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Presumably everyone thinks the doll is heavy when they bring home a milf sex doll, right? If it's a real person, you won't feel very heavy when the weight of 50kg is on you. However, when the doll's alloy bones have no support to share the weight, the weight of 30kg is completely on you, just like carrying a 70kg heavy items. So now the bones of dolls are generally alloy and stainless steel frames. If you replace the stainless steel pipes with carbon fiber bones, can you lose a large part of the weight? It has to be said that this assumption is indeed quite constructive. Although the price of carbon fiber materials is generally much lower than before, it depends on the comparison. If it's a high-end car, it's really a great thing to use some carbon fiber materials. And it will not raise the cost of the whole vehicle, but can improve the performance of the vehicle. However, it may not be so cost-effective to use on physical dolls, but it is worth discussing how to upgrade the bones of physical dolls.

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Why is there the idea of ​​transforming the bones of hentai sex doll? Let's move on. Next, let's talk about the joint turning points of the sex doll bones. As far as I know, most of the real doll skeleton pivots should be formed by a 360° hard friction pivot to form a joint. For example, an arm's alloy skeleton uses an elbow joint's pivot point and a shoulder joint's pivot point to coordinate the action. But the joints of human beings can not only move on a circular plane, they can also twist themselves.

So is this joint form of most lesbian sex doll manufacturers a bit inferior? But just like the toy models of the current two-dimensional animation, such as the well-known Gundam figures, the use of spherical joint parts achieves lifelike dynamic effects. So why don't major doll manufacturers use spherical joints? Imagine that if you use a carbon fiber skeleton and spherical joints, with these two changes, you can reduce the weight of the doll and enhance the mobility of the doll. Isn't it a good thing?

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There is a saying that the ideal is very plump, and the reality is very skinny. In addition to the price factor mentioned above, don't forget more important things, technical issues! technical problem! The biggest disadvantage of spherical joints is that they are easily damaged, and the advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. What is the main problem with spherical joints? The problem with it is that there are no high-strength and cheap materials to make, and the joints are particularly fragile. Let’s talk about carbon fiber materials again. Carbon fiber is fine as a skeleton, but it still hurts to make spherical joints. At present, there are many technical shackles that WM sex dolls need to break through, and the rash new technology will bring about unstable quality of a large number of products, and even high safety risks. We adhere to the principle of customer first, and only products that eliminate potential safety hazards can be listed on the market.

The above ideas are from the chat and interview of the workers and masters who have been on the production line during this period of time. After all, the masters have worked in the ZELEX doll industry for many years and have rich experience. I am full of imagination about the physical doll industry and have a deeper understanding of products like physical dolls, so I admire the masters to the ground. I hope that this newbie like me can learn from the experience of the old masters and bring you better adult dolls.

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