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Also important is that the OSRS gold from Rszou's blog


Also important is that the OSRS gold quality of the script your using. Paid programs are better as they have been discovered and banned more than the popular free ones. Last but not least is botting place. You will get banned, if your hitting cows in mining or lumby in varrock with 20 bots. Choose places, if they are instanced better. Bans will take place. Attempt to transfer your wealth from your bots to a mule on a normal basis. If your are only going for amounts avoiding botting your main is the safest bet.

An offline version of OSRS, however, a version

I believe that it would be a great idea to have another offline (that is vague you would still must login confirmation servers, but RuneScape itself would be local? Thus removing any lag). This offline version would be quite difficult, 50% buff maybe all critters? Character due to this ironms all characters being offline. Clearly you wouldnt need this to take away from the primary game and server hence the reason it should be a much harder gamemode and also the reason it needs to be offline because of lag. Do you believe it could work? Is there a requirement for this? (Like streaming doing the most difficult content?) What difficult features can be added?

It's a great idea that I've needed for years, I would kill to have an offline version of runescape, particularly one that also functions on mobile, so I could play it on the tube. If it existed it is all I'd ever play Cheap Runescape gold with lol. I pay a subscription fee for this tbh. However, it will likely never happen.I dont think an offline regular version would be good for RuneScape though. It would have to be a challenging experience to prevent everybody just jumping over to offline ironman. My point was the offline version would be a teir over ironman.

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