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Most of their shit from Mut 20 coins from Rszou's blog


It is still apparent that they reused most of their shit from Mut 20 coins last year tho as is made obvious by the fact that a lot of the very same bugs are present. And love is definitely needed by the pc port in terms of bug fixes. I was impressed compared madden 19 tho.

Hopefully they reconstruct Madden game when next gen comes, since trying out the 10 hour EA Access trial, all of the new"features and animations" felt regular after 1-2 hours, which might be a new album for me not discovering new features in sports games.

I even skipped Madden 18, however the issue is that the same old legacy glitches and bugs exist that date back to Madden 25 (AI has bad pursuit angles, pass policy, handle animations won't play, and a lot more). I'm interested not or if they really do possess rights that are exclusive. Because most of the main sports have a couple of different games on a couple of different platforms, but only one main"realistic sports sim" or whatever you want to call these matches.

So maybe it is just that no other companies wish to madden 20 free coins spend the money to cover the rights and create a similar kind of game when there's already an established franchise on the marketplace for any given sport.Because the contrary would also be authentic. They'd get a whole lot of trash games that are absolute which would not be a great advert for them. They aren't interested in a bunch of slightly superior games. That's not their concern. Madden is a decent to great game which represents their sport in a way they believe is acceptable and receives a big enough Madden playerbase for it to be the marketing tool they want.

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