top side of the field, Detroit was playing press coverage, but the corner was willing to let his man get behind him. Glover Quin was playing in a deep zone over the middle and while the corner cut off the inside throw, the safety cut off the outside throw. Detroit was in softer coverage on the other side of the field and the defenders were able to stick with the receivers they were tasked with covering.The Lions knew that they could trust their defensive backs to hold the Patriots receivers in check downfield. Tight end Rob Gronkowski is the only real threat on New England’s receiving corps, but the Lions were prepared for him. Detroit double-teamed Gronkowski all game. On this play, the tight end was lined up in three-point stance at the right end of the Patriots line. Quandre Diggs is playing soft man coverage on the tight end and as he breaks into his route, Quin joins him to double-team the tight end , taking away Brady’s primary read. With blanket coverage all around the board, the quarterback has nowhere to go with the ball and gets sacked. The double-teams on Gronkowski put a huge dent in the Patriots offense. He’s the primary read on a lot of New England’s passing plays and he’s the only receiver on the team that Brady can trust every down. The long-time veteran quarterback looked flustered at times when his trusted partner was removed as a threat.On this play, Brady rolled out of the pocket to make a rare throw on the run. Gronkowski ran a deep route across the middle of the field and the Lions locked him down. The other New England receiver on that side was blanketed in one-on-one coverage. Brady was a sitting duck once he was out of the pocket with no one to throw to and was eventually brought down for a sack.While the Lions coverage was great for most of the day, they benefited heavily by Brady having an uncharacteristically poor performance. The quarterback had trouble coming off of his first read at times and would just not see open receivers. via GfycatOn this play, Gronkowski occupied the attention of three different receivers. Another Patriots tight end, Dwayne Allen, springs free for a short pass with a lot of room to run in front of him. Brady instead goes to his check down in the flat and his off target throw flies out of bounds. Brady’s poor day was a mix of a great game plan executed by their defense and a poor day from a great quarterback. Just like everything else from this surprising Sunday night upset, it was a touch of luck mixed with great, well executed play.

 “Sunday Night Football” is nearly upon us and we’re already headed for desperate time for the Detroit Lions. Drop to 0-3 and the Lions fall into a trap that only five teams since 1980 have crawled out of. Unfortunately for the Lions Womens Customized Detroit Lions Jerseys , the team that stands between them and nearly impossible odds is the New England Patriots. Even more unfortunate is the fact that New England is coming off a loss themselves, and Tom Brady is pissed. It’s a bad formula for a Lions season, and some are fearful of another Lions meltdown on national television in front of a home crowd. Our staff is not so doom-and-gloomy. While a heavy majority of us are picking the Patriots (11 of 15), over half of us (nine) believe this will finish as a one-score game. Here’s a look at our predictions for Week 3:Hamza Baccouche (1-1): 37-28 PatriotsKent Lee Platte (1-1): 37-36 LionsJustin Simon (1-1): 31-24 PatriotsKyle Yost (1-1): 35-21 PatriotsJohn Whiticar (1-1): 47-27 PatriotsAndrew Kato (1-1): 27-23 PatriotsChris Perfett (1-1): 24-23 LionsJeremy Reisman (1-1): 31-27 PatriotsKellie Rowe (1-1): 33-23 PatriotsJerry Mallory (0-2): 34-20 PatriotsMansur Shaheen (0-2): 35-17 PatriotsMike Payton (0-2): 24-21 LionsLevi Blue (0-2): 27-24 LionsAlex Reno (0-2): 27-21 PatriotsRyan Mathews (0-2): 42-35 PatriotsFanPulse (0-2): Patriots by 9Now it’s time for you to make your picks. Vote in the poll below, and make sure you give us your exact score prediction in the comment section. If you’re the closest to the actual score, you’ll get recognized in next week’s On Paper preview.Report: Free agent S George Iloka ‘likely’ to sign with Vikings A few days ago, one of the more surprising cuts hit the newswire when it was reported that veteran George Iloka, a six year starter for the Cincinnati Bengals , had been let go. There was immediate speculation that Iloka might be a fit for the Vikings, since he spent his first two years with the Bengals working under then-defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. It was a reasonable assumption, as Minnesota pursued Iloka in free agency back in 2016, but to no avail. Iloka re-upped with the Bengals, signing a five year, $30 million dollar deal, with $18 million guaranteed.When Iloka was released, the Vikings seemed like a possible destination again Detroit Lions T-Shirt , as it was thought that Iloka’s knowledge of the defense and his past relationship with Zimmer might be enough for the Vikings to kick the tires on him. It appears they’re doing more than that:Iloka and the Vikings make a ton of sense based on his history with Zimmer in Cincinnati, but I thought that the Vikes were kind of set at safety. There is an argument to be made that depth needs to be addressed at other positions, like offensive line or wide receiver, and Andrew Sendejo has played pretty well the last couple years. He was ranked as the 13th overall safety per PFF last year, and of all the position groups on the team, the defensive backfield seemed to be a low priority in terms of finding guys that can play.But Iloka brings a ton of experience and depth to an already stacked secondary, and challenges Sendejo for a starting job opposite Harrison Smith. Just because you’re already strong at a position doesn’t mean you should pass up an opportunity to get a good football player when the situation presents itself. And the Vikings appear to be doing just that.Vikings fans were salivating at a Smith-Iloka safety combo back in 2016, and now it could very well happen. He’s well versed in Mike Zimmer’s ‘Double A Gap’ defense Detroit Lions Hats , he’s been a starter for five years, and in that time has missed only four games due to injury. Iloka shouldn’t have any problems assimilating in to the defense, and the tough decisions for the Vikings staff on who stays and who goes in the secondary when cutdown day comes just got a whole lot tougher.So barring a snafu in contract negotiations, it looks like the Vikings are adding another really good player to an already great defense. When we get more details, we’ll pass them along.

