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I have been asked by the beautiful people at Jo Divine to test a Bathmate Hydromax -- a penis pump used in water as opposed to the common air pump. I know that Jo Divine have shied away from promoting items such as these previously as they are often sold with dubious health claims of organ enlargement and many goods are even dangerous.

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I can't deny that, with never tried a product such as this before, I had been excited to understand precisely what I was going to be subjecting my body to. I wished to know precisely why I ought to utilize one, not being plagued with concerns about organ size or, mercifully, having suffered much from erectile dysfunction. Obviously, we all get tired or lack arousal from time to time!

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Jo Divine thoughtfully put me in contact Bathmate, who explained why utilizing a pump is such a favorable for penis health and why the Hydromax is indeed much better and healthier than the typical air compressors.

A Bathmate is employed in the bath (funnily enough). It can also be utilised in the shower or perhaps just by filling it with a sink. The water is what makes it unique -- it soaks, moisturizes and hydrates the penis tissue, but more importantly when you force water out of the Bathmate it generates an even strain throughout the penis. Some low quality air established pumps may create small hot-spots of stress which may lead to damage to the penis and may even worsen conditions like Peyronie's disease (curved penis). It is much more difficult to make a damaging pressure in a water heater too, but be sure to still observe the utmost usage instances.

Bathmate works when you push the water out of this tube by pushing down on the bellows. When you launch the bellows, blood is pushed to your penis from the own heart to counteract the change in pressure from the tube. This is a natural process and Bathmate works with your body to reduce pressure on your heart.

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A lot of individuals have bought the Bathmate to increase the size of their penises, but sadly the world wide web is full of false claims and counter-claims regarding the real efficacy of the treatment. It would seem sensible that using your Bathmate on a regular basis to fulfill your penis with a great deal of rich oxygenated blood might have a positive effect over time. You should also expect to use the pump on a regular basis, exactly like any exercise -- you don't get a body-builder's body simply by going to the gym once a week!

Bathmate inform me the real value of using the Bathmate Hydromax is enhanced penis health. Well, that's got to be worth an attempt hasn't it?

Alright, so here goes...

Most blogs start with the latest entry first, however as most readers of the blog will most likely be curious as to how matters (cough) develop, we will go in chronological order.

Alright, this is the embarrassing bit -- as we're talking about penis health, we have to talk size and have a baseline.

I've got a confession: I've got a huge penis. I'm not being big-headed, it's all natural -- I have never tried any expansion techniques. This site is about penis health, not size, however you're interested and Jo Divine gave me a free Bathmate X40, so that I can not complain about being asked.


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By Shirley Hildebrant
Added Dec 26 '18



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