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The Shaman's Path from Hadriel's blog


Role of the Shaman

The Shaman's role is to communicate with the spirit world, givingManifestation Code System Review  respect to the spirit of the ancestors, as well as to live in harmony with nature. The ancestors are the spirits of the people who have gone before us. They have lived in this physical world and gained the knowledge and awareness that we are now here to learn before out turn to pass into the invisible realms. By tradition, Shamans study the ways of the animals that live in their lands. Animals are thought to have a purity of purpose that could help the humans to know much about their own spiritual potential. During trance states induced by meditation or sacred rituals, the Shaman contacts his or her power animal and travels with it through the inner planes. This animal spirit literally or symbolically gives the Shaman important insights into his or her own nature, the nature of the person seeking healing or counsel as well as the needs of the community.

Shamans have many different roles but all serve greater purposes in building bridges between the physical and non-physical worlds, serving the earth and humanity and touching the Divine so that healing may occur.

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