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We already know that Happy Home Paradise is Animal Crossing: New Horizons first paid DCL in the new update, which will come together with the November 5 update. This is the best time to buy ACNH Items For Sale on ACITems. The core of Happy Home Paradise is to create beautiful, themed holiday homes for characters who are looking for specific things. So, players will be to discover a lot of new content.

1. New Characters
Manatee Wardell is the distant cousin of Walrus Wendell, he seems to run the shop in the headquarters of Happy House Paradise. He is cute and we love him. There is also Niko, a cute little monkey wearing an HHP uniform, so we assume that he is also helping Lottie.
2. Design outdoor space
Just like Happy Home Designer, HHP allows you to decorate your client's garden. You can put almost any furniture outside, or you can put a fence in the small yard of the front yard.

3. Design Facilities
Just like a Happy Home Designer, you can design facilities: schools, theaters, restaurants, etc. When your villagers do various jobs in them, these facilities will actually become lifelike. This is probably determined by the items you add to the rooms. 

4. Change the weather, season, and time
Your house looks cute, but it will look cuter in spring, don't you think? Or maybe a beautiful summer sunset? Your wish is Happy Home Paradise's command because you can change the time of day and season to best display your handicrafts.

5. Embiggen Room
You can change the size of the client's house to fit your grand design. You would think that they all want the biggest house, but that is not the case, sometimes small is cute!
Do you like the new content from the new DCL Happy House Paradise? Are you ready for the update? If you are preparing, you can buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACItems.


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Farming and cooking are part of the major update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons coming out in November this year. Would you choose to buy Animal Crossing Bells if you don't have enough? Update 2.0 will be released on November 5th, allowing you to grow various crops on your island. These will include tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, carrots, and more. 

Players will get DIY Recipes+ as part of the update, which will include traditional food recipes, from more basic elements (such as flour) to fully-fledged dishes (such as pizza). You seem to be able to make them by combining the ingredients you grow, and then use the stove at home to make each dish.
These dishes can then be displayed on the table, and can even be mocked directly. Either way, these new features are a huge boon for long-term players.

Some people suspect that the pumpkins added in October 2020 would be the beginning of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to provide greater agricultural elements. However, since that update, no additional crops or farming mechanisms have been added, so many fresh farming incentives will have a major impact on the game.

But when Update 2.0 is released on November 5th, you will be more than just farming. You will be able to visit Brewster at his cafe The Roost, enjoy a boat trip with our old friend Kapp'n, and shop in the brand new square on Harv's island, including a visit by our old friend Tortimer. 

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Now there is only one day left before the event on October 15th, and everyone is very excited. Do you buy Animal Crossing Bells for the new update? In addition, fans are looking forward to seeing some other major features added to the game. Among them, there are rumors that Gyroids will be added in the new update. Whether it's true or not, we can first understand some things about Gyroids.

1. What are the Gyroids in the Animal Crossing franchise?
The Gyroids are a collection of furniture items that players can obtain in Animal Crossing world. These clay figures have different aesthetics and unique sound effects. By putting two of them together, players can make a certain location on their island come alive. Just like the fossils in the series, fans can find these Gyroids at dig sites on their islands. However, they can only pull them out of the ground the day after it rains. In addition, they will only spawn in open areas far away from buildings.

In the course of the five Animal Crossing games, players have seen as many as 40 different Gyroids families. There may be 1 to 6 statuettes per family, for a total of 130 Gyroids. Most players collect these figurines as decorations for their houses. When activated, they will rotate to produce beautiful sounds that change the atmosphere of the room. Players can also change the pitch and rhythm to create their favorite music.

2. How to get them in New Horizons? 
Everyone knows Brewster's love for coffee. However, few people talk about his admiration for Gyroids. He even collected small figurines called Brewstoids. Therefore, it is likely that Brewster's November update will also include these figurines. However, fans don't quite understand how they get them in New Horizons.

Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons emphasizes production, players have the opportunity to use clay or other items to make them. Many people suggest that developers will follow the old-fashioned route, including digging them out after the rain. New data mining information indicates that there will be more rainfall in the Islands, which seems very likely.

Finally, it is still uncertain whether Gyroids will reach the player's island soon. But, they are likely to be added, if developers add, then players may have a lot of digging participation. Let us wait for the final result quietly now, and this is the best time to Buy Bells Animal Crossing on ACItems.



