Russian psychologists have launched a full investigation into the move against flat chested sex dolls, saying the allegations are unfounded. from inannabelle's blog


Sociologist and child psychologist Natalia Grishayeva said: "People are writing that flat chested sex dolls stimulate early sexual interest, but it has not been scientifically tested. TV, movies, Russian teenagers Magazines and internet porn are really responsible for this. This is where state regulation is necessary.

Bezlya Beauty Flat Chested Love Doll

But she admits that sex dolls for sale dominate the Russian toy market.

Sex dolls for sale have removed all other kinds of dolls. It's for two to four year olds, and it's for seven to eight year old girls. After being eliminated by Teletubbies for three years, beloved dog Fila, Pig Herusha and Rabbit Stepashka returned to Russian television last year due to popular demand.

Big booty sex doll can disrupt early childhood development, Grishayeva said.

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The use of big booty sex doll may impose Western paranoia about being thin in Russian women at an early age. "The doll creates a special idea about body image," she added. "Young kids struggle to cope, dreaming of growing up to two meters tall, with slender hips and huge breasts. My advice to sex doll in stock producers is to offer many different body types.
"They went into production recently, along with a daughter, a friend and a whole set of furniture," said Boris Bukharov, deputy director of the scientific department at the Moscow Institute of Toy Research. "Our love dolls still lack charm and variety," he admits. ."

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