 winning 23-21In Week 5 the Vikings Customized Detroit Lions Jerseys  paid a visit to the place were their Super Bowl hopes were dismantled last season. They were in Philadelphia for the first time since they were denied a home Super Bowl berth at the hands of the Eagles in a 38-7 thrashing in last seasons NFC Championship Game. Both teams returned with championship aspirations once again but this time it was Minnesota who raced out to the early start. This game had everything. Terrible offensive line play, skittish quarterbacks, dropped passes, everything you love to see out of two teams who are supposed to dominate the NFC this season.Oh, and Linval Joseph had a 63 yard touchdown run.The Vikings almost blew their early lead and let the Eagles steal the win away. Instead, they held off the late rally and kept their season on track. Next week against Arizona at home should be a gimme, but they did get obliterated by the Bills at home so who knows what might happen?Next: vs CardinalsThe Chicago Bears were on a byeHopefully Mitch Trubisky cooled off a bit during his week off. The Bears get to take on a flailing Dolphins team on a two-game skid this week before the big-bad-Patriots come to town in Week 7. Miami is on blowout alert as Ryan Tannehill has no idea how to handle himself when put under pressure. If there is one thing this Bears team is good at it’s doing just that. Next: @ DolphinsThe Green Bay Packers somehow only lost 31-23 to the Detroit LionsAs disheartening as last week’s game was for the Packers (wasn’t at all disheartening for me, I loved it) there are some positives to take away from it. Green Bay was playing without two of their top three receivers, their kicker Mason Crosby played the worst game of his life and their star quarterback looked a bit off but they only lost by eight on the road to a division rival. Aaron Rodgers is slowly returning to form and the team shouldn’t be as beat up next week. Mason Crosby will never leave 13 points on the field again (probably). A “Monday Night Football” game at home against the C.J. Beathard-led San Francisco 49ers is a good way to get their season back on track in an NFC North that no one apparently wants to win.Next: vs 49ers At Pride of Detroit here , we like to joke about the Detroit Lions’ recent record against the Chicago Bears. We’ve tried to popularize the hashtag #WeOwnTheBears, based on the Lions’ 9-1 record against the Bears over the past five seasons. But it certainly seems like the fun and games could come to an end very soon. The Lions will play the Bears twice in the span of 11 games, and right now Chicago undeniably looks like the better team. Sure, they have yet to notch that season-defining win, but at 5-3, they’re atop the division and clearly headed in the right direction as a franchise.Meanwhile, we all know what’s happening with the Lions, and the 2018 season seems to be on life support. So today’s Question of the Day is:What will the Lions’ record be in the two Bears games this season?My answer: Logically speaking, there’s no reason the Bears shouldn’t win both games. However Authentic Kerryon Johnson Jersey , this rivalry has been wacky and close recently. Of the past 10 contests, eight of them have been decided by one score.And let’s not forget just how unpredictable this Lions team has been thus far this season. Many fans pegged them as dead after losing in the first two weeks of the season. However, they followed that up by taking it to the New England Patriots. Not many gave them a chance against the Packers a couple weeks later, and Detroit not only defeated their division foes, but followed it up with their best overall performance against the Dolphins.Still, it’s hard to see how Detroit comes away with a win based on the way they are playing right now. But logic hasn’t been able to explain this team properly, so I’m going with 1-1, even though I don’t have any real reason to think that.Your turn.

City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday. Although the odds of winning are stacked against the Cardinals , that does not mean that they can’t pull off an upset. The Chiefs have one of the best aerial attacks in the NFL along with an improving defense. Patrick Mahomes, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce has given almost every opponent they played nightmares. The Cardinals must finally show up and put up their best performance of the season. Offense, defense, and special teams need be at their best. They have to break free from their mediocrity.Here are a few things to look forward to this Sunday:David Johnson’s Return to Form or FailureJohnson has not looked like his 2016 self, when he led the league in scrimmage yards. But expect Byron Leftwich to continue to include him in the receiving game. Chiefs have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL but that doesn’t guarantee him a productive game. The run game has to come alive and there is no better time to do it than this Sunday. The mental errors have to be reduced and he has to stop being so hard on himself. Run hard but play smart. Look for holes and don’t just run into the backs of the offensive linemen. He had the tendency of doing that a lot this season.Cardinals’ Offensive Line vs Chiefs Front SevenThe Cardinals’ offensive line is the worst in the NFL and they’ll have to fend off Chris Jones , Dee Ford, and Justin Houston. The return of Justin Pugh will help but he can only do so much. His play has been inconsistent, along with the rest of the offensive linemen. D.J. Humphries needs to step up his game and show the Cardinals why he should be their franchise left tackle. The pass rush will be fierce and that will be trouble for Rosen. Keep Rosen upright and the Cardinals could pull off the upset.Being Prepared for the ScreenThe Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the NFL when it comes to defending the screen.Kareem Hunt in space will eat any team alive and his inability to fumble the ball will pose a big challenge. The Cardinals need to prepare for the screen as they would do for the run. Be dominant up front and cover every player. The defensive tackles and linebackers must fill their gaps but be wary of the players around them. Because the Cardinals blitz the most in the NFL, the Chiefs will likely utilize the screen more often than they usually do.Chandler Jones and Markus Golden vs Patrick MahomesThe one thing that the Cardinals can’t allow is for Mahomes to scramble out of the pocket. He makes his biggest plays that way. Chandler Jones and Markus Golden have