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A Salty Consideration from Aaliawilliam's blog


There is really quite a few things you can do to improve BPS 5 Review your diet, cut back on the calories (without sacrificing flavor), reduce the fat, reduce the salt, and omit all the bad things that immerse themselves in our meals. No one wants to sit through a boring, insipid dinner, lacking taste or imagination. But for many of us, there are so many restrictions on our foods, we wonder if we will ever enjoy a meal again.

Let's start with salt, as I hear so often that many people (myself included) must restrict their salt intake. I am addicted to many of the Food Network cooking shows. I just adore the chefs and salivate as they prepare these wonderful dishes, but also cringe as I watch them dumping salt by the handful into a lot of the dishes. (I love your recipes, Anne, but OMG, you use a lot of salt.)

Anyone who is struggling to maintain a reasonable number of their blood pressure, often hears that they MUST curb the amount of salt they use. All of us who have experienced high blood pressure should restrict our intake to 1500 - 2400 milligrams per day. That averages out to 2/3's to 1 teaspoon daily. Now that surely is not a lot of salt.

One of the things I find, is that if I omit adding salt when I'm cooking, and just do a sprinkling on top when I'm ready to eat, that it does reduce the amount of salt I eat, while still giving me that salty flavor I love. Now I do know this is contrary to what most of the chefs on TV will say, and I do admit that you will build more flavor if you salt each layer as you add it to the pot. BUT, we are talking about survival here, and making it as pleasant as possible.

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By Aaliawilliam
Added Jan 14



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