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The sex toy industry is booming around the world. The use of such accessories is no longer something to be ashamed of, and more and more men and women are discovering the joys of intimate games with additional sources of pleasure.

This class of toys, such as sex dolls, is still inferior in popularity to dildos or masturbators, but there is also a demand for such piquant things. The main thing is to choose the right Starpery dolls for fun and not fall for a cheap craft, suitable only for filming a funny music video for a home punk band.

Man or woman

Traditionally it is believed that a sex doll is an artificial woman. But in the modern market of sex products there are also models for women and even “transsexual dolls” with female and male genitals.

If the doll is needed exclusively for male needs, then it may have three working holes. Moreover, modern models may have the ability to insert removable sleeves with different internal relief or even full-fledged masturbators from well-known brands into these holes. This opens up a wide scope for imagination, and the sensations received from an artificial lover can be different each time.

“Female” sex dolls often come with a removable dildo, so you can discover a lot of new things when using these toys. For example, a regular dildo can be replaced with a vibrator or pulsator, replaced with a popular model of a rabbit vibrator, or something even more interesting.

Types of sex dolls

Still imagine a sex doll as a lewd-looking inflatable woman that bears a very vague resemblance to the real thing? You are very behind the times; the modern sex industry may surprise you. Now there are three main types of dolls:

Inflatable.  Those same “inflatable women” who have long become characters in jokes. The cheapest, the simplest, but do not underestimate them, such models also have their advantages. Firstly, an inflatable doll is very convenient to store; when deflated, it takes up very little space. Secondly, it can even be used outside the home by putting it in a backpack or suitcase. However, in such cases, get ready for awkward questions at customs. The disadvantages include a not very realistic look and not the most realistic feeling. Some inflatable models are equipped with silicone breasts and special cyberskin inserts, which makes the sensations more realistic during use. Such dolls have only one pose - that intended by the manufacturer.

Silicone.  Here both the quality and realism are higher. You can’t hide a silicone doll in a closet or put it in a suitcase, but the sensations from sex with it will be much more pleasant than from caresses with an inflatable toy. Moreover, such models can be equipped with various interesting additional functions, for example, vibration or a speaker that will pronounce stored phrases. An excellent option for home use, but a poor option for compact storage and travel.

Animatronic.  The elite segment, sex dolls from which cannot be purchased in every store. Often such models are made to order, and they are very expensive. The animatronic sex doll can blink, imitate breathing, respond to touch and voice, and can be placed in different positions. An option for aesthetes who need the most realistic artificial lover.

Dolls of the first and second groups are available for mass sale, and the choice here is between price and realism. There are also miniature sex dolls. These are, rather, masturbators that look like a human figure, and they differ from a full-fledged sex doll in their smaller dimensions. Sometimes it can be even more convenient than a doll.

Another compromise option is torsos, torsos and other sex toys in the form of body parts. In size, they often copy real proportions, and they are much more convenient to store than full-size dolls.

Selection options

If you decide to buy a sex doll, then you need to approach this moment with all possible responsibility. The cheapest and hastily chosen model may not bring pleasure, but, on the contrary, bring a lot of problems.

Before purchasing, pay attention to the following parameters:

Material safety.  The main criterion by which you need to choose sex dolls. Its material will come into contact with the most intimate areas of your body, so it should not contain harmful components or cause allergies. Medical silicone or cyberskin are usually tested for safety in laboratory tests, but the safety of plastic or rubber may raise questions. If you are not sure about the safety of a particular material, then read reviews on specialized forums and websites.

Appearance.  The second important parameter, because if a sex doll looks more like a scarecrow than a living woman, then to get pleasure with her you will have to close your eyes and use your imagination to the fullest. Don't let the toy's packaging fool you; often the photograph on it bears little resemblance to the contents of the box. Always look for photos of the toy unpackaged and completely ready to use.

Quality.  The sex toy should not have uneven seams, and there should be no traces of paint or glue on the surface. Pay attention to the products of well-known companies specializing in the manufacture of sex toys; fortunately, there are many of these on the market now.

Functions.  These could be replaceable parts, vibration, a speaker, or even control from a smartphone. The more functions, the more expensive the doll, but the more interesting it is to use.

Well-known manufacturers even equip their models with the voices of famous porn actresses or make genitals for dolls in the image and likeness of real ones. So, if you have long dreamed of having sex with a particular actress, then this could be your chance. And if you also purchase a virtual reality device for watching porn videos along with the doll, then your intimate life will definitely sparkle with new colors.

How to use a sex doll

The doll is not a living woman, and therefore has no natural lubrication. Therefore, for comfortable use you definitely need a lubricant. Keep in mind that not all types of lubricants can be used on all materials. So, only water-based lubricants can be used with silicone toys.

After each use, the doll, especially its working parts, must be thoroughly washed. To do this, it is better to take specialized antibacterial products for sex toys, which are sold in specialized stores. Cleaning with regular soap or alcohol-containing products may damage the material.

There are special powders for storing sex toys, including dolls. They absorb moisture, keep materials elastic and attractive in appearance and touch.

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