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I was able to Dofus Kamas from Rszou's blog


At the moment, I was able to Dofus Kamas draw myself from the bait of Smoussy Turancyd's dream, persuaded the voice came out of his bedroom. Before checking me behind I looked one way, then another. On a shelf above a doll stood using a basic mask. It seemed to be staring at me. The strangest thing was that despite its expressionless face, for a moment, I believed that... it was smiling.

In the update, we informed you that we continuing to work on class improvements. So you can get ready for the upcoming developments, we are providing you with a full description of the changes, which you can check out in the BETA.What you're going to see below is what we mean to do before the BETA goes live; any worth mentioned could be modified prior to the update!

Certain classes were already changed slightly last time (Iop, for example), but this time, we chose the time to evolve them along with the modifications made are more substantial. We had yet another look at particular classes that had been altered last time, such as Xelor, since we deemed a couple of adjustments to be necessary. Such as Cra, for those others measures are being taken right now until we're able to invest more time on them.

It's probably not news to you if we say that the Buy Kamas Dofus Retro Cra class has been causing a few problems in DOFUS to get a while now. The course has always been extremely effective when it comes to MP decrease, PvM, especially thanks to pushback, very and damage, and most of all, superb range. But, Cras don't do in PvP, particularly 3v3. As with other classes we've been going through the past couple of months, its problems are linked to the concept of the course, and just altering its values will not necessarily make it feasible to rebalance it and wash it up, and we're well aware of the.

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