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Co-Operation or Competition? The Unique Nature of the True Champion from Aaliawilliam's blog


The spirit of evolution is one of competition, Subliminal Tracks Review quite literally (as Darwin so eloquently put it) 'survival of the fittest'. The dichotomy of co-operation and competition exists within us all. Sometimes, the victory of the individual over his peers also represents a net gain for society in the long term. So, as with many areas in Psychology and life, two opposites can be true at the same time. But where am I going with this?

Well to my mind at least, this means quite simply that those that are designed to co-operate should do just that and be proud of their behavior; conversely, those that are inclined to compete should also indulge themselves, because it also pushes us all forward. There is no need to feel guilty about this as long as you remember what Mr Lee said and keep your eye firmly on the responsibilities your competitive nature creates.

It has been my privilege in my career to know and work with many of these fierce competitors. People who appear to have an X-factor quality that cannot be learnt. This includes Sports People who have risen to be champions in their sport and Sales Professionals that don't just beat, but destroy their targets, every single month; plus, executives and coaches that can leave people breathless with their motivational skills. It has been my mission to carry the baton from great writers like Wallace D Wattles and Napoleon Hill (both of whom I recommend you look up) and conduct studies to see what it is that these high achievers have in common. One day, time allowing, I hope to be able to get all this written down into a single course. Until then, these studies (and personal experience) form a large part of my contribution to our courses here at ZEN.

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