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What Really Are Moral Values Scientifically? from Aaliawilliam's blog


I present you the key which unlocks the doors to all of Thought Manifestation Reviewthese. And in this materialistic world, it won't cost you a single penny. These are the moral values, developed and maintained by your soul. I know that your obvious reaction would be like this,"Hey, what is he talking about? We don't believe in such mythological and atheistic words like 'soul'. We live in 21st century." I am aware that you don't believe in these, but you surely have faith in science.

Scientifically, values are the set of assumptions assumed automatically by our subconsciousness without our awareness, according to a branch of quantum mechanics. All your day-to-day chores are the result of your thoughts. And your thoughts are generated by your brain. They are rejected or accepted by your subconsciousness. The soul, or conscience in scientific terms, acts as a guide to the subconsciousness. Today's generation is a pampered one. Their parents fulfill their children's every demand without giving a thought about its result in the coming years. If they do wrong, their parents usually ignore it and their subconsciousness assumes it to be right. This is the start of suppression of your conscience. Gradually, your brain and conscience becomes so weak that your subconsciousness becomes a one man army and rejects or accepts thoughts as it wishes. Conscience is an advisor. It can give you advice, but you aren't bound to act accordingly. It is you who has to listen to your conscience. In order to do so, your brain has to be strong enough to be able to command your subconsciousness to obey your conscience. For this you need to prey and meditate.

I don't see God as The Gurus or Devs. But I see him as an inexhaustible source of energy, really. By prayer and meditation we can acquire the energy required to conquer our subconsciousness. There is no hard and fast rule to do meditation. Sit for 5 minutes in a dark room, close your eyes and think of what you have to do today. Try to listen to your conscience and command your subconsciousness to follow it. And your meditation is over. See, it is so simple. But it is the golden egg. If you want to act according to the mentioned steps, it is mandatory for you to practice meditation, otherwise you are free to waste your life in useless thoughts and actions.

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