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Hardware for OSRS gold employees applications from Rszou's blog


 Office space, utilities, hardware for OSRS gold employees applications, as soon as you factor all that on your costs will be enormous. I'd imagine they have enormous server operating prices such as runescapes, probably tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds per month on cloud servers or data center costs, whatever they're running. That may not be including of the test and development environments that are internal. You understand nothing about how a business runs in case you think money goes on salaries.

 Everything they rent in. AWS storage servers cost approximately 1-2 cents per GB of storage (monthly). And we all understand Jagex doesn't have strongest servers (considering every world is max 2k runescape gamers I doubt they're very strong ones at all).

Let's assume that their one server rent costs 10 GBP/hour. That is a year one server under 90k. Let's push on it. But let's say Jagex has 150 servers rented. Each year 15m goes (which really isn't that large, because I took pricing from compute-oriented server that is mostly used for scientific calculations, machine learning, etc). More average use instance server has pricing about half of this if not less. Rent at Cambridge Science park (same location Jagex is currently at ) is 300k/month for 12k sq ft area. Believe Jagex has building say 5m/year.

15m left for everything else. What bothers me is runescape shop how much they spend on"development" but we aren't getting shit. Mod MTX maintained they can't give runemetrics pro to premier members because it is too costly. WTF nibba? You bill for that thing like what? Are you telling me you store 200GB of data per customer more than?

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