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This one. Tucked in the northeast corner of the  how to buy fortnite items  map is a tower which can spawn three chests (and I swear I have seen four here in the past), and just to the west is an ice cream truck which may spawn a further two. If you find a glow of yellow through the 28, the chest area is right on top of the tower property on the roof.But, there is sometimes one on the exposed west side of the tower (you may see it in the image below).


Feel free to grab it you have any loot guaranteed Should you see it. This was a popular place, but I rarely face any enemies following the Season 3 upgrade and into Season 4, unless the bus is passing directly overhead.When you're done, head towards Risky Reels or Lazy Links to see if you can vulture some feeble players or find some leftover loot before moving into the safe zone.


This isn't the looting spot that is very best, but you're guaranteed an enjoyable fight in addition to a powerful position bang. It's a mountain which usually includes two or even three chests one of which is at its greatest point. Be sure you get to the peak before anyone else that has had exactly the exact same idea.Have a peek at the mountain from all angles until you land to find all of the chests, then track them down, if it is possible.


With a few quick thinking you will come off with the best firearms, although you have business. When you're done, head for Salty Springs. Dusty Divot is a possibility too, but now that it is filled in with trees. Just be wary of   fortnite weapons  anybody hiding one of them.Dropping at Shifty Shafts is not the worst idea. It is busy, but I've found it to be less busy than a lot of additional places that are named.


Imagine playing Fortnite for an entire calendar year, you grind tough enough to qualify for your #WinterRoyale 1 million  how to buy fortnite items  dollar tournament and you lose because Epic decides to bring a sword that it is nearly impossible to die with the day of the tournament..."The timing seems strange, especially when the EU qualifiers didn't feature the sword, but each player in the tournament is also in the exact same boat.


Some of them can lose to a sword-wielding maniac, just like any of them can drop from being shot in the head with a hidden enemy. And as irritating as I am convinced it's to lose a possibly huge payday simply because someone snatched a weapon before you could, it is a lot more entertaining from the spectator aspect of the competition. Competitive Fortnite has never been so much fun.


There's a debate the blade should have been locked out in a limited time event, not unleashed on the standard mode and tournament, but where is the fun in that? Death to equilibrium!Epic is making Fortnite's cross-platform attributes free for many developersFortnite is a massive, cross-platform, online endeavor that supports millions of people playing at the same time, along with the systems that allow that functionality"are expensive to construct, test, and harden in real-world conditions," states Epic.


Since it has already done the  buy fortnite guns heavy lifting to create these services, and presumably also because it is enjoying mind-boggling success consequently, Epic has made a decision to create Fortnite's cross-platform applications infrastructure accessible to other developers for free."During 2019, we are going to be starting a large set of cross-platform services originally constructed for Fortnite, and battle-tested with 200,000,000 players around seven platforms," Epic declared today.