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You shouldn't make your expansion take up too much time. Hello, and thank you for visiting our channel here on YouTube. Hello, my name is Jonathan Vannes. I will act as the host. I am the one who wrote it.

I'm a podcast. In the event that you have never visited this location before, I am also a hairdresser. Since I was 15, I've been working as a hairdresser. Perhaps you saw something of yourself in Cool's eyes. It's possible that you caught my mysterious Jonathan Vannes on Netflix, but regardless, I'm glad you could make it today. It doesn't matter where you fall on the natural texture scale from 1a to 4c; what we want to talk about is how to get the best effect out of your natural texture. The following are seven steps you can take to ensure that you take better care of your hair.

This is a very significant point to make. When taking a shower, you should always use a comb with wide teeth or a wet brush to distribute conditioner throughout your entire head of hair. This is true regardless of the type of hair you have. You find that using your fingers to apply it to your hair guide is the most convenient method, provided that you have first showered, washed your hair, and styled your hair. It is physically impossible to apply conditioner to each individual hair in such a way as to ensure that the conditioner is evenly distributed throughout the entire head of virgin hair new and that you reap the full benefits of the conditioner as a result.

But if you use jbn, because these ingredients are so lovely, all you have to do is use a comb with wide teeth while you are in the shower. After that, you can either distribute it or move the conditioner while ensuring that there are no tangles in the shower. This will allow you to make your shape less tangled. It is not as laborious, nor does it feel as though you are taking a shower in a nightmare. When you are in the shower, you should always make sure that you use a wet brush or a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the conditioner throughout your entire head of hair. An excessive amount of shampoo is another factor that will not have a significant influence on the texture of anyone's hair. Unless you are someone who works in the medical field, you should only wash your hair two to four times per week at the most. If you rest your head on something revolting that is attached to your body, or if I like to fall into a similar pit when I go to gymnastics, all phone booths and other people like to jump into phone booths, all feet and things I'm washing my hair, and if you haven't really left your house, or if you haven't really gone anywhere, then you haven't really been anywhere.

It doesn't matter. In point of fact, your hair is very good at wicking away sweat.
As long as you dry your hair with sweat, your virginhairbuy really enjoys it, especially when combined with the sebum that is produced by the sebaceous glands on the scalp. This particular type of sebum is very appealing to your hair. Because it acts similarly to a natural hair conditioner, it is recommended that you wash your hair two to four times per week, or two to three times per week if you need more frequent washings. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner that you use are of a high quality. Make use of a substance that is abundant in sulfate or silicone. It appears that using real sulfate sulfate contributes to a significant amount of the unpleasant hair texture that can result. After that, make extensive use of silicone.

The sulfate will cause the hair to become dry. Then apply a silicone coating to make it feel smooth and soft, but it won't last for a very long time, and eventually it will become curly, and the Virgin hair tutorials ends will look unhappy, but it will make the hair feel better. All silk pillowcases should be given a high priority. Because of the growth phase of hair, you should comb your hair while you are sleeping. The first one is a brand-new infant, then comes a young child, then an older child, then an adult, and finally an elderly person. Every night when I go to sleep, my hair falls down and my pillow is on top of me in this position. You are treating your hair as if you were ironing it at a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Keep your hair at 98 degrees by placing it between your shoulder and your pillow case for eight hours every night.

6 degrees every night. This represents one third of the rest of your life. This particular kind of hair, which is quite comparable to fabric, will be rubbed to death. Therefore, whenever we go to sleep, we will smooth your hair over the crown of your head, irrespective of how it currently appears. If you have a very loose top knot, you should try to avoid tightening it back too much because doing so can cause your hairline to break.

Silk hairbands are my go-to accessory of choice for people who fall into the three to four texture repair family bracket. We just want to keep the end of your hair away from our body heat, so take care of your hair at night, which will give your hair the best effect. When you sleep beautifully, you may cover your hair with a silk wrap or a silk hat. This will help your hair maintain its natural shine and luster. This is a very trendy shade for the hair. It does not like it when there are two or three additional colors on top of the natural color, particularly on the scalp. If you get very bright highlights, then every time you go back to do your highlights on your newborn baby's hair, your Virgin hair tutorials will be easier to break, and it will be easier to overhandle as well. If you get very bright highlights, then you can get very bright highlights. This is a very essential aspect, just like attempting to maintain two colors in the same manner as your natural color. Find the shade that best represents you, just like you would if you were to stay there.

You need to be aware that the more you want to change the color of your natural hair, because it will change your texture in terms of the growth mode of your hair. This is something that you should know. Your hair guide will always have a unique texture, regardless of how your hair is textured. In the same way that this is five years of hair, like this length, which may be like queer since I started, the hair that has been highlighted will hang in one direction, while the hair that has not been highlighted will hang in the opposite direction. You know this because after a month and a half, your virgin hair new has only grown a quarter of an inch, which is roughly the same length as your thumb after a month and a half.

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