From Nintendo's latest Direct event, we already know that Brewster and his 24/7 coffee shop The Roost are returning to the franchise. Now, ACItems provides players with the best price to buy Animal Crossing Bells. Although we do not yet know what detailed information can find in the Roost, according to the previous Animal Crossing games, it should provide more than just coffee, but also hope that it has some of the following features in New Horizons.
1. Coffee that comes with bonuses
The Roost must provide players with coffee, otherwise, it is not The Roost! However, although coffee hasn't really affected the players in previous Animal Crossing games, New Horizons may change this.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has provided players with ample reasons to eat. Eating the fruit allows players to dig a tree out of the ground with a shovel, allowing them to change the appearance of the island without completely losing a tree. Drinking a cup of joe should have a similar effect, after pounding some back, giving players a decent boost to their speed. If coffee eventually produces this effect, players will undoubtedly welcome it.

2. Storage in the cafe
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it's hard not to be a hoarder. Due to a large number of resources in the game, players will eventually run out of storage space. Since the fully upgraded home has 2400 storage slots, it may take a while, but people who play games every day will eventually fill it up.

The Roost may eventually become a reliable solution to the player storage problem, at least to some extent. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, players can store Gyroids in their coffee shop. In New Horizons, Brewster should provide the same service, but with a broader standard. If players can store items in The Roost, they will have a complete second base for making items or simply storing furniture.

3. Visits from special characters
Animal Crossing has a wide range of characters, although there are not many of them in New Horizons. Tortimer, Mr. Resetti, and other characters are completely excluded from the game, although The Roost may be a great opportunity to bring those familiar faces back again.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The Roost is the center used by villagers. They can come in, order some coffee, and hang out in the bar. However, together with ordinary villagers, special characters sometimes appear and visit randomly. A similar mechanism is very suitable for New Horizons, it already has provided players with a list of tasks to be completed every day. Go to The Roost to see if there are any special characters, players need to complete one more thing, and they can also see a villager who is usually not on the island. 

Do you expect these features to be added to the Roost update? Welcome to discuss with us in the comments section below. Buy Bells Animal Crossing in our store you will have some discount, welcome you!



Through Animal Crossing: New Horizons' official Twitter account announced, after the Nintendo Direct showcase in September, fans will soon be able to obtain a series of new Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. 

We know very little about these new cards so far, but Isabelle herself has promised that "the details of this card pack will be announced later." Now we just need to wait quietly, If you think the waiting process is boring, then you can buy Animal Crossing Items on ACItems to decorate your island.

Although there is no news about the feature of these new Amiibo cards, considering that the last batch of releases-excluding the re-released Animal Crossing Sanrio Card-is before New Horizons, the new card may include characters introduced in the latest Animal Crossing game, so there is no Amiibo card of its own.
In addition, Fans' favorite Raymond is probably the most obvious absence of the current Amiibo card lineup and other new residents Judy, Dom, Audie, Sherb, Reniegh, Megan, and Cyd. Don't forget the other new NPCs, such as Flick, C.J, Daisy-Mae, Orville, and Wilbur. We also expect these new cards to be removed from the shelves like the Sanrio Amiibo cards earlier this year.

Assuming that Pigeon Barista Brewster might get a New Horizons edition Amiibo card, this is also a potential safe bet because he was recently hinted will return to the game by Nintendo. Now no longer eligible to appear in our missing Animal Crossing: New Horizons character list, after years of rumors and speculation, Brewster seems to be entering New Horizons. We will know for sure next month because Nintendo announced the October specific direct of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

 Do you want to get these cards? Do you have some early cards? We are happy to learn about your collection in the comments below. If you want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, Please feel free to contact the customer service staff on ACItems, they will teach you how to place an order and buy quickly.



Animal Crossing: New Horizons has ushered in the fall, and players are looking forward to some events in the fall, including Halloween and Turkey Day, both of which will undergo several modifications this year. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells of the right amount from ACItems according to the final modification result.

According to the latest data mining, developers have been patching the Turkish Day project and deleted a bunch of images related to it. The deleted project images include:
Turkey Day Casserole
Wheat decor
Garden stand
But we should note that these items still exist, but their icons have been deleted. This is a fairly small change. However, this means that Nintendo is working day and night to change Animal Crossing Island. This kind of effort is worthy of our affirmation.

Turkey Day marks the beginning of a glorious winter for players in Animal Crossing of the Northern Hemisphere. To be sure, the next content update will add new items to one of the most popular events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Besides, data miners also leaked new Halloween items. It includes a ghastly tree, a ghastly lamp, and a ghastly snack basket.

