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Importantly, Wilson said that the Diablo team has created a number of different systems to provide the game with an RPG-focused aspect D2R Items, including the rune system that was discussed during the meeting this morning. He added that it's "something to be discussed in the future months...and years to come."

To return to keeping true the original Diablo, Wilson noted that replayability was an integral part of the game. Randomness is crucial to create the possibility of replaying an RPG, the designer in charge said and emphasized that the game's environments include monster encounters, environments, and more.

The items are all part of the idea. There are many ways to make a game more fun and provide replayability. Wilson also pointed to more difficult levels ("we plan to bring nightmare and hell challenges back") and also as staged events, or adventures.

Also , in the spirit of Diablo epic heroes were identified as crucial for Diablo. "We aim to create as many monsters as is possible, then we will create epically powerful people who pound them into the ground," said Wilson, prompting a rousing response in the crowd. Similar to Diablo earlier, Diablo will focus on some classes that play distinctly differently from each other.

Even Blizzard has caught the non-traditional gamer bug. Wilson pointed out that being approachable was also an important element of the squad. "If you're able to use your mouse, you'll be able to engage in Diablo," mused Wilson as he said in a tone that's likely to become a cliche even his wife, who is not a gamer Diablo 2 Resurrected buy items, enjoyed his Diablo experience.

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