How to Align the Tool Rack on a ZEISS CMM Using the VAST XXT Sensor is a Step-by-Step Tutorial from Hazel's blog






In order to get started, you are going to need something. A primary probe of some kind is included in each and every one of the machines.



A red circle has been painted around the stylus on the main probe that you are using, and there are typically red paint spots on the side of the adapter board that houses the main probe. You are going to initiate this process by giving a name to the stylus system that you are going to produce with the help of the primary probe. For example, the first stylus in the probe system ought to have angles of ninety degrees and zero degrees as the defining parameters of its position on the probe. Make sure that the stylus system that you develop is active, cmm inspection services and after that, begin a new measurement plan (also referred to as a program) without first setting the reference alignment or any gap plane. Because your probe frame will be related to the machine coordinates, and because you cannot set the reference alignment and gap plane when beginning a new measurement plan, you will need to make sure that the stylus cmm inspection services that you create is active. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the machine coordinates are being used as the reference for your probe frame. Following the conclusion of the eye qualification procedure, you have begun the process of putting the new measurement plan into action.



The following step in the process is to determine how long the probe needs to be in order for us to test the corner of the tool shelf. This is the next thing that needs to be done in the process. You are going to start by using the adapter plate, and you are going to start by probing the outer edge of the adapter plate. Be very careful not to touch or use the lug or the surface that is close to the adapter plate's center. Instead, you should use the adapter plate's outer edge to make contact with the corner of the tool changer.

It is the process of repeatedly taking a point at the same location as the ruby that determines the length of the stylus. The stylus will be raised after the tool changer's location has been determined with the help of the adapter. It is recommended that the length of the stylus be somewhere in the range of 35 to 36 millimeters in length. You can choose the holder that is located all the way to the left by using the left mouse button. It needs to be arranged in a green-colored alignment. If it is orange, Cmm services indicates that the tool holder has not been correctly aligned at any point. The following step is to either specify the position of the tool holder or the position of the tool holder, whichever comes first. One click is all that is required to move the holder into the desired position.

In a window, the coverage that is provided by the stylus system bracket will be displayed. If the bracket's Align setting has never been adjusted, the window will not be visible in the finished product. If there is not already a bracket in that location on your screen, it will create one for you. After clicking the button, you will immediately use the primary probe to locate a depression that is approximately 5 millimeters deep, and you will then proceed to add additional stylus  brackets.


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