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Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally - Herbs to Cure Hypertension from Hadriel's blog


1. Hawthorn is a herb that can cure your hypertension by strengthening your heart and relaxing your arteries. You should take 250 milligrams of hawthorn extract everyday until your high blood pressure is back down to a normal level.

2. Garlic can also help cure hypertension.  Blood Pressure Support Review You can either eat cloves of fresh garlic or take it in supplement form. Its best to eat two or three cloves a day. If you have trouble eating that much garlic take garlic supplements, follow the directions on the label.

3. Dandelion is another great herb. This herb can be used in place of the diuretics your doctors may prescribe. Dandelion is much better than pharmaceutical diuretics because it spares the potassium in your body. If you have a gallbladder disease you should not take dandelion without a doctor's consent.Along with taking herbs you should drink a lot of water everyday. The daily recommended amount is at least 15 glasses of water. Also add foods high in calcium in your diet. Avoid eating a lot of salt and try to stay stress free.

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