Okay... I'm aware that there are many people looking from FryeJacob's blog


Okay... I'm aware that there are many people looking to OSRS gold earn money from rs... however, a lot of the answers i see are only for memebrs, so what i'm looking for is a way for me to make f2p easier. I currently earn prolly 20-40k a hour cutting yews. I could make much more money with lobsters.

I prefer full runes for melee, as well as kite shields and schimmy. For ranged i employ gdragon hide armrs chaps, vbraces as well as a coif and a short bow made of maple. There are two major questions: 1. Is my charbalence properly? 2 Is there a better way to make money instead of selling yews. If yes, please describe the procedure and estimate the time to make $100k.

Okay, my currently aims were 70 str and 60 range, and perhaps 65 att... But If I can't reach range up to 65 or claim that I don't level it at all, and buy RuneScape Mobile gold get only 70 str and 60 respectively... I could only get 72 cb.

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By FryeJacob
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