How to obtain Israeli citizenship 2024 without a family link: instructions from milaeryomina's blog


Many people think that Israeli citizenship can only be obtained if you have Jewish roots. For example, grandmother or mother are Jewish.

However, an Israel passport can be issued without reference to nationality or religion. How to obtain Israeli citizenship 2024 - read the material.

How to get a Jewish passport

There are the following ways to obtain citizenship:

  • repatriation (if the grandfather or grandmother up to the second generation are Jews);
  • if you lived on the territory of the state before its formation (i.e. you must be over 70 years old);
  • through birth (if the father or mother is Israeli);
  • naturalization (if you live for more than three years and have grounds for this);
  • through adoption (if you are a minor and you were adopted by a Jew);
  • marriage to a citizen of the country;
  • having accepted faith.

How to obtain Israeli citizenship if you have no Jewish relatives

The best way out is to go for naturalization. To do this, you need to meet the following points:

  • reach adulthood;
  • You must live in this country for at least three years;
  • have a job in Israel, a legal source of income;
  • It’s better to have your own home (optional);
  • know Hebrew at a high level, that is, speak fluently.

How to obtain Jewish citizenship through marriage

If you married a Jew (married a Jewish woman) even outside of Israel, this may be grounds for obtaining a passport. However, this situation is difficult in bureaucratic terms. In addition to a number of various documents, you will have to conduct this business for several years. First of all you need:

  • obtain a B1 work visa;
  • in six months, come for an interview to get a temporary resident certificate;
  • update it annually;
  • after three to four years, submit documents for citizenship (application, residence permit, Ukrainian passport, passport of the husband (wife) who is an Israeli citizen, marriage certificate, photo and video of your couple to prove that the marriage is real ).

How to obtain Israeli citizenship by converting to Judaism

You can obtain citizenship or a residence permit in Israel by converting to Judaism (converting to Giyura). However, this is one of the most difficult ways. You need to prove that you truly believe and respect Judaism.

To do this, you need to find a mentor (rabbi) who will teach you the commandments and Torah. After you have this knowledge, the rabbi must submit recommendations to the rabbinate (so that you undergo conversion).

This will be followed by a difficult examination process. Therefore, you should set aside approximately a year to study more than 600 commandments and understand the Torah.

In addition, you must prove that your faith is sincere so that the rabbis and the Jewish community can believe it. After this there will be a second meeting at which you need to prove that you live and will continue to live according to the rules of the Jewish community.

Then - a meeting of the rabbinical court, where three rabbis will be questioned for a long time on religious issues. Already a year after Conversion, you will be able to receive a certificate stating that you have entered Judaism.

By  law ,  the fastest way to obtain Israeli citizenship is to be Jewish. Real Jews are considered to be those people whose mother, grandmother or great-grandmother has Jewish roots. In addition, children and spouses of Jews can also return to Israel.

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