Each player may have different opinions on some of the icons that have been deleted on Turkey Day, some may not be used to it, and some players may feel that it doesn't matter. No matter how Nintendo modifies it, I believe it is for players to experience the game better.
In addition, with the advent of autumn, the items to decorate the island will be diversified. If you don't have the right items, you can Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACItems to make your island more beautiful and unique. 



What kind of villagers players want on their islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons largely depends on personal preferences, but some villagers are largely considered unfavorable or annoying. You can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells to exchange for the villagers you like. Here are some villagers that most people think should get rid of.

In the most creepy villager competition, Limberg did not lag far behind Pietro. With his five o'clock shadow, strange pink cheeks, and stare like a dog staring at meat, Limberg can make any player feel strange when they meet him on their island at night. 

The grumpy personality type only makes the situation worse. He thinks most of the conversations with him are new things he wants to complain about, which makes Limberg unlikely to be anyone’s favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons character. 

As one of the rudest and arrogant characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Hippeaux follows in Olaf's footsteps. This includes not only constantly bragging about his wealth, but also some very rude comments he often makes to players. This includes some very uncomfortable lines, such as telling the player that no one can hear the screams coming from his basement. 

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Hippeaux just gives people the feeling that he has more secrets than most villagers, and his personality is enough to make these secrets scary. 
Olaf is one of the more unique villagers in the game, but this is ruined by his personality. His eternally angry eyebrows said it all because Olaf's personality is very arrogant. This makes him keep chattering about how rich he is because he understates anyone who he thinks is below him. 

This not only makes it unpleasant to talk to the player but also hinders him from getting along with other villagers on the island. Anteaters are one of the rarest types of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but if this means Olaf has fewer and fewer players, it might be better. 

Are there any of the above villagers on your island? Do you want to get rid of them? If you want, act quickly, and then you can come to ACItems to buy your favorite villagers. Also, we provide you with the best price to Buy Animal Crossing Bells.




After the August update, New Horizons has restored many players who have gradually lost interest in Animal Crossing. The emergence of new activities and new items will always arouse the curiosity of players, which rejuvenates the new horizons. For new updates, many players like to buy ACNH Bells For Sale to enjoy the game. But these are far from enough. Players hope that new features will appear in the new horizon.

According to reports from some data miners, Nintendo will introduce Brewster and his cafe Roost in the next update. Data mining personnel found several in-game codes and confirmed the arrival of the cafe. It will be located in the museum. For users, this will be a big surprise.

The arrival of Brewster and Roost will make players full of surprises. However, after a month or two, players will lose interest in Roost and hope to discover more new things in new horizons. What's more, users have gradually lost interest in the new items introduced in the 1.11 update.

Although New Horizons is progressing in many aspects, innovation is never-ending. Players' needs are always changing. Nintendo needs a new feature to attract users back to ACNH. The content is currently under development and it is worth looking forward to.

No matter what changes Nintendo makes to New Horizons, will continue to provide players with New Horizons services. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells on it and while guaranteeing the lowest price.




Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a lot of criticism due to the lack of game content. But this does not affect you Buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACItems to complete your tasks in the game. Several veterans are quitting the game and expressing their anger online. In addition, Nintendo’s failure to respond and an official statement were the most triggering them.

However, players still have high hopes for the upcoming update. They look forward to the developers releasing major updates and providing many features of previous games. In addition, there are some rumors about Brewster and the Roost returning to ACNH. Is Brewster's return sufficient to meet the needs of users?

According to reports from some data miners, Nintendo will introduce Brewster and his cafe Roost in the next update. Data miners found several in-game codes and confirmed the arrival of the cafe. In addition, the cafe will be located in the museum, just like many past works. Naturally, users are happy to see new features like cafes being added to the game.

However, the arrival of Brewster and Roost may not excite players for a month or two. So, after a month, users will be bored with Roost and will look for more amazing options. What's more, the new items introduced in the 1.11 update can no longer capture the interest of users.

Therefore, Nintendo needs a more reliable option to attract players back to new horizons. Back to New Leaf Nintendo released the Welcome Amiibo update, which increased the popularity of the game. Although ACNH has the best details and graphics compared to previous games, it lacks in many aspects.

In this case, developers can try to publish new locations to incentivize players to decorate them with new themes. If you want to decorate your island out of the ordinary, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells. They can also publish some mini-games to play with the villagers. Interacting with your villagers is one of the best features of the game, and it would be great to get an extra option to play some games with them.

