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Personal experience in essay writing and how to write essay
Only use this type of writing when the essay calls for it, it should not be used as the main evidence or rationale unless specifically asked for.

How to write an essay

Points to consider when including personal experience in a text are: The normality of the experience, i.e. whether studies have been done about it or whether there are relevant reports or articles about it: how the using experience compares with that of other people; the relevance of the experience; how it relates to theories you have studied; how it supports or contradicts existing theories or views: can lessons or learning be drawn from that experience; and whether it is possible to create generalisations from it.

In writing about personal experiences, a different language is used than is typical of research, using language that is much more emotional, subjective, intuitive and anecdotal in nature. For example, “I found that” rather than “it has been found that”.

An essay should identify the relevant topics to be covered, be clear, precise and accurate. A logical order is used by essay writers, trying to keep the main point throughout the text and indicating the relevance of what is being described.

It is very important to try to relate the topic to what you think are the reader’s expectations about how you intend to develop the essay in question, choose the main points to make in the essay, these should be the most relevant and closely related to the topic or subtopics. You can write some notes to help you relate and build arguments between the subtopics and important points.

A thorough analysis of the topic before you start writing will help you to focus as much as possible on the topic you are trying to write my essay for me cheap and expose, so you can do a much deeper research on the ideas you are looking for.

It is important to look for important points during the research that support you in forming concrete and valid arguments during the essay writing, such as: reliable statistics about the topic, valid scientific opinions, objective descriptions from experts, theoretical foundations on the basis of research, etc.


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