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In any space, objects and room aesthetics play an important role. They help to place accents, add variety to the color scheme, and provide the space with a complete appearance.

Such things often do not have a functional load at all, but still contribute to the creation of a cozy, inviting and warm atmosphere. It is they who often act as the component that distinguishes a room where it is pleasant and comfortable to be, from sterile and soulless government offices or hospital wards with modern furniture and decoration.

Objects and decor elements are those little things that help transform the interior. They can play both a key role, forming complex design compositions, and remain in the background, emphasizing the overall design concept or acting as a not the most catchy addition.

A variety of decor items are in demand for interior design. These can be both things made by hand from improvised materials, as well as floristic compositions with stabilized flowers correctly selected by specialists. Fortunately, modern technologies are constantly expanding the choice of various items and interior elements.

What are the elements of decor for the interior

In a broad sense, decor is a variety of items used to decorate and decorate various rooms. Depending on the characteristic features, it can be divided into three groups:

  • architectural decor. In fact, these are elements that are part of the decoration, for example, columns, arches, gables, window openings of the original form, etc.;
  • sculptural decor. Within this group, the widest range of products is presented, ranging from various figurines to plaster or clay compositions;
  • picturesque decor. The most striking representative of this type of interior items are paintings.

Interior design elements are also classified by origin.
These can be such products:

  • made by the owner of the interior;
  • made to order;
  • mass production.

Items of the first two categories are considered more valuable, as they are associated with the creative process, and are more likely to bring individuality, originality and originality to the design.

Decor created to order by specialized specialists is often even more valuable than self-made. It is suitable for complex stylistic decisions, allowing you to ensure that the finished decor fits perfectly into a specific concept. That is why exclusive floral arrangements are ordered from florists, and forged products are ordered from special workshops working with metal.

All decor items can also be divided into groups depending on the location in the interior:

  1. Outdoor: various large vases, lamps, decorative trees, etc.
  2. Desktop: clocks, lamps, figurines, flower arrangements.
  3. Wall: paintings, clocks, mirrors, sconces, phytopannos.
  4. Ceiling: chandeliers, various lamps, mirrors, etc.

In the world of modern technologies, new techniques appear daily, innovative materials are used for the manufacture and processing of decor. Therefore, decorative elements and objects can be classified according to the materials from which they are made.

The most popular include:

  • wooden crafts. They can be made of various breeds, provide elements of carving and other design;
  • stone. It can be various installations, sculptures, figurines and much more;
  • metal. Most often in the interior use products obtained by forging or casting;
  • ceramics. Porcelain can be considered the most popular material for interior solutions. Decor items are often made from it, repeating various national and cultural motifs;
  • gypsum. Characteristic material for the manufacture of sculptures;
  • glass. It is used to create both stained glass mosaics and individual accessories, including vases, lamps, etc.;
  • different types of plastic and paper. Popular due to their availability and flexibility in processing. From plastic today you can get decor items of any size and shape;
  • textile. The material is also in demand for decoration. Firstly, some functional elements of decor are made from it, for example, curtains, as well as interior dolls, tablecloths, decorative pillows, etc.
  • recyclables. A separate species, the popularity of which is growing every year, is the result of the processing of various materials for the purpose of their reuse. This is due, first of all, to the threatening environmental situation in the world. The use of recycled materials in decor, clothing and interiors is intended to draw attention to the problem of saving resources.

The use of elements of wildlife in the decor is also addressed to the issues of resource conservation. First of all, we are talking about stabilized flowers, greenery and moss. Since the live juice of such flora is replaced by a special saline or glycerin solution and ensures the preservation of a natural look from 5 to 10 years, the use of such material reduces the consumption of ordinary flora, while pleasing its owners for many years with a fresh look and lack of care.

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