In previous games, villagers played a more important role than New Vision. They used to have more expressions, and talking to them was more interesting than ever. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells to Exchange different villagers. Especially in ACNH, after getting all the frames of your villagers, communicating with them becomes a burden. In addition, compared to other games in the series, there is not enough dialogue in the game. Due to the lack of dialogue, most players like to ignore their villagers because they don't want to hear the same dialogue all the time. This is completely understandable, and Nintendo should introduce new dialogues into the game soon. Another reason the villagers are bored is that they did not get enough favors from them. In the past, you could talk to villagers, ask them for help or ask for what they want you to do for them. This makes exploring the island more interesting, and logging in every day is never a problem. However, in New Horizons, you cannot get quests from your villagers until they approach you by themselves. In addition, the chances of getting the task are completely random, and you may not get it for many days. But in previous games, it was easy because at least one villager always arranged some tasks for you. This helps to establish a strong connection with them in the new horizon, but this is not the case. Most players just like to spend time with them to increase the level of friendship; therefore, if any villagers leave the island, they will be more excited to invite new villagers. Do you like the villagers in New Horizons or the previous titles? You can go to the ACItems website to discuss with us. For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:
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Fans of Nintendo’s popular video game series Animal Crossing are taking a new spin in their beloved Sandbox Garden, as the latest version of Animal Crossing’s popular Japanese manga titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island Diaries Will get an English translation, courtesy of Viz media. 

Originally published exclusively in Japan in 2020, this manga was written and drawn by Kokonasu Rumba. If you first time to play the game, I suggest you buy Animal Crossing Bells from It will embark on a fascinating journey in the delightful and quaint world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, featuring characters from the game For example, in the humorous exploration of the desert island environment discovered by Tom, who is irritable and may exploit others, Nook or the friendly and strange fearful ghost Wisp. 

Although the series has multiple manga series, including a recent series that is also based on new horizons, called News From the Carefree Island, Deserted Island Diary is the only manga officially released in English. A whimsical interpretation of the weird world. New Horizon​​ ns, the fifth mainline game in the series. 

In a press release, Viz Media stated that this new graphic novel will be the perfect companion for experienced fans and first-time fans, presenting lively antics and adventures in a vibrant and appropriately quirky world, and many fans' favorite villager Animal Crossing. This version will also include a summary of additional information about the premise, such as tips and tricks for video games, and an animal guide that provides information about many long-loved villagers. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the second highest-selling game on Nintendo Switch. According to Nintendo, its total sales are 33.89 million units. This will make more players willing to buy Animal Crossing Bells. It remains to be seen whether some of the long-pending mysteries in the series will reveal the answers, such as where all Tom Nook's money comes from, or whether Blathers will overcome his lifelong fear against bugs. 




Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very similar to the user's regular lifestyle. With the northern hemisphere players' summer coming to an end, Nintendo decided to prepare a surprise for them. Also, ACItems will provide players with the best price to buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells. Nintendo separated the necessities according to their standards. It is divided into four categories: elementary school, middle school, high school, and University for the first time.

Elementary school
Education is one of the most important investments a country can make, and basic standards are its first step. Nintendo decided to make learning more interesting and fashionable by introducing new comfortable and fashionable necessities for children. 

You can buy beautiful and stylish backpacks with navy blue and Tom Nook logo. In addition, your Switch backpack has a perfect pocket so you can start an action at any time. 

There is also a backpack with perfect colors waiting for you in their store. Isabelle, Tom Nook, and other villagers are the inspiration behind the design. In addition to the new backpack, you can also buy a notebook with New Horizons Fruit as a bookmark. 

Middle School 
Middle school is a place to make things faster, and students need a lot of equipment to help them learn. Nintendo allows you to get a very beautiful light green backpack, similar to all the green plants on the island. It has a perfect appearance and can match your style. 
Moving on, you can also purchase a new ACNH-themed stationery box. It comes with small binders, notebooks, notes, and a sticky tan. If you want to keep your things organized, it will be of great help to you.

High School
Student high school life is not a simple task, because it is becoming more and more competitive day by day. Most students learn to drive early in high school standards and keep in mind that Nintendo has introduced a new cute keychain for them. All these keychains are very cute, if you are a fan of New Horizons, you should try them.

In addition, you can even buy some New Horizons-themed notebooks and sticky logos. As a high school student, you will try to keep up with fashion trends, and the next New Horizons-themed messenger bag will never let you down. It has a beautiful green color and strong construction quality, making it one of the must-haves on the list. 