to prevent this from happening and set pressure off the edge. They have to contain Mahomes and give him as little time as possible. He makes too many big plays when given too much time. So long as he’s in bounds, he makes the impossible possible. If the Cardinals can’t get after the quarterback, they will be in for a very long day. Chiefs’ offensive tackles (Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz) are both having very solid seasons.Patrick Peterson vs Tyreek HillThe Cardinals will need to do more than just have Patrick Peterson following Tyreek Hill all day. We have seen what speedy receivers can do against the Cardinals. Peterson got beat on a slant route by Marquise Goodwin for a 55-yard touchdown a few weeks ago and would have been beat a second time had the ball not been under thrown. Goodwin and Hill are both very similar receivers. He has to have some safety help or, at the very least Youth Ricky Seals-Jones Jersey , put double coverage on Hill. Mahomes is not afraid to challenge NFL’s top cornerbacks so expect him to throw in Peterson’s direction a lot. Expect a couple jet sweep calls and other end-around plays to utilize Hill’s speed. The Cardinals need to be prepared for this because one mistake will lead to a big gain by the Chiefs’ star receiver. They must not put Bene Benwikere against Hill. It could be his Julio Jones nightmare game all over again, where Jones torched him for 12 catches and 300 yards in 2016.It’ll be a tough challenge to contain Hill but it’s not impossible.I’m just not sure how the Cardinals will be able to defend Travis Kelce. He has been unstoppable this season, along with the rest of his teammates.Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys 2018 preseason game thread The Arizona Cardinals are in Big D for their regular season tuneup game... But, the Dallas Cowboys are not helping them in anyway.No, the Cowboys will be without a number of starters on offense and defense while the Cardinals try to figure out who they are and what they are as a team.In case you missed it, here is all the info you need on tonights game.WHO?Arizona Cardinals at Dallas CowboysWHEN?Sunday August 26, 20185:00 pm Arizona TimeWHERE?AT&T Stadium Arlington Youth Budda Baker Jersey , TXLINE (Odds Shark):Arizona Cardinals +3Over/Under: 39.5HOW?TV KPNX-TV (12 News, NBC)Announcers: Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michelle Tafoya (Field reporter)RADIO: Arizona Sports 98.7FM Dave Pasch (play-by-play) Ron Wolfley (Analyst) Paul Calvisi (Sideline Reporter)Latino Mix KQMR 100.3 FM—Spanish Gabriel Trujillo (play-by-play) Rolando Cantu (Analyst)Streaming: GamePass,, NBC Sports appLet’s hope for health and productive days for the Arizona Cardinals in their final workout for a number of starters before the regular season.

The impact of the player Larry Fitzgerald has been over the course of 15 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals is the stuff of legends.His work on the field has put him near the top of every statistical category and makes him a lock to be a Hall of Famer.What makes Larry Fitzgerald even better is what he has done for the Arizona Cardinals in the community and beyond.The story of Larry Fitzgerald and Tennyson Erickson is what takes the things Fitz has done and makes you realize what a special person Fitz is as well.The story of a 7-year-old boy from South Dakota who has leukemia is an emotional enough story , but through ESPN and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Erickson was able to not only have his wish granted, meeting his favorite football player Larry Fitzgerald, but also to have it captured as part of the ESPN My Wish series.It is quite the emotional story, so grab your tissues and check it out. Many, many interesting storylines regarding this game. As Chris Cuomo would say, “Let’s get after it.”Despite what appeared to be a genuine affection for Steve Wilks by the players in the locker room following the Cardinals’ win versus the 49ers, Bob McManaman of azcentral is reporting that there is a “bad mood” and a general climate of acrimony in the Cardinals’ locker room this week. He says that the players are upset about a number of aspects with the coaching and the team’s rough start—-which includes a feeling from some that the Sam Bradford situation should have been handled much better. McManaman concludes that “big changes could be coming” if the coaches don’t turn the season around.Curious that Wilks has been saying this week that he sees a tangible boost in spirit from the players and a greater sense of urgency and passion at practice. One of the few members of the Arizona media whom Wilks calls by name is McManaman—-and there is no question that Bobby Mac is asking the kind of tough questions that most of the media were reluctant to ask to BA. In fact, it was Bobby Mac who pressed Wilks about Matt McCrane’s release—-which caused Wilks to scowl, “You are persistent.” If Bobby Mac is correct, is it possible that the players actually like Wilks, but are not confident that he and his staff and the right coaches to move them forward? See Dave McGinnis? In yesterday’s presser—-Wilks was adamant once again that “I don't care who you are or where you’re from—-whether you are a high draft pick or an undrafted free agent—-the best 11 players are going to play.”As for the Cardinals/Vikings game—-(1) we get a close look at the Cardinals’ #1 target in free agency, QB Kirk Cousins; (2) we get a close look at OC John DeFilippo, whom Bidwill and Keim interviewed during the playoffs for the Cardinals’ HC job and lost interest in (once Pat Shurmur was going to the Giants, Flip was my #1 hope, being of the mindset of trying, as a #1 priority , to put the QBOF in the best possible hands). Thus—-it will be interesting to see Flip’s game plan versus Wilks’ defense; (3) on the other side of the ball, very interesting too to see what Mike McCoy has in store for Mike Zimmer’s defense. Note: if John DeFilippo keeps having a successful year with Kirk Cousins—-he will be a head coach for some team in 2019. Put it this way—-who were Cousin’s first two OCs in Washington? Kyle Shanahan (2012-2013) and Sean McVay (2014-2016). Sure worked for them.Yet, perhaps the biggest storyline of this game is WR Larry Fitzgerald’s return to his home state of Minnesota for what could be the last time—-in some ways Fitz might feel like Odysseus did when he returned at last to Ithaca—-older, battle-scarred and worn by time and fate, having lost so many of the cherished men he fought with over the years.While