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Right now, there's a lots of drama over at Activision Blizzard due to allegations that surfaced in July 2021 regarding the culture of work at the company D2R Items. In short, Activision Blizzard has been accused of harassment of workers as well as harassment, discrimination and unethical labor conditions.

Which has resulted in several lawsuits against the company, including one that was filed by the state of California. A lot has happened since then and we know it can be a bit difficult to keep up with, but for those interested in learning more, we have a complete timeline of Activision-Blizzard's lawsuits and investigations available that we definitely encourage you to read.

It's kind of! Because Immortal is free to play and an app-based game, you're unfortunately out of chance if you're searching for a cool steelbook case or some cool merchandise for the preorder. However, you can sign up for the game through Diablo Immortal's official website. While it's unlikely that you'll get a unique pin, the pre-registration process does come with a chance to take part in beta testing and earn game-related rewards.

That's good news, because even though Diablo Immortal might not look it at first glance, it's shaping up to become a huge game-changer to the series in the coming years, sporting MMO-like social features as well as a strong emphasis on PvP, as well as a live-service "living game" strategy that has never been seen before previously in Diablo.

For the Diablo series' most dedicated fans, it was the news the game would also come to PC that helped set the stage following the tragedy that was Diablo Immortal's announcement. Back then, it was evident that Diablo fans wanted the option to enjoy Diablo Immortal with PC however, it required Blizzard time--over three years--to make this dream come true.

According to senior game designer Scott Burgess, who recently interviewed GameSpot cheap D2R ladder items, Blizzard knew following the announcement of the game that players would like play Diablo Immortal on PC.

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