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I am trying to be OSRS gold optimistic about it from Rszou's blog


I am trying to be OSRS gold optimistic about it, and I think before they have a chance to make their 28, it's important not to go. However the only items I'll truly think from them at this stage are implemented changes and even then I'll be skeptical of these quickly slipping back to old habits as they have done on these contentious problems in their background. While I can understand the notion of employing a flow feeling much more open and direct I do stress somewhat that flows and discussions naturally come with much more qualifiers and an awareness of view, making the statements less formal and concrete than when they had been a written announcement.

It may potentially be a path for them to twist out of what is"discussed" or floated based upon the arrangement. But my sour cynicism, while born out of experience, doesn't change the fact that I am prepared to embrace good thoughts and actually wish for the best. Hopefully I am wrong on all points in my first two paragraphs and we can proceed from just protesting and nay-saying to pushing Jagex to start implementing (or maintaining) aspects of progress that they have drifted as plausible. I am sure this will not be an end of things but progress, however small it seems against the background, is always something.

Practically, Jagex need MTX. I agree with ensuring that if questions are asked by you, your questions are exact. MTX is a reality of runescape, and is not going to be eliminated. This doesn't mean the runescape players can not shape the existence of MTX in runescape. 

Runescape players could be as creative to Cheap Runescape gold come up with methods to make MTX a better experience, that doesn't detract from runescape. 1 example might be MTX being cosmetic concentrated, so there's less effect on xp rates and you play runescape.

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