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Plagiarism is the fundamental reason for low grades in the majority of cases, and students are unaware of it. We'll provide you some insider information on how to tell whether your work is plagiarized.
Plagiarism is defined as the act of copying another person's information, ideas, thoughts, or language. Copying and presenting someone else's work as your own without providing credit to the preceding writer is considered unprofessional and immoral. Plagiarism can happen in a variety of ways. Students sometimes remark that it is impossible to write unique content on the same topic that tens of thousands of other students have already completed. While this is an excellent point, it is insufficient for teachers to not reduce their grades. So, in order to save students from the abyss of stolen work, we've come up with an insider advice to save yourself by connecting with the best coursework writing service.

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An argumentative essay's introduction should be as good as the opening statement of a trial. The writer must outline the issue at hand and provide background.
Start with a Hook
The introduction should start with a sentence to get the reader's attention. An introduction can be a quote from someone you know, a personal story, an interesting statistic or question. These will pique their interest. A good example is if you want to convince people that smoking should be prohibited in public places. You could begin your introduction with a quote or a personal story. This strategy grabs the attention of the reader and introduces the topic.
Include Background
The background of the argumentative research paper topic can help readers better understand the topic. This history and context can make it easier to explain and support your argument. You can, for example, argue against the existence of a military draft in the United States. Your introduction may include information about the history and circumstances that led to the abolishment.
Make your thesis
The thesis summarizes the main idea of an argumentative paper. It summarizes the main point of your argument in one sentence. A thesis statement should present a position on one issue. This is something that a reader could argue against. The thesis must not be factual. As an example, suppose a professor asks you to write a thesis on war. Your essay's rest should be used to support your thesis.
What to Leave Out
A good introduction should not only describe arguments and provide analysis, but also avoid describing them. Your introduction should not be about presenting your point but rather laying out evidence to support it. While your introduction serves as a roadmap for the rest, it should not be explicit. For example, "I am going show you that is true" or "I am going tell you that These types of setups do not add any pertinent information, and serve only to fill in the gap.

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Without giving it a shot, it is impossible to know if the company is worthy of student attention. To make my review stand out among the boostmygrade reviews that I read online, I ordered an essay paper from them. Although there was no discount and the paper cost more than $100, I wanted to make sure that it was high quality so I placed an order for an argumentative essay here.

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Customer Support Agents

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You can reach the support team via email or phone. I tried calling them but they did not respond. I sent an email to get a response within a few days. They didn't have any formatting or revisions help so I had to do it myself.


Boost My Grade Review: Final Thoughts

When I first learned about the boost my grade company, it surprised me that this company still exists. They don't have public prices and they don't offer 24/7 support. There is no guarantee you will receive the help you paid for.


Only one thing sets them apart from similar websites: they provide homework and assignment help, as well as online test and exam assistance. However, you cannot be certain that you will receive help from a skilled individual.


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Athletics is an inherent part of studying at college. Sports are vital for athletic learners who need to train at least twice a day. Physical activity is also an irreplaceable part of life for most students of the University of New Hampshire. Undergraduates participate in 20 different sports programs to keep their bodies strong and well-shaped. Currently, our university enrolls roughly 12,000 students. The education institution takes more than 2,600 acres of space that is used for living and studying. The majority of them experience a strong need for top-quality facilities for doing sports. Unfortunately, the current Unhstadium cannot satisfy all the needs of our students.

To improve the lives of undergraduates and develop the city, we have launched a fundraising project. Our primary goal is to get $10 million to upgrade the facilities and build the stadium for playing football, lacrosse, and soccer. Nevertheless, the major goal of the Unhstadium com project is to raise $25 million to get the stadium 100% completed. It will not limit the desire of learners to do sports. A lot of useful recommendations can help undergraduates discover how to get their assignments done fast, without compromising on quality. Using the tips, learners can do their homework fast and pass the free time by doing sports in the stadium.

