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How Hypothyroidism Can Spoil Your Weight Loss Efforts from Hadriel's blog


Hypothyroidism is an imbalance of thyroid hormones which is caused byThyroid Rescue 911 Review   its deficiency. It can be generated due to several diseases like diabetes or lack of stimulation of pituitary gland. This disease can affect anyone, at any age, but women who have age of 35-60 are mainly affected by this. By this have a high risk period of infliction of hypothyroidism in health system of a woman.Millions of people are affected by hypothyroidism symptoms and is not getting anyway to get out of this disease. The most common symptoms are weight gain, infertility, dry flaky skin, constipation, intolerance of cold, brittle hard nails feeling of depression. The most critical form of hypothyroidism is known as myxedema which may turn into coma and ultimately cause death of a person.

It is not necessary that all patients will show the same problem and symptoms in the affected patients. In case of adults, the major symptoms seen are nervousness, insomnia, lack of concentration, enlarged eyes and undefined joint pains. The children and infants show symptoms of behavioral problem, dissatisfactory school performance and cols susceptibility. In seniors citizens the hypothyroidism symptoms may be failure of heart in case of heart patients, and weakness in muscles. Many hypothyroid patients struggle with an ability of weight gain. The main reason behind this is that people feel frequently tired and they do not have even time to exercise. This also coupled with the inability of the organs in the body to properly break down food components that result in increased of weight.

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