this is pure speculation—-it feels more than ever like this year is Fitz’s last. It’s not that he has lost his passion for the game—-but the grind is taking its toll. One can hear it in Fitz’s voice—-which, with each passing week—-has become more and more sotto voce. It certainly doesn't help that he is nursing a sore hamstring—-that his team is 1-4—-that his offense is the lowest scoring offense in the NFL—-and, most troubling, that he has become somewhat of an afterthought by the new coach who calls the plays. With that in mind—-if by the trading deadline, the Cardinals are clearly out of the playoff picture—-could Fitz, knowing this is his last hurrah, change his mind and accept a trade to the Vikings? As a Cardinals’ fan for over 5 decades, who believes that Larry Fitzgerald belongs in the Cardinals’ Mount Rushmore of all-time best players, I would be happy for Fitz, because of his standard of brilliance in the playoffs, if he got one last crack at the Lombardi. I would love it for him if his last games were playoff thrillers. The Vikings would have to do some contract restructuring to be able to fit Fitz’s salary (about $6M for the remaining games) under their cap, but one would imagine many of their players would jump at the opportunity to add him to their offense. Surprised, but alas not shocked Cheap Chase Edmonds Jersey , to see S Darian Thompson (6-2, 210, 3, Boise St.) slip through the Cardinals’ fingers when the Cowboys poached him off the Cardinals’ practice squad. Wilks’ defense has become so safety dominated, the Cardinals need depth at the position—-and more good tacklers—-Thompson had 75 tackles with the Giants last year and began to thrive under DB coach David Merritt (now the Cardinals’ DB coach). Plus, he’s only in his 3rd year. If Thompson is indeed healthy and ready to play, this is yet another in a growing list of perplexing roster decisions that Steve Keim and Steve Wilks have made over the past 5-6 weeks. Potential player milestones this week: (1) Josh Rosen could become the 1st Cardinals’ rookie QB to win back-to-back road games since Neil Lomax in 1981. Speaking of which—-in my eyes, Rosen is the best pure passer on the Cardinals since Lomax (his throws were a work of art); (2) With a TD catch at U.S. Bank Stadium, it would be the 27th venue in which Fitz has caught a TD pass; (3) With 6 catches, rookie WR Christian Kirk could join Anquan Boldin (39 in 2003), Gern Nagler (29 in 1953) and Larry Fitzgerald (26 in 2004) on the Cardinals’ all-time list for 25or more receptions by a rookie WR in 6 games. Memory Lane: Man, how excited i was to watch this playoff game, Cardinals vs. Vikings in snowy Minnesota on December 21, 1974. Fast forward to the 2:45—-2: 57 mark to see the Cardinals’ take the 1st quarter lead on a 13 yard TD pass from Jim Hart to Earl Thomas. The Cardinals lost the game 30-14—-it was 7-7 at the half, yet they were outscored 16-0 in the 3rd quarter. But, the Cardinals of the mid 70s were fun to watch!

 For the first time this season Youth Budda Baker Jersey , the Cardinals philosophy of don’t let the offense screw it up, worked as the Cardinals won 28-18.The first offensive play of the game made you excited, but the rest of the game was just depressing offensively.Josh Rosen connected with Christian Kirk on a 75-yard touchdown pass to open up the game, and the Cardinals finished with only 223 yards of offense against a 49ers team that was 27th in points per game and 19th in yards per game.That doesn’t mean much against this Cardinals offense, who is unequivocally and undoubtedly the worst in the NFL at this juncture.The fast start on offense was matched by an equally impressive first half on defense, as the Cardinals would force two turnovers, one that setup the Cardinals second touchdown, a two-yard David Johnson run.It was the dreaded second half that hurt the Arizona Cardinals again on offense, as the team produced a measly 77 yards of offense.It caused the defense to play an ungodly amount in the second half, playing over 20 minutes of defense in the second half alone, as the offense had the ball for only seven minutes and 44 seconds.That’s what happens when your offense can’t stay on the field or sustain drives.However, it didn’t matter, because the Cardinals defense made play after play in this game.The Cardinals forced five turnovers, while Josh Rosen, who struggled today Cheap Christian Kirk Jersey , managed to protect the ball and not turn it over, which allowed the defense to play from ahead and it helped.Tre Boston started the day with an interception, Chandler Jones had a sack, fumble recovery, Patrick Peterson recovered a fumble, returned it inside the five, Haason Reddick had a strip sack that Josh Bynes returned for a touchdown and Been Benwikere finished off the day with an interception with a long return that setup the Cardinals fourth and final touchdown if the day, a David Johnson eight-yard run.It was what Steve Wilks has been waiting for and what he needed, as the Cardinals are on the board in the win column.The offense still was not good, but it was good enough for this week.Bird Droppings: Arizona Cardinals injury report, Vikings missing starting offensive lineman, Cardinals get new naming rights and more Happy Thursday one and all.We are getting closer and closer to the Arizona Cardinals first early start of the NFL season, which means an early morning for us Cardinals fans.Also, there is NFL football tonight, which is always a good thing.The Arizona Cardinals made a small announcement on Wednesday Youth Robert Nkemdiche Jersey , the first injury report of the week is out for both the Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings.All of that and more in the Cardinals daily links.Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Center New Name For Tempe FacilityTeam gets partner for naming rights to practice spaceJosh Rosen Welcomes Hostile Road EnvironmentNotes: Recovery time; Johnson trade rumorsFirst Things First For First-Round Picks Like Haason ReddickLinebacker among those trying to live up to draft statusDefensive Player Of The Week - Chandler JonesCardinals Announce 'Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Center'Team President Michael Bidwill announces a partnership with Dignity Health to rename the Tempe training facility 'Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Facility'.Rosen - 'Locked In And Staying Focused'QB Josh Rosen talks to the media after Wednesday's practice.Wilks - 'Winning Cures All'Head Coach Steve Wilks talks to the media about Sunday's victory and their next game against the Vikings.Johnson Anticipating An 'Exotic' Vikings' DefenseRB David Johnson talks Cardinals' run game and what he is expecting to see from the Vikings' defense.Cards Daily - Make No MistakePaul Calvisi brings you the latest news and notes as the team begins their prep for this Sunday's game against the Vikings.Josh Rosen a favorite among teammates, who say 'he's not weird' - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPNCardinals players have quickly warmed to Josh Rosen's character, intelligence and personality.Doug & Wolf Week 6 power poll: Saints rise after Drew Brees' historic nightThanks to Drew Brees taking over first place in NFL career passing yards, the New Orleans Saints go marching up the rankings in all three Week 6 power polls for the Doug & Wolf show.Cardinals re-sign CB Deatrick Nichols to practice squadThe Arizona Cardinals added cornerback Deatrick Nichols to their practice squad on Wednesday, two days after they waived him from the 53-man roster to sign veteran receiver Kendall Wright.Arizona Cardinals rename training facility in TempeThe Cardinals announced on Wednesday that it is partnering with Dignity Health on a naming rights commitment to re-brand the facility as the Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Center.Cardinals' Josh Rosen finds rowdy crowds fun with visit to Vikings on deckJosh Rosen has a history of inciting and enjoying raucous opposing fans dating back to the Arizona Cardinals rookie's time with UCLA.Chandler Jones named NFC Defensive Player of the WeekHe had six tackles, two for a loss, two passes defensed, a sack, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in the Cardinals' win over the 49ers.CB Deatrick Nichols signs with Arizona Cardinals practice squadHe had been released from the 53-man roster to make room for WR Kendall Wright.Arizona Cardinals get naming rights deal for team facilityIt will now be known as the Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Facility.AZ Cardinals Week 6 injury report: 7 players out, 6 limited in practiceCheck out the first injury report of the week for the Cardinals as they prepare for the Vikings.Minnesota Vikings injury report: Riley Reiff DNP, Dalvin Cook limitedCheck out the first injury report of the week for the Cardinals' Week 6 opponent, the Minnesota Vikings.

 Packers Can you imagine what this defense will look like when/if Khalil Mack returns? The Raiders had 5 sacks in their 13-6 win over Green Bay last night Womens Derek Carrier Jersey , and they were dominating the line of scrimmage all night. The Packers did not play any of their starting offensive line is of note, but even with that caveat it was still an awesome night for getting after the quarterback.The two players that stood out the most were once again Shilique Calhoun and Fadol Brown, with Brown looking especially powerful and hard to contain. Seriously, that man is huge. Brown seemed to shove whoever was blocking him back with ease, and we are talking about 300lb NFL offensive linemen. Calhoun also looked the part with his consistency in getting into the backfield.Another defensive player who made a big impact even though he didn’t get any stats attributed to him was Arden Key. This was his first truly extended action in the preseason and he looked every bit as beastly as the reports throughout camp described him to be. He commanded attention whenever he was in the game, you could tell the Packers specifically did not want Key to wreak havoc in the backfield. He didn’t manage to get any sacks on his own, but his impact was still felt and it’s exciting to think of what he is going to be able to do opposite Khalil Mack this season.The Packers offense, even with just back ups playing, is not one to easily dominate. Keeping them to only scoring 6 points is a huge achievement and there is a lot of credit to go around. The secondary kept the Packers young receivers in check all night minus a couple of big plays from J’Mon Moore and Geronimo Allison, Green Bay didn’t even get over 200 yards passing. That’s incredibly impressive when considering the Packers scored 31 points in the first preseason game against the Titans and a whopping 51 points last week against the Steelers.Sadly, the Raiders own back ups didn’t fair much better against the Packers talented young cornerbacks. You know it’s bad when the coach won’t even say whether he feels the back up QB for the team is even on the roster right now. Honestly, I hope not because if Carr were to be lost for an extended period of time it’d be awful to watch these versions of Connor Cook and E.J. Manuel try to lead the Raiders.Cook looked especially bad going just 6 of 15 for 72 yards with an interception, and he would have had a 2nd interception that would have been returned for a touchdown if not for a defensive holding on the other side of the field. After he looked so promising the first preseason game it is very disappointing to see Cook revert to a gunshy QB who looked rattled much of the game while missing open receivers regularly.As for Manuel Womens Kolton Miller Jersey , he looked better than Cook but his fumbling issues this preseason are completely dooming him from being relied on. You can not have a QB that likes to run when under pressure that can not hold on to the damn ball. It’s not a good combination, and once again ball security reared it’s ugly head when Manuel decided to scramble in this one. He actually finished 8 of 12 passing for 87 yards which are not bad numbers, but he failed the eye test when he fumbled again which he has done in each preseason game.Chris Warren III had another nice game, though he came back to earth a little with his 3.6ypc average. He still ran hard on his 15 carries for 54 yards and his game winning touchdown run highlight his power again when he ran over a would be tackler for the score. The Raiders would be foolish to let him go even if his blocking still leaves a lot to be desired, and the fan base would be furious if they did cut him during roster cuts because there is no way he’d make it to the practice squad.We also had a Doug Martin sighting finally with the veteran running back running for 24 yards on his 6 carries of the night. There has been a lot of complaining about Martin’s lack of playing time but he showed why the coaches feel like his spot is secure even without seeing him in game action. He looked good in his limited opportunities and should have Raider Nation excited for the possibility of getting the Doug Martin who has had over 1,600 yard