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Some robots can be used to keep both humans and animals safe, Robots can monitor Wildlife, A pet robot is a machine, This is not a big problem for people who can feel that machine is exactly the same as actual animal pets, Robots can keep animals healthy & safe, Robots can help humans complete myriad tasks, From robot surgeons to AI construction teams.

Robot animals

Zookeepers want to make sure animals aren’t put in stressful situations because of guests, To protect their health, zoo animals are not allowed to be exposed to constant human noise, which is difficult when the zoo is located in the heart of a city with cars driving by and continuous construction.

For a more advanced option in your fish tank, consider MOAI, a robot tool that cleans your tank while taking photos and automatically sending them to your phone. Although some professionals are developing robots that look like animals to interact with animals, other engineers are developing robots that look like animals because they’re inspired by their movement.

By sensing colors and movement, a robot could identify a ladybug and stop moving until the insect is out of its way, However, this doesn’t mean that all insects are spared, you can set the robot vacuum to suck up household pests and invasive species that cause harm.

You do not need to take pets for a walk. People do not have to spend time on cleaning, If pet grows up without disciplines, they may have to excrete on carpets and flooring, and it might cost you a cleaning fee or teach animals and it takes time, but it is attractive for people because there is no problem with that.

Robots are used to create better toys and treats for animals, A chewing robot helps pet food providers create treats, The robot mimics the chewing motions of a dog, helping companies develop chewable that clean pets’ teeth.

Exoskeletons robots can be divided into two categories which are exoskeletons for upper-limb for assisting shoulder flexion-extension movements, and exoskeletons for lumbar support for assisting manual lifting tasks, The exoskeleton robots support the shoulder, waist & thigh, it can assist the movement for lifting and holding heavy items while lowering back stress.

Exoskeletons robots

Powered exoskeletons can assist with heavy loads in the industrial setting and for specialized applications such as nuclear power plant maintenance, Exoskeletons robots are used to help firefighters and other rescue workers to climb stairs carrying heavy equipment and it can be examined for use in logistics.

Automated systems offer safety benefits to human workers. Robots can prevent injuries or adverse health effects resulting from working in hazardous conditions, Some examples are musculoskeletal disorders due to repetitive or awkward motions, or traumatic injuries (for example, in poultry processing, where cuts are common). Robots can prevent multiple hazards in emergency response situations such as chemical spills.

Workplace robotics safety

Poor workplace design & human error can cause most injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has investigated robot-related deaths and injuries, which can be reviewed at OSHA Accident Search page, Injuries and fatalities could increase over time because of the increasing number of collaborative and co-existing robots, powered exoskeletons, and autonomous vehicles into the work environment.

Robots are used in chemical industries, they are more flexible in working, they work without committing mistakes, they can be used in the chemical industry and they can deal with chemical spills in the nuclear plant, which would pose a major health concern, The human brain gets tired if it’s working continuously but robots can't get tired and they can work on certain tasks error-free.

Robots advantages

The human brain gets tired and requires rest, unlike robots, Robots work day in day out, without making any mistake which is the best thing about them. They work with a similar velocity the whole day and unlike human beings, their energy never fades away, The information and the ingredients slips have stuck by them on the products, the robots are more like the common labour as the robots work similarly as the labour does at the workplace.

Robots disadvantages

Robots can increase the unemployment rate, The poor get poorer and the owners get rich, The poor labours get no work to do, due to which they get poorer, On the other hand, the owners get the work in no time, with increased productivity and more efficiency, This makes them feather their own caps; making them richer day by day.

The cost of affording robots is very high, Financial budget increases than expected, Maintenance and installation cost is huge, The cost needed to train employees with robots, Robots can be a danger even, The labour is no longer needed, So, this is one of the drawbacks for the installation of the machines or the robots in the company, Robotsin the workplace can increase the unemployment rate.

Robots can do a great job within no time and at less cost, if you don't want to pay to the army of lawyers to have a look at the documents, the software can help in analyzing approximately 1.5 million documents that too for less than the cost otherwise incurred. If we think it from the viewpoint of legal staff, they get tired easily, get headaches and get easily bored of reviewing the documents on daily basis, but the computers neither get bored, tired or a headache.

Importance of Robots in the Workplace

So, these were the types of robots used in varied industries, The robots are used in companies and other fields, Without robots, the work may get a slow pace but would certainly not come to a standstill as without them also, the work was being done in the past decades.

Robots can be used in the field of the military, Although the soldiers are not replaced with Robots, Drones and other machines are used to combat the missions, One of the best examples is MAARS Robots, Robotswere equipped with the GPS monitor which can be programmed to look at the fire and no-fire zones, also to open the doors and to bring out the human bodies, So, Robotsare used in the war zone in an efficient manner.

Source: Robot animals, Pet robots, Fish robots & Robotic cameras for wildlife observation

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