By launching small Isabelle and Tom Nook pillows, Nintendo put its ideas on college students. You can put them on the bed in the dormitory and even comfort yourself while studying. In addition, you can even purchase some New Horizons-themed water bottles. They are of high quality and are vacuum insulated water bottles. 
There are three types of water bottles for you to choose from, so please consider wisely beforehand or buy all three at the same time. If you are interested in any of this content, you can go to our website and leave a message. We are at your service online 24 hours a day.


Animal Crossing now celebrates the Obon Festival in Japan with two new seasonal items on the shelves. Eggplant Beef and Cucumber Horse, which are new products for the Obon Festival in Japan, can be purchased for a limited time at Nook Shopping until August 16. By the way, if you need Animal Crossing Bells, you can go to MMOWTS to buy cheap/safe/fast/legal ACNH Bells. The more ACNH Bells you buy, the more discount you will get!

The new product is priced at 500 bells each, because the two will be rotated every day, so if you want to get both, you need to pay attention to the product. Open your NookPhone or the NookStop terminal of the Island Resident Service Building where you are, open the Nook shopping catalog, select special products, and go to the seasonal tab so that you can order products. You can also choose to order some other seasonal products. It should be noted that after August 14th, Hikoboshi and Orihime clothing will be removed from the store. Their current price is 2500 bells per set, and rodeo-style stretch jerseys will be available for sale before August 15th. It is 2000 bells.

In addition to the new Obon items added as part of the 1.11.0 update, some other new seasonal items are also introduced in this patch. You can win boba and marshmallows from Redd’s booth during the firework show held every Sunday evening in August. In addition, Nook Shopping will also provide moon cake boxes and other moon-viewing foods in September.

In addition to new seasonal items, Nintendo also released a new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update. This patch mainly solves some of the problems that occurred in the game after the above 1.11.0 update, including the bug that caused the seasonal cloud to not appear as expected. Nintendo said that it will launch more "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" updates later this year.

In addition to the new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update, Nintendo also has these new seasonal items. Some problems that occurred in the game after the 1.11.0 update have been resolved in this patch, such as seasonal cloud errors that did not appear as expected. In addition, later this year, Nintendo will launch more "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" updates.

More and more players choose to buy Animal Crossing Bells in MMOWTS. If you have the same needs, you can choose MMOWTS!

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OP left out a significant aspect. Every day which Melvin can't get hold of the Switches the parents have paid , he has to pay a forfeit to Animal Crossing Bells every parent for their trouble of waiting for them. And also the more expensive these Switches get on the current market, the greater the sacrifice, because these parents should rights already have these Switches, irrespective of how expensive they've gotten. Melvin tries to put off paying the higher market cost as long as possible in the hopes it will eventually return. Eventually the forfeits get so large, Melvin has no option but to swallow his just desserts and just pay market price for the Switches.

At least that is how my retarded brain translated it, but I am just a dumb ape, don't listen to me. I'm just holding GME since I believe in the company! ??????

Edit: Thank you for the sake in/support for this particular post, RIP my inbox afterwards. A lot of the questions below can be readily answered if you simply Google the terms. Https:// is a good starting point. Any terms that you don't know, similarly Google them. This should all be a part of your DD/research. If you can't do so, you've no spot trading. Any queries regarding speculation, I know as much as you do.

Also forgot to mention the bit where Melvin's parents did not need to realize their son humiliated so that they talked to their friend at Animal Crossing Items For Sale the country club who runs Robingoods, the shipping service which delivers people their Nintendo's.

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Right? Switch is popular and to Animal Crossing Bells be honest a couple of its games have been some if the most fun I've had gambling but this games console feels like a disappointment / has hardly tapped it's potential overall, there is so much junk from the shop and far too many interfaces versus new entrances.

You understand that he can n`t has the duty to confer with us whatsoever? Games take some time and a lot of work. I am sure they're just excited as we are to show some footage, because it is just what they pour a lot of their hearts and minds in. I know that people are disappointed however, the developers are no wizards and making games that statisfy the expecations of players now becomes harder with each year. So let's only try to encourage them ^

Twilight Princess from the Wii U along side Skyward Sword.

This is done on Nook Miles Ticket For Sale purpose. Im convinced nintendos fandom is angry since you should be, but nintendo is drip feeding content since it could. It was obvious with mario and the joycons. Fans will need to stop acting like a corporation is their friend. Nothing but gains

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