seasons twice in his career.The last player who deserves a shoutout is rookie punter Johnny Townsend. He had been a little off his first two preseason games but he showed he was an NFL punter last night against the Packers. He ended up average 37 yards a punt but that was mostly from the field position from where he was punting from that caused the lower average. He had a 54 yard booming punt and one of his 5 punts landed inside the 20, another punt bounced sideways near the goal line but ended up bouncing in the end zone for a touchback. It was a solid day for the rookie punter.All in all this was a great defensive game for the Raiders, even though it showed they really need to look into other options at back up QB. For those of you shouting about Teddy Bridgewater, just stop. Yes, he would be amazing to get but the Jets need a solid back up too and won’t be giving up Bridgewater for anything relatively affordable. We will have to see who else comes available, because the only teams that will give up enough to get Bridgewater are ones that will be considering using him as a possible starter.We have just one last preseason game to go before the regular season starts people, in just two weeks time the games are going to start counting for real. The Raiders last preseason game is against the Seattle Seahawks who have the Raiders former defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr on their sidelines so it should be a great test to finish the preseason. Once that game is over it will be time for the roster cuts, oh to be a fly on that wall. After nine seasons without competition in the broadcast booth Youth Justin Ellis Jersey , Jon Gruden needed only a few plays of the exhibition season to get his old sideline persona back.A holding call that wiped out a touchdown brought out the temper that earned Gruden a nickname from the slasher movie "Child's Play" during his first stint as coach in Oakland."Chucky came out for a brief moment right there," Gruden said.It was a moment Raiders fans had been waiting for ever since Gruden was traded to Tampa Bay following the 2001 season. Oakland lost the Super Bowl to Gruden and the Buccaneers the following year and managed just one more winning record since.The good will might have ended when the Raiders traded their best player before the start of the season, dealing elite pass rusher Khalil Mack to Chicago for a package that includes two first-round picks.Owner Mark Davis had been recruiting Gruden since he took over the franchise following the death of his father, Al, in 2011, and finally got his man this past offseason with a $100 million, 10-year contract to replace Jack Del Rio following a 6-10 season."It's an honor to be back here and it's a great story, but I also just want to do everything I can to try to help this team win again," Gruden said. "I love the Raider fans, I love Oakland, and that's the primary reason why I'm standing here."The love is mutual, as evidenced by the hundreds of fans who showed up at a preseason party hosted by Gruden at a local sports bar, and the excited crowds at the exhibition games.But for all the nostalgia and Gruden's talk of bringing the game back to 1998 when Al Davis first hired him as a head coach Womens Jordy Nelson Jersey , Gruden will need to show his style has adapted since he last coached in Tampa Bay in 2008.He has won over his players with his passion, knowledge and attention to detail, but none of that will matter without results on the field."What you see is what you get. Rah-rah guy," edge rusher Bruce Irvin said. "I've never seen a person's face stay red for seven periods at practice. The whole practice he is just red. He's a great motivator."Here are some other things to watch:MISSING MACK: Mack held out for the entire offseason and training camp while seeking a long-term contract that came after he was traded to the Bears. His absence leaves a big void. He won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2016 and leads the NFL in QB pressures with 185 1-2 since entering the league, according to SportRadar. Oakland's defense struggled the past few years even with Mack on the field. Gruden and new coordinator Paul Guenther will now need rookie Arden Key and veteran Bruce Irvin to make up for the loss.DRIVE THE CARR: QB Derek Carr went from MVP candidate during a 12-win 2016 campaign to a struggling young passer a year ago as he dealt with an early-season back injury and suspect play from his receivers. Much has been made of how Carr will mesh with Gruden's hard-driving personality, but the early signs are the two are hitting it off. Whether that leads to improved play remains to be seen. Carr will likely take more snaps under center in Gruden's offense than he has in the past, but also will have more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage."He has a photographic memory. It comes so easy to him," Gruden said. "He's got the offense mastered more than I do, that's for sure."INSIDE PUSH: The Raiders struggled to generate consistent pass pressure the past few seasons even with Mack and Irvin on the outside because of a lack of an inside rush. That's why Oakland used two draft picks to upgrade that spot by selecting P.J. Hall in the second round and Maurice Hurst in the fifth. Hurst had been projected as a first-round pick before being sent home from the combine with a heart issue that the Raiders say is not a concern. Hall and Hurst have shined in the preseason and figure to provide a big boost to the defense.POUND THE ROCK: Gruden has stressed a power-running game since getting hired in January and has the pieces in place to make it work. Oakland has a stout interior of the offensive line with center Rodney Hudson and guards Kelechi Osemele and Gabe Jackson. Marshawn Lynch played well in the second half of last season after coming out of retirement and looks even faster this year. Blocking tight end Lee Smith and fullback Keith Smith provide more support. Gruden hopes Doug Martin can regain the form that helped him run for more than 1,400 yards in 2012 and '15.COVER IT UP: The Raiders have been rotating through cornerbacks ever since Reggie McKenzie became GM in 2012. They hoped they solidified one of those spots last year when they drafted Gareon Conley in the first round, but he played only two games because of injuries. Conley looks healthy now and could be part of the most talented group of cornerbacks Oakland has had in years with free agents Rashaan Melvin, Leon Hall and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie also in the mix.

