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Symptom Assessment and Cause of Pornography from Hadriel's blog


For the person who is viewing pornography:

* Recognize that the person who is struggling with this issue will feel  Memory Plus Program Review    a great deal of shame and will be reluctant to speak about it. 

* It is important to communicate acceptance and a willingness to understand the struggle that has been occurring. 

* Approach the person with grace rather than judgment. Cite Romans 3:23, For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. 

* Be patient in encouraging the person to relate how the struggle began, how it progressed, and what is currently happening.

In the assessment process you need to evaluate the length of time the person has been involved in this activity and the extent of the involvement. (Is it daily or sporadic Is it reaching an addiction Is it affecting his/her work or home life) In addition, it is important to evaluate the degree to which the person feels sorrow and regret, and to test his willingness to change.

Q1. How long has this pattern been going on 

Q2. What prompted you to start 

Q3. When do you find you most often engage in viewing pornography (at night when stressed when you are on the computer and no one is around) 

Q4. What is it like to admit to this 

Q5. How do you think this is affecting your relationship with your spouse/ friends/family 

Q6. When do you find yourself most tempted 

Q7. Have you made any attempts to stop If so, how 

Q8. What are you willing to do about this 

Q9. How do you see God in your life right now

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