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Chieftain got an absolute overhaul from xingwang's blog


Chieftain got an absolute overhaul. It’s no best just a totem build; now, they can do appealing abundant any attack-based build. The totem aspect wasn’t afflicted at all, those two nodes were larboard alone. The added four, however, were acutely changed. A lot of POE Items stats that were confused about amid the nodes, and were all acutely buffed.

The bulge that gave Endurance Accuse and about-face based on Endurance Accuse was confused to be the alpha of a tree, and it now gives +10% blaze accident per Endurance Charge. This is big, aback it allows the stacking of Endurance Accuse as a agency of accident as well. 

It leads to a bulge that gives +100% blaze resistance, 1% activity regen per second, 10% of concrete accident taken as fire, 2% added activity regen per added if you’ve taken blaze accident recently, and is artless by ignite. This is a aggregate of accidental stats from a few old nodes, as able-bodied as some added bonuses 

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