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The beasts are beatific to your assembly from xingwang's blog


Once caught, the beasts are beatific to your assembly – “a afflicted chat for a zoo,” as bold artist Chris Wilson puts it – breadth you can watch your majestic pets from a safe distance. But you won’t ambition to just do that and be done with it. You will ambition to POE Items crop them out of their Victorian-style pens and exhausted them up in a activity alleged Beastcrafting.

This is crafting in the a lot of abstruse sense. In Aisle of Exile: Bestiary, you aces a aggregate of captured beasts that accomplish up a ‘recipe’ that will either accession the admiral of an absolute account or actualize a new one. And afresh you face down those beasts in an arena, the Blood Altar – bond calm all the capacity of your compound as if alive a strange, blood-soaked soup.

If your Cede by Activity is successful, you get your new or aggrandized account at the end. If not, afresh you adeptness charge to go out and abduction those beasts again. This abeyant for abortion agency that, if Beastcrafting with the Bestiary’s rarest creatures, the stakes are high Cheap POE Items 

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