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Virtual System Engineers require high school or bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or networking engineering or management information systems or other related fields. They must have an understanding of object-oriented programming and Python.

They need to be good oral communicators, as they have to explain technical jargon to people of non-IT backgrounds. If they have CCIE, CCNP or VMware certifications and other related industry certifications, such as MCSE or MCITP, it would be beneficial, and so would be the ability to configure routers and switches of Cisco. They also need to have an understanding of the TCP/IP protocol.

Finally, they must be well-versed in software, scripting, and everything-as-a-service (EaaS).

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ravi teja

At a time when technology has taken over the world, a skilled Network Support Technician is the most sought-after technical professional. Networks are the nuts and bolts that interconnect everything. The Network Support Technician solves all the network issues to increase productivity and reduce downtime. The reflection of the hard work performed by Network Support Technician is that the network functions without interruption. Interested in performing a job which makes a direct impact on the profit-making capability of any company? Then read this article to see if this is the career for you!

A Network Support Technician is an IT professional who helps with the maintenance and troubleshooting of Computer Network Hardware. They specialize in areas such as Information Systems, Data Recovery, Network Management, or System Administration. The technician’s work ranges from Local Area Networks (LANs) to Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks. They may also manage Network Hardware including Fiber Optics, Routers, Switches

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ravi teja
A Relay Adjuster sets up and arranges client dialing and switching equipment. Relay Adjusters service and repairs telephone and other communication equipment. The adjuster installs new equipment on-site and monitors all client wiring and telephone jacks

The adjuster services or repairs a variety of client telecommunication equipment. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility for loading and unloading relays from test sockets and tray
  • Performance of visual, mechanical and workmanship inspection of the relay with the help of microscope magnification
  • Dressing of the coil lead with the help of adjusting tools to raise and lower the actuator beads
  • Caring for the position of the actuator bead based on the moving contact
  • Following company policies and procedures when completing all routine tasks
  • Enthusiasm for cross-training in various other areas of the organization
  • Assistance with semi-routine assignments and waiting for further instructions depending on the assignments
  • Documentation of client telephonic information and maintenance of this data is written in the electronic or magnetic form
  • Offering technical guidance in the repair and maintenance of electronic equipment that operate primarily by electronic principles
  • Assistance in operating vehicles, mechanized devices, and equipment
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