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I died 25 times without dropping all of the equipment from Megaomgchen's blog

I died 25 times without dropping all of the equipment I have earned for over the years learning a level 2500 boss with RS gold over 300k health, Araxxor. I have done more in this year that I have, finishing a boss's fall log along with crafting my own pair of degree 90 and such as my 99. Not only that, but I have heavily invested in storylines and most of the quests with characters both new and comfortable.

I adored OSRS before I began RS3 with fixed eoc. Now I cant live without battle. Also I feel like is gamers really like to party RS3 as"EZscape", I mean training abilities is pretty easy here, but OSRS has a easy battle with many flaws, biggest is pray flick, the elaborate pool and nexus, high lvl content which can be glitched and ppl get praised for it, no fantastic quest or loreline (I mean yes RS3 is old but 6 years couldnt provide 1 great pursuit imo), along with the biggest 07 flaw of all things is that there are robots then active players. RS3 has bots too yes but with a single bot nuke, OSRS would feel empty. I mean I like OSRS, and I too bashed RS3 some time, but after trying it, I realised there's so much more things to play professionally, and the very best thing about RS3 is the lore.

I have personally maxed my main before place was taken by eoc. I've played with OSRS on some reports but I keep coming back to RS3. Personally, I enjoy the RS3 battle system and I would stay with it to the prayers. I've also developed past clicking a monster and waiting for it to return. This has been one of my pet peeves with OSRS. I really don't despise OSRS. In the end it's just a game and their own. I like that people and 80k bots are having fun there. I've played OSRS several times and gotten firecape again, tried vorkath on my brothers' accounts (he was surprised I got down it first try) and imo it's too simple. I would play OSRS longer if I could log with the.

In case Jagex implemented a way that is easier to convert gp between matches I think OSRS would try. What puts many off is starting again and trust trades etc.. I enjoy as what RS3 could've been, see OSRS advancement. In terms of playing, osbuddy/runelite made it no oldscool and anyone not using in a disadvantage. RS3 players dislike OSRS are treated better than the game. OSRS has polls and buy OSRS gold jmods such as God ash. RS3 is the contrary and OSRS team know that. I play with RS3 down I know OSRS is better.

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