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Your Dentist Says Snoring Can Lead to Sleep Apnea from Aaliawilliam's blog


To know how your dentist can help eliminate snoring, Resurge Reviewyou have to know what causes it. Snoring is caused by air moving through and vibrating the soft tissues at the back of your throat. As you sleep, the airway is narrowed, and the velocity of the air moving through it is increased. The air can vibrate against your uvula, [the thing that hangs down at the back of your throat], and your soft palate. This produces noisy breathing, or snoring.

There are some factors that can make snoring worse. Alcohol or drug use can affect the way you sleep and decrease muscle tone at the back of the throat, which further narrows the air way, making snoring worse. Also, if you are overweight, your airway may be narrower. Snoring can also be triggered, new research shows, by a hidden food allergy.

A deviated septum, an abnormality in the shape of a nasal bone, can also make it more difficult for air to pass through the nose and air way resulting in snoring. Doing what you can on your own, such as attempting to lose weight and not consume drugs or alcohol just before sleep, can help to reduce snoring. Other ways to resolve some of these issues can be provided by your dentist.

Is snoring serious? It can be, and it can lead to serious conditions. Both socially and medically, it is in your best interest to do what you can to stop snoring.

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