 After Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams , the NFL doesn’t think much of Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders. The 33-13 score indicates one of the best teams in the NFL blew out one of the worst. But if you saw the game, it was more of a sudden collapse by one of the least likely players the Raiders could get that from. The Raiders are now rebuilding on defense so Gruden planned to control and win the game on offense. The offensive game plan was flawless with a mixture of runs to running back Marshawn Lynch and passes to tight end Jared Cook. And Carr executed it well, completing 20-24 passes for 199 yards and what should have been a touchdown in the first half.But Carr, who has thrown so many dimes in the red zone over his career, started his collapse at the end of the first half in the red zone Monday night. With 4:51 left in the half, moving the ball at will and on the Rams’ 21 yard line, he threw the ball woefully short and it was picked off. The momentum would have been with the Raiders and they might have made a stop had they scored a TD but the Rams rode the momentum to a field goal, making the score 13-10. The halftime score could very well have been 20-7 instead of 13-10.The defense that just lost super-duper star edge rusher Khalil Mack wasn’t too bad at the time either. Then came the second half and the Rams cashed in their first drive of the second half with a field goal to tie the game. The Raiders then went three and out with Carr getting sacked on his own 13 yard line and punter Johnny Townsend picks a bad time for a 35-yard punt. So the Rams take advantage of the short field and go up 20-13.A little later, down 23-13, Carr seemed to be pulling himself back together and completed a 32-yard pass to Cook to get the Raiders to the Rams 40. Then Carr inexplicably threw floatertoward his left sideline that was picked off. The Rams then turned that into a field goal and the score was 26-13. Then of course, there’s the pick-6 Carr threw the next time he had the ball to make the score 33-13. Everyone around the league is talking about how bad the Raiders are but they were in the game against one of the best teams in the NFL on paper. The Rams may be better but it wasn’t about the better pulling away in the second half after taking the Raiders’ best punch. The Raiders never had a problem moving the ball on offense and even without Mack Gabe Jackson Jersey , the defense was pretty good until they had to go back and defend short fields on no rest due to the turnovers. Carr actually picked the best defense the Raiders will face this year apart when he didn’t turn the ball over, going 29-40 for 303 yards with no TDs and three picks, including a pick-6. If not for a “bad throw”, “bad decision” and “miscommunication”, the NFL would be saying great things about the Carr and Raiders. Monday night’s collapse wasn’t even a case of the Rams making adjustments. They didn’t do much different in the second half than the first so Carr was not confused. “To be honest, we did some of the same stuff but we executed better in the first half. They tried to do some things a little bit different, but nothing that mattered,” Carr said after the game. “They tried to put different looks for the run game, different looks for the pass game, but nothing that we didn’t prepare for. Some of the things that we did are going to be overlooked by the bad stuff and it sucks. That’s tough. We did a lot of good things, the score doesn’t really dictate what the game was. It’s just a bad feeling. It just sucks Cheap Derek Carr Jersey , man.”It got ugly from the end of the first half to the end of the game and the final score was bad. But Raiders went toe to toe with one of the best teams in the NFL with Carr of all people giving it away. So there’s no reason for anyone to believe they are that bad of team. Gruden and Carr will learn from this and things will need to get better in a hurry.Yeah, like next week in Denver.Silver Mining 10/8: Raiders not good enough to overcome miscues against Chargers Raiders NewsRaiders not good enough to overcome own miscues again - Oakland Raiders Blog- ESPNThe Raiders fell to 1-4 with a poor showing against the Chargers in which they gave up big plays and looked off kilter in the red zone.Raiders bypass Marshawn Lynch at the 1, suffer same fate as SeahawksOn Sunday, the Oakland Raiders found themselves in that exact situation as the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. They didn't learn from it.Raiders report card: Grading offense, defense in 26-10 loss to ChargersThe Raiders weren't able to overcome critical mistakes, fell to 1-4 on the season, and didn't pick up many passing grades against the Chargers.Raiders week five report card vs Chargers - Silver And Black PrideA week after a 45 point explosion and first win of the season, the Raiders had their worst performance of the year in a 26-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.The Raiders didn’t need to worry...Raiders 'pressing a little bit' after falling to 1-4 with loss to Chargers | NBCS Bay AreaThe Raiders were run out of Los Angeles, after the Chargers handed the Silver and Black their fourth loss in five games.Oakland Raiders | Marshawn Lynch | Derek Carr | The Fresno BeeThe Oakland Raiders dropped to 1-4 after a 26-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018.AFC West'Pissed off' Derek Wolfe sounds off after Broncos' third-straight loss: 'Same s--- every week' - CBSSports.comThe Broncos are reeling after three straight lossesFrustrated Broncos players tired of losing as skid reaches threeFor a Broncos locker room full of players who lived through last season's eight-game losing streak on the way to a 5-11 finish Rodney Hudson Jersey , there is an air of desperation and frustration, and more than a few questions.Los Angeles Chargers: Team could be primed to go on winning streakThe Los Angeles Chargers improved their win-loss record to 3-2 following a 26-10 victory over the Los Angeles Raiders in Week 5.Austin Ekeler emerging as big-play threat for Chargers | The Modesto BeeAustin Ekeler emerging as a big-play threat in Chargers offense along with Melvin Gordon.Chiefs show that Patrick Mahomes doesn't always have to carry them - Kansas City Chiefs Blog- ESPNKansas City's explosive offense was contained, but the Chiefs found a different way to win, forcing five turnovers to improve to 5-0.Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs scorch Jaguars to stay unbeatenPatrick Mahomes wasn't perfect, but the Chiefs had more than enough to overwhelm the Jaguars and move to 5-0.Kansas City Chiefs beat Jacksonville Jaguars: 15 winners and 9 losers - Arrowhead PrideThe Chiefs came away victorious over the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. They are now 5-0.NFL NewsNFL - Biggest injuries of Week 5, prognosis for Week 6The latest on all the big injuries from our NFL Nation reporters, including the prognosis on each player for Week 6 and beyond.NFL Week 5 recap: The 11 best and 5 worst moments from Sunday - SBNation.comOdell Beckham and Patrick Mahomes were great. Mason Crosby and Blake Bortles were decidedly not.Steelers: Mike Tomlin slams the NFL’s roughing the passer rulesMike Tomlin was not happy after T.J. Watt was flagged for "roughing" Matt Ryan.NFL Week 5: 32 things we learned from all the gamesIt was a good week for rookie quarterbacks, and the NFL still has two unbeaten teams standing in the Rams and Chiefs.

