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Does Brain Stimulation Really Increase the Rate of Decline for Alzheimer's? from Jessy's blog


 There are certain types of cancer that omega3 can  Cognitiva Review help against, namely colon, breast and prostate. The effectiveness against colon cancer was actually discovered when researchers where looking into the effect of the Eskimo diet and heart health. While they found that with taking a diet high in fatty fish the Eskimos had very little coronary disease, they also found there were very few cases of colon cancer either. The research into breast and prostate cancer is ongoing but early indications are very positive.

There are many more benefits to be had from taking omega3 tablets, and they include things such as being effective against diabetes, aiding fetal development, assisting with bowl conditions such as Crohn's disease and the list goes on. And while not everyone suffers from these conditions I am sure we all want to have a healthy heart, look after our brains and keep cancer at bay, and taking good quality omega3 tablets is probably our best chance of doing that.

The kidneys govern water by transforming and transporting fluids throughout the body.Frequent urination, excessive fluid, swollen limbs, urgency and diarrhoea can be traced back to kidney weakness. The kidneys control birth, growth, development and human reproduction. Kidney weakness is a big factor in infertility or underdevelopment. 

Also, having children weakens the kidneys, as does ejaculation in men. Excessive ejaculation diminishes the kidney essence. Problems with premature ejaculation and male and female infertility would involve kidney treatments. The kidneys control the two lower orifices - the anus and the urethra. Urinary leakage, incontinence, nocturnal emissions and prolapse of the anus can be caused by weak kidneys.

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