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What is a MiFi?, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, Mi-Fi devices advantages & disadvantages from Science Online's blog


The Mi-Fi device is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, otherwise known as a MiFi, It is very easy to operate, The MiFi offers an internal slot for the data SIM card, You can insert this SIM card yourself, You can contact the phone carrier that sold you the MiFi for further information, MiFi hotspot is allowing you to access the internet on your laptop.

Advantages of traveling with a MiFi

There is no USB Port, There is no Software Download, You can connect more than one device, MiFi devices offer high speed, Using a MiFi saves you having to find free or paid Wi-Fi everywhere you go, it can be more economical than paying for Wi-Fi access as you travel, or in places that typically charges high rates for Internet access, like hotels. Some travelers choose to increase the data allowance on their MiFi plan when they travel and then reduce it when they return home.

Once set up, its operation is generally very straightforward, For most modern MiFi devices, getting an Internet connection is as simple as turning the device on, While there are a lot of good reasons for traveling with a MiFi, there are also some drawbacks: MiFi devices have limited battery life, It comes with cost and risk of loss.

Source:What is a MiFi?, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, Mi-Fi devices advantages & disadvantages

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