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We enjoy the beauty of sex dolls. With soft skin and adorable features that can be customized to our tastes and desires, these lifelike beauties provide all the fun we ask for. Life-size true love dolls like Cherry are sexy and unique pieces. What's next for Love Doll? Will we continue to refine the capabilities of our silicone and TPE sex dolls to further improve their skin, eyes and hair? Will we see more fantasy traits being added to real dolls so that our sexual fantasies can somehow include humanoids or aliens? Will sex dolls be animated in the future?

AI and sex
Dolls The idea of talking anime sex dolls or even lifelike sex doll is not such a far-fetched technology. We have already seen amazing advances in artificial intelligence technology. Companies like lifelike sex doll are currently developing AI models for their product lines. As the future and innovators of the sex industry see artificial intelligence and virtual reality, they want to be there.

AI sex dolls focus on engagement and fun, not realism. In other words, we don't want AI to trick users into thinking they are human. Instead, they want to add to the experience already available to those who enjoy sex dolls. They wanted a robotic deluxe doll that could interact with her human companion while having romantic and sexy conversations.

We want the most realistic sex dolls that men will fall in love with. In the near future, cute cherries will let you know how much they love your petting. She will then be able to strike up a conversation with you about sports, politics (if you want), and just about anything you want to talk about.

Augmented reality and sex dolls
While some men prefer sex dolls as an alternative to female companionship, others want more personal time. Sometimes I bring the love doll to my bedroom with my partner and enjoy kinky play and sexual fantasies together. In the near future, we'll continue to develop augmented reality (technology that uses our reality to impose images and information for us to interact with - think Pokemon Go and Google's attempt with Google Glass).

Imagine connecting a affordable sex dolls wirelessly to your computer. You have a job, or your partner has a job, and the two of you want to have a long-distance relationship. Maybe you met someone online and the two of you want to heat up romantically. TPE sex dolls use sensor technology and an internet connection to simulate sex between distant partners to help bridge distance.

AI Real Dolls Challenge
We're rapidly getting closer to fully realizing things like AI, but there are still hurdles to overcome between us and robotic sex dolls. First of all, technology still needs to be mastered. Today's silicone and TPE materials are fine, but our futuristic true love dolls need facial animation. Their skin also needs to be able to withstand constant movement and feel touch and pressure.

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