Hello again, and welcome to a different section. We wish you all the best for the holiday season. We hope that the coming year is filled with amazing opportunities for you.

We want to talk about the most important problem, which is what kind of class we hate, as well as how we can get rid of this situation. We have a huge opportunity to solve some problems in this class, but they are checked, which may change our view of why we check and hate these classes and engineers. We also want to talk about how we can get rid of this situation. So, let's jump right into the meat of the discussion now, shall we? You might believe that Occupation X or Occupation Y is the most disliked because you have a bias against certain occupations that you do not play. Alternatively, you might have played an occupation in the past and had a negative experience, leading you to believe that this occupation is the most frustrating. Research has shown this to be the case. There is not a particular survey of the public's opinion that we have.

We are unable to connect to the AP. We are going to find out how many people work in each profession, as well as how many people you know who have changed their career path and are now working in a different field. Then we also carried out some public opinion surveys, as well as some of my own experience with guild members, as well as looking for and searching for denied things in the party. But as far as We know, you know, We saw a lot of disharmonious comments about these things and their experiences on the forum on Reddit. You know, we saw a lot of disharmonious comments about these things and their experiences on the forum on Reddit. It is safe to say that the most annoying occupation at the moment, particularly in Lost Ark West, the sculpture is a Berserker, and now is a Berserker. This is because of the sculpture's ability to wreak havoc on other players. Wen in particular, the one-of-a-kind technology of the Berserker is seriously reviled, the door is closed, and a significant portion of the final game's content cannot be accessed unless the player is significantly hidden from view. This is yet another negative interpretation.


It is certain that the reason why the Fury people are not accepted to the party is mostly based on yes, as We said, the creators, this class itself does not perform well because it does not have the necessary utilities


1.  Now, we will discuss some of its contents later, but it is certain that the reason why the Fury people are not accepted to the party is mostly based on yes, as We said, the creators

2.  A tally of dogs is kept by Wet

3.  It makes no difference which counter you use; they are all terrible

4.  They are not able to use super armor like other classes are able to

5.  They are simply slow animations that cover a broad range of styles

6.  The other thing I wanted to mention is that chaos in and of itself is extremely monotonous, and there is no rotation in and of itself

7.  You essentially just made a piano specification with some priorities

Both the back attacker and the French attacker are significantly more powerful than the rest of the attackers. The fury has been pushed to the side for the time being. We believe that many people simply see the rage because, like these giant whales, they have twenty-five or twenty-seven weapons at their disposal. We believe that Russia currently possesses them.

We won't say that anyone uses it unless they just want to save a lot of money on ALT, but there are many types of Engraving that appear to be infeasible to a significant degree. We won't say that anyone uses it unless they just want to save a lot of money on ALT. Then, if we take a look at some classes, some of them are very out of date, and some of them have already been re animated. However, we believe that Berserker itself ought to be re animated. It is very slow and clumsy, regardless of whether or not you are in a state of chaos. Because there is not a lot of armor to protect against CC when using these slow animations, you need to basically always stand in a long animation.

The melee range presents a high risk, which the majority of people find to be unfavorable in combat situations. You should know that many back attackers have a lot of mobile functions, which may be their specialty; consequently, they may also have some super armor; alternatively, they may also have mobile functions as part of their finishing actions; consequently, these functions add another utility factor. However, the crazy warrior class does not have this ability, so this is not desirable. As we have previously stated, the party Synergy may be altered to have a longer amount of time spent online or occur more frequently. We have a theory that if you miss a game, you are out of the running entirely. You are preparing for the next game so that you can deal some serious damage when it starts. In addition, your group does not have any Synergy, so this is just a game.

It will be a huge loss for you if you either ignore this point or allow fear to prevent you from making use of it. It might be helpful to add super armor to the existing armor. There is no way for us to tell if these are just people spreading ideas. Now that we have your attention, we will create some content to present the most effective version of Fury that you can use for Mayhem or Eh. This is the hypothetically best version that can run due to the fact that people do not run it. Nobody is in charge of it. After checking it on Lower, we have not come across anyone using this build who is located in either North America or the EU.

We will use myself as an example; after all, we have had some previous experiences. We now have a replacement for those insane soldiers. We had been a crazed soldier. I give thanks to God for each path that ultimately leads to the destructor. Simply due to the fact that the Destroyer We love it, We love it, and We never get gabecap. Because of the synergy of the destroyer, it is both a front attack and a back attack, in addition to being a tool that it brings to the team and a viability that it brings to Max; as a result, we have a great deal of enthusiasm for it.

We are powerless to stop it, but even if we live to be 1500 years old, we won't close the door on ridiculous occurrences like Vicus. Wef We want to enter Vicus or the clown, you know, You know, We know where my eye level is. We are both three years old and five years old respectively. The quality of our weapons has reached level 99.

You are aware, of course, that the level of my roster is quite high. We have a seven level gem on it. There is no justification for me to avoid exposure to the material contained herein. We are fortunate in that our group is consistent, and this allows us to play as a number of different characters. We don't need to rely on party search, but we do know that for the vast majority of people, from this experience, we do know that many people will become gay as a result of this, so we need to find solutions to these problems.

When they bring it up, we are also involved in Discard; therefore, we are aware of the reasons why people engage in such behavior. There is often a rational explanation for things like this. We also have the understanding that it is in the best interest of everyone involved even if it does not match the party coordination. This is not hard to comprehend. The item before you is not a check. Simply put, we want to make the most of my potential.

This is not a mystery to us. Therefore, kindly share your experiences with me in the comments section below. Perhaps you believe these issues can be resolved, and the changes you seek in the PTR, because this presents a significant opportunity to contribute to the resolution of significant issues. Yes, I am interested in hearing from you; therefore, I am extremely grateful for your support.

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