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They guaranteed that layering would be 100% gone before Stage 2 starts, but what's your take on this? I know sharding/layering is classic wow gold likely vital to have WoW Classic at a working state upon launch but in addition, it seems like it's already pissing a lot of people off. Not my words, from a forum that is warcraft.

I hate that idea. I believe the huge part of vanilla was the community. You knew certain players on your own server bc they had the hand of rag or they were really well geared or they were famous for a different reason. You PvPed contrary to precisely the members of the faction and attempted to conquer on each other.

 There were rivalries. I believe layering and/or sharding will destroy that feeling of community and it is not gonna be a multiplayer match. It is gonna be like present WoW Classic where you just play on your own and group from necessity. You can also be a whole dick bc all you would need to do is log out and log back to buy wow classic gold a new layer and nobody knows you.

I believe honestly and that is currently taking a LOT away from the vanilla encounter is a huge turn off for me. I am glad that they are currently saying that by phase 2, layering will be gone. Still don't think it ought to be in WoW Classic in the first place. Think that the community isn't pleased with it. 

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