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Am I Going to Affect People or Am I Going to Infect People? from Aaliawilliam's blog


By now I am sure we have all heard the saying, "Attitude isThe Light Code Review everything." Does your attitude affect the people around you? Or, does it infect them? All of us have worked with someone, went to school, church, or even lived with people that make you feel better about yourself when you are around them. It is also true that we have been around people who did the exact opposite. Just being around them brought you down and their negative attitude infected you.

How about you? Do you affect people or infect people when they are around you?

My oldest son loves to annoy his younger siblings. Every opportunity he gets, if it is possible to ruffle their feathers, he is all over it. Even though he knows better, it is just something he seems to enjoy doing. You could say he infects his brothers and sister, so much so, that they put up resistance in his being involved in different activities that they are doing. You see, people who infect others, will eventually be outcast and avoided. What might seem funny in the moment, eventually will backfire and people will quickly want to spend less and less time around you.

On the other hand, when you affect people in a good way when they are around you, the opposite reaction occurs. Your friends and family will call you just to hear you voice. They will say things like, "I knew you would understand, just talking to you makes me feel better. I can always count on you!" When you enter into a room people can feel the energy that you are radiating, and they are attracted to you. Now I am not sure exactly how all that works, I just know it does!

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