 Twitter video Raiders NewsMarquette King released a short film dissing Jon Gruden moments after beating the Raiders - SBNation.comThis is the best weird thing of the NFL season so far. Raiders feeling 'sense of urgency ,' must find a way to finish out wins | NBCS Bay AreaIn both games this season, the Raiders have carried a lead into the locker room at halftime. And for the second consecutive game, they returned to the locker room with a loss.Raiders QB Derek Carr quiets doubts with historic accuracy vs. Broncos | NBCS Bay AreaRaiders QB Derek Carr shut down the questions surrounding his decision-making in a near-perfect performance against the Broncos.Report: Hell Yes, The Raiders Are Going To Give Jon Gruden More PowerThe Khalil Mack trade was, by all accounts, Jon Gruden’s show—with one report going so far as to claim McKenzie didn’t want to do it. Some free agency decisions were made without McKenzie having any input, according to that Yahoo report.0-2 crew: Raiders, Cards Cheap Jordy Nelson Jersey , Giants, Bills, Lions and TexansThe optimism of team owner Mark Davis and Gruden in turning this thing around quickly has already arrived at a must-win week.Raiders vs. Broncos: 4 Winners, 4 Losers - Silver And Black PrideWhile it sucks that the Raiders didn’t win this game, it’s difficult for even the best teams to come away with a victory in Denver, where the Broncos enjoy an overwhelming home field advantage.AFC WestKansas City Chiefs beat Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 winners and 6 losers - Arrowhead PrideThere were a lot of winners for the Chiefs on Sunday.Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes throws six TDs vs. Steelers, sets record | SI.comChiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is off to the hottest starts to a season in NFL history.Gordon Scores 3 TDs In Chargers’ 31-20 Win Over Bills 芦 CBS Los AngelesMelvin Gordon scored on three consecutive drives in helping the Chargers build a 28-3 lead with 1:55 left in the second quarter.Melvin Gordon has 2nd most touchdowns in NFL since 2016 | Chargers WireGordon has helped carry the Chargers red zone offense early onDenver Broncos: Some really crazy things happened in week twoThe Denver Broncos moved to 2-0 on the season with a 20-19 victory over the Oakland Raiders at home. Some crazy things happened in this game.Broncos are 2-0, but high-powered opponents will be a big defensive challenge - Denver Broncos Blog- ESPNDerek Carr picked apart Denver's defense Cheap Derek Carrier Jersey , even in the loss. With the Rams and Chiefs, among others, coming, Broncos need to find secondary answers.NFL NewsAfter two ties in two weeks, it's time for the NFL to consider college overtime rules - CBSSports.comNobody likes a tie, especially when it comes against a hated rivalWhat We Learned in N.F.L. Week 2 - The New York TimesThe Jaguars handled the Patriots easily while the Vikings and Packers scrapped to a tie in a wild N.F.C. North showdown.NFL Panic Meter: Giants, Bills, Cardinals should be concerned | SI.comTwo games isn’t a huge sample size Cheap Gareon Conley Jersey , but a handful of NFL teams should already be hitting the panic button.NFL Week 2: 32 things we learned from all the gamesRyan Fitzpatrick and Patrick Mahomes are off to sizzling starts, but the NFL's 0-2 teams are in trouble. Monday, just hours after the team traded Amari Cooper to Dallas, they sent another of their top offensive weapons away. The team has officially placed Marshawn Lynch on injured reserve, mostly likely ending his 2018 season and perhaps more than that.Marshawn suffered a groin injury in the team’s loss to the Seahawks in London last Sunday. After the game, Jon Gruden said they were concerned about the groin and a few days ago it was said that he would miss a month. Now he will miss at least eight weeks and perhaps the entire season.Lynch will be eligible to return for the final two games of the season should he be healthy and wish to suit up again this season. In what is looking like a lost season after a 1-5 season and the team purging itself of talented players, a return would likely be just for the pageantry of it.The 32-year-old back is in the final year of a two-year deal he signed with the Raiders prior to last season after coming out of retirement. He has looked really good this season, putting up 376 yards and 3 touchdowns while averaging 4.2 yards per carry. He was on pace to have a 1000-yard season Youth Donald Penn Jersey , making it disappointing to see it end this way.He will be 33 next April. He came back to play for his hometown Raiders, which would suggest that would be the only team he’d be unlikely to want to sign anywhere else once his deal is up. So, barring a ceremonial return late this season to say a proper farewell to the fans in Oakland, he may have played his last game as an NFL player.Follow @LeviDamien

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