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Did you want to learn more about the unique Hollywood story from a woman who experienced a lot of falls and rises in her life? If so, the site is the best spot for you. I've started my life in Hollywood after meeting Lee Marvin, a popular actor. At that time, I've recently graduated from college. I wanted to become an opera singer. However, I had to work as a nanny for four kids. Fortunately, I could quit that job after meeting my husband. He proposed to me on the first of April, which is Fool's day. However, the story of BettyMarvin doesn't end here.

I had a very active and saturated life. There were a lot of interesting events and parties at my home. Unfortunately, life became monotonous and full of loneliness. Lee Marvin started drinking a lot, which forced us to stray from each other. I've decided to make a twist and started learning to fly a plane. That being said, I've brought my mother to a unique place by plane. Also, I've opened a Parisian boutique and organized fashion shows that gathered a lot of people. However, at the age of 62, I've lost everything. Here, the story of Betty Marvin begins.

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Let's go into a little more detail about the conventional structure of an essay. Writing an essay plan is not obligatory, but often this stage of the work helps to start writing an essay. With the help of the plan, you can outline the sequence of the future outline.


As we have already noted, compositionally the reviewis divided into three parts: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. These parts are not highlighted in the text in any way, but their presence creates the logic of the text.


The introductory part is designed to interest the future reader in the problem posed. One of the common tricks is to start the essay with a question that will be answered later. Anyway, the introduction should create a certain emotional mood, a desire to read the text further.


The main part contains a series of judgments on the topic of the question. Usually the main part has several subparts, each of which consists of three sections: the thesis (provable judgment), justification (arguments used to prove the thesis), subconclusion (a partial answer to the main question).


Arguments can be various life situations, opinions of famous people, etc. Argumentation is structured as follows: first a statement is given, followed by an explanation of it, an example is given, on the basis of all this a final judgment and conclusion is made.


The final part contains a summary of the conclusions on the issue at hand. The author returns to the problem and makes a general conclusion on it. The purpose of the final part is to create a general picture, to give integrity to the whole text, to unite all reflections.

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The general requirements for the work are:


  1. Presentation of the author's reflections in the form of concise theses;

  2. Argumentativeness of the author's thoughts, supporting them with arguments.


General facts, scientific arguments, examples from life situations and personal experience, references to authoritative personalities should be used as arguments. The golden mean is two arguments in defense of each statement. One proof may not be enough, and if there are three or more of them, it greatly overloads the work, which should be concise.


Is writersperhour legit?Because of the general requirements, the essay takes on a cyclical format. The structure of the essay looks like this:


  • introductory part;

  • thesis 1, arguments;

  • thesis 2, arguments;

  • thesis 3, arguments;

  • ...

  • concluding part.


Before writing an essay text, the following nuances should be considered:


  1. The introductory and concluding parts of the essay fix the reader's attention on the problem. In the beginning of the essay, the author puts it, and in the conclusion - draws conclusions.

  2. The work should be logically divided into paragraphs, constituent parts, form the impression of a coherent and structured work.

  3. The general stylistics of essays are characterized by emotionality, artistic expressiveness, expression. According to writers, you can achieve the desired impact by using simple and concise wording, differing in intonation, skillfully separating the utterances with a dash, but the individual stylistics is determined by the character traits of the author.


To begin with, you need to ask yourself a few questions:


  1. About personal qualities:

  • Do I differ from those around me?

  • How is this difference expressed?

  1. About my studies:

  • What reasons did I want to do it?

  • What reasons do I still do it?

  1. About the life events mentioned:

  • Why is this incident so memorable to me?

  • Did it affect my change in character?

  • What was my reaction to it?

  • Did the event bring any revelation, did it make the hitherto unknown clear?

  1. About the personalities mentioned:

  • Why do I mention this person in the piece?

  • Do I want to be like him in this?

  • What are his traits and virtues that most fascinate me?

  • Did he say something that I will never forget?

  • Did I change my life stance under his influence?

  1. About things I liked and disliked:

  • Why do I like or dislike it?

  • Has this circumstance had any meaningful impact on my life?

  1. About my own failures:

  • What did those failures teach me?

  • What have I learned